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Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated


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The Apothicon language is consistent in it's use of certain symbols with prefixes, suffixes, roots, etc. in the Apothicon words.  I have broken them down and into what symbols go with what phrases.  Treyarch has actually come up with their own language which can be deciphered from this given information.  Now that we have the symbols matched with the parts of the words, we have to find the grammar of the Apothicon language.  We may possibly be able to translate it into English once we know the rules the language follows and the what the different roots mean.  



I have added notes at the bottom of patterns I have noticed with the structure of the language, and will add more as I go on.  The symbols usually go from top to bottom or left to right in the order which their corresponding word-part occurs.  Also, 'na' and 'n' appear to be a roots/have some sort of meaning,  but it also seems like they may be used in the language to prevent repeating vowels, such as in gwanash, it separates 'gwa' and 'ash'.  I assume the parts of speech maybe also be related to which symbol is used when a word-part has several symbols used with it in different circumstances.  Note that the words roots do have consistent relation to english counter parts, as 'orruja' is the word for 'gun' and is also in word for 'shoot', 'orrujatar'.  I assume we will figure more of these out over time, but this is what I have for now.  


Hey guys, the new trailer for the Der Eisendrache map was released, and in it they revealed computer screens showing the language of the Apothicons and The Keepers.  Thanks to @PINNAZ for pointing out that some of the reticles have Apothicon symbols in them, and the name of the reticle is the translated word.  Since the head reticle and symbol match the ones on the list Treyarch showed, I am assuming they all are correct.  Here is an updated version of the chart with the other symbols added:





The Keepers' language is unfortunately too out of focus to be readible, but we at least have the distinction between the two established and know it will be revealed eventually.  

We do have a good portion of the Apothicon language though, and I have started trying to translate things on the map.


So here's pics and translations (if possible) of everything so far:

Summoning Key








NOTE:  unfortunately none of these summoning key symbols can be translated at this time.


Cult Statues




NOTE:  The symbols on each of the four sides of the square base are the same, but they are mirrors of each other, so the order on the front and back is the reverse of what it is on the sides.


Top Row:  Completed + ? + Trap + ? + ?
Bottom Row: ? + ? + Robot + ? + ?


Mystery Box/Magic Box




The Mystery Box symbols currently translate to:


Top Row:   Magic Box+ Open + Unknown Symbol                

Large Middle Symbol                    

In/Into + Points + Gather        

Bottom Row:  (function/time symbol) + Unknown Symbol                    


Weapon + Magic box


Mark of the Cursed (character hands)




Mark of the Cursed = Apothicon Symbol for 'Beast'


Apothicon Swords




Only a few symbols on the Apothicon Swords are translatable at this time.


Pack a Punch



Right section of outer rim:

Beast + Pod + Magic Box + ID Gun + Robot + (unknown time/function symbol)


Sacrifice Ritual Circles



Consume + ? + ?




??? + Break




? + ?(very similar to Margwa but it's not) + Chaos




? + Gather + ? + Head










? + Gather + ? + Head




? + Break + Chaos + ?




? + Servant + ? + ?




Gather Open Break Head Zombie




? + ? + Servant + ? + ?




? + ? + ? + Only(?) + ?




? + ? + Chaos + ? + ?




Here's the imgur album with all of the pictures for whoever's interested:  http://imgur.com/a/3Lg59

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24 minutes ago, PINNAZ said:

Some of the Weapon reticles may correspond to the missing challenge symbols. (I can't screenshot & post any ATM)


They do, their is one named Head and its their under noun!

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Awesome BBD, and thank you for this.

Statue: behind the thick part of the tentacles are also symbols, most of which are covered, but the exposed bits can probably be compared to others in map, or possibly on the next map or to it's database. Also, the bottom right symbol is clearly BEAST, not POD, though they are similar.  Since this appears after the box is gone, that means there is another connection between Beast and the statues.

First-line Guesses: left to right, based on ?box below.

(Kill?) (Zombies? Traps don't really work on the others) (with Trap) (Upgrade? Number for kills? Number of rounds? Round end?) (Complete).


(? Oops Not beast) (interact? Zap) (Traps) (upgrade/round) (complete). Zap traps while they are in use?

Second line: (xx) (xx) (Robot) (tip of Transform or Power Up?-possibly the HEAD reticle) (Beast). Zap statue with beast with CP near? Zap CP while near statue after completing the first line? We do have a (destroy statue) sound file.

Magic box: the first ?box symbol is upside down from the last. I'm opining that the first means 'closed box' and the second means 'opened box'. Roughly " closed box: gather points to open, get weapon from open box'. This gives us an important clue, that the writing appears to read from left to right, top lines to lower lines, just like English (the new picture has the symbols reversed?). That will help in the other translations. Also, the large middle symbol is the 'open box' + 'closed box' symbols combined.

Edit: 6 summoning key symbols; they don't match the players' symbols, but 6 symbols, and only 5 uses so far.

Beast fire has the beast symbol on it.

Also, the infamous red circles have symbols in their embers that rise up. I think they match the corresponding player symbol, but am not sure. They almost looked like Beast symbols.

The swords have a symbol built in, correct? 

We need to start correlating which match which precisely.

Edit2: the Rift and Start area Beast doors have a string of symbols.

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4 hours ago, BlindBusDrivr said:



The Mystery Box symbols currently translate to:


Top Row:   Magic Box+ Open + Unknown Symbol                 Large Middle Symbol                     In/Into + Points + Gather        

Bottom Row:  (function/time symbol) + Unknown Symbol                     *gap*                                  Weapon + Magic box

That seems mostly right, except for a couple

To me it's seems to read

Top Row: Magic Box on side, Open, [Unknown Symbol],   Large Middle Symbol,    Feed, Points, Gather
Bottom Row: At Same Time? Or [Unknown Symbol], [Unknown Symbol], Gap,  Weapon, Magic Box on side

The Large Middle Symbol seems to be 2 magic box symbols, with the bottom one flipped upside down. Both are mirrored.

It seems to be that it's all one statement, and that in the Apoticon language the sentence is started and ended with the symbol for the subject. (The magic box in this case.) Trying to make sense of it, it seems to mean: open [unknown] feed points gathered [unknown] [unknown] weapon. This seems to be instructions for using the box, so perhaps we can use our knowledge to fill in the gaps left by the unknown symbols. If I was a betting man, it's say that one of the bottom left. symbols means "Random"


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Awesome stuff @BlindBusDrivr Great updates & additions. I hope you can keep updating this & we can work most of it out.


You just need to add the Crates, Traps & perhaps the yellow PaP Wall that shows each ritual being completed.


Also do we think the "Keepers Language" is different?



I also added larger pics of the Reticles to my 1st post.


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(Posted in wrong thread, oops).

I searched the webs like mad.

I think this is correct, from players and code searching.


Apothicon Servant: the upgrade code is independent of the main side quest, just like the other upgrades. The last part involves 'get the cacoon, hang it (by CP in junction?), then access it. Maybe after it matures? Seems to involve the robot on the last step. Seems to involve the *glitchy looking (on 360) area of Junction.

There are like 48 cacoon spots, but I'm guessing that only one spawns. They are small, brownish, easily overlooked. They hang on the underside of walkways and whatnot (seen video footage of them manually spawned). The code seems to indicate zapping them as beast.

Upgrade ID Ready 0-3 are the 4 voice cues that must be heard.

IR0 should play when the gun is built. This seems inconsistent. I suggest that it is an audio glitch. I recommend building it and letting any voice scripts finish before you grab it, so none glitch out.

IR1 happens (reddit was confident on this) when you kill 10ish regular zombies when a mawgra first spawns in.

IR2 occurred during a live stream. The guy fell into the abyss with the gun. When he respawned, he got the audio cue. Also, he had fiery red keepers at his character's sword upgrade altar.

Now, this last bit isn't working solo and isn't consistently repeatable.

My thoughts: when he died, it put the id gun back in the box. This won't happen solo with QR. I believe i read that there is code for second id gun and box script that relates to this. So I'm guessing: put gun in box after IR1. Next round, maybe cacoon spawns, triggers audio cue.


Traps: there is code for a rumbling and voice cue after turning on all 4 traps. No other info was given. Whether kills are needed, or all 4 must be on in the same round, or simply activating all 4 does it.


Which brings me to a final thought which i don't see where it would lead, but i want to throw this out there:

Order of operations for profit?

Some things can be done before others, but then get held up at a certain point until pap is open and/or activated.

Trollarch are quite into the puzzles and operations and this team that worked on MotD, SoE makes great maps with a lot of thought involved.

So, items and order of operations:

Traps: assuming code finds are valid, these could be upgraded only after the pap room is open (For Subway Trap), but can be used before final pap ritual and so, should be in this thought exercise. It can't be coincidence that these can only be upgraded after the pap room is open. Whether it is just a design choice, or something to figure out, is what I'm after.

Then pap ritual.

Then Swords: can be, so theoretically should be, made before pap is open. Can't upgrade until after pap ritual.

So we have sword>open pap>traps> pap ritual>Sword upgrade. Anything else seen tied to this?

Trip Mines, Lil Arnies, Apothicon Servant upgrades appear independent in the code from the pap ritual.


*glitchy 360 spots tend to match things in game.

Glitchy poster: poster by gobblegum ee.

Glitchy bookshelf: floating book.

Glitchy Junction CP area: code suggests cocoon placement.

Glitchy fight poster in gym: supposedly able to be shot down.

Glitchy showers in gym:?




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The bottom left 2 symbols on the mystery box are the same as the last two symbols on the right of the PaP.

The symbols on PaP rim starting from the bottom left and going clockwise are:

unknown1 + (unknown2 possibly the large symbol in the middle of the mystery box or possibly apothicon) + unknown3 + (unknown3 upside down) + ritual + perk + door + points + world + head + zombie + parasite + elemental + margwa + beast + pod + magic box + ID gun + robot + time + unknown4

The time and unknown4 symbols are the ones that also appear on the mystery box

EDIT: The first summoning circle should be servant + ? + ? instead of consume.

The third to last picture of the summoning circle has the same symbol as unknown2

The second to last picture is not only.  It's Come from the extended apothicon.  Also the next word after it is Blood.

EDIT: also do the arch-ovum circles have any apothicon language or are they keeper language?

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3 hours ago, MixMasterNut said:

Now that we have a chunk of the Apothicon language, anyone want to take a stab at translating this?


Props to MindFreakz for uploading this.  And DrSandvichPHD for posting it on Reddit.

- Mix

After slowing down the audio here is what I have for the Apothicon Language:














Now translating what I have into English:

1)All World Feed ? ?

2)Feed All ? Into ? ?

3)? ? ? ? Gather Head

*4)Only ? ? Ones Survive 

5) All ? ? ?

6) Gather ?

7) ? Consume ?

8) ? Powerup(?) Consume Gather ? ?

9) ? ? Survive All Finally(?)

10) Head Gather Zombie ? All ?

11) ? ? ? Into ? ?

12) Feed ? ?


I am confident in the ones I have down here, but maybe someone can try filling in the gaps? I see the appearance of a few words that were NOT leaked, those words are: "Shubozzor", "Moroth", "Zarozzor", and 'Astagua". If anybody finds any connections with these words or possible translations, it would fill in a lot of gaps. Are there any more instances where voices speaking the language appear? 

Also, notice on the starred line #4, it reads "Only ? ? Ones Survive", maybe this translates to "Only the Cursed Ones Survive", in which case the word "Astagua" might translate to "Cursed". I don't know, but this seems interesting. Anybody on PSN add me "HiDefCola", I am really interested in helping out.

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I'm also wondering if with the symbols we have, can we translate any of the symbols that are showing up in this video


As far as I know, nobody has been able to figure out how GQ unlocked this filter in the game.  But this is certainly more interesting, and possibly more important, than the "noir" filter everyone is raving about today.

- Mix

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I just took some nice high quality images of Pack a Punch in theater mode with extra lighting.  imgur link

You can see that there are actually way more symbols than we thought.  For starters, the symbols go all the way around it in a complete circle, some are almost impossible to see.  Secondly, there are two other inner rims with symbols as well as symbols on each of the tentacle shapes stretching outward.

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 For any other talk about the Wonder Weapon quotes, I'd take that here.

@the0dark0one, awesome pictures of the Pack-a-Punch Machine, we'll have to notify @BlindBusDrivr :p

@mmm chocolate, there's a new development that after following certain steps with shooting down the boxing photos, your screen gets a black and white filter like in Ascension.  Just YouTube "noire filter shadows of evil" and it'll show up.

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27 minutes ago, Tac said:

 For any other talk about the Wonder Weapon quotes, I'd take that here.

@mmm chocolate, there's a new development that after following certain steps with shooting down the boxing photos, your screen gets a black and white filter like in Ascension.  Just YouTube "noire filter shadows of evil" and it'll show up.

cool thanks. i have to remember to search youtube instead of google, as it came up with nothing. cheers!

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If this is already kown i apologize , but here goes....

I have begun to translate the specific symbols contained within each "word"

glithching queen linked to a great pic. that color coded the recurring "phrases" within a "word" so if a word has "neth" in it , it was colored green and we can see that the same symbol was present in every "word" that contained the "phrase" "neth"

So the next step is to see if we can divine what "neth"  MEANS..... my thoughts....if we look at what words have "neth" in them , we see that they all are degenerative in quality(taking something away)...parasite/spend/etc.

for  "oth"  I see that they are all tangible things,Nethoth(parasite)Koroth(elemental"meatball)  Urgnoth(magic box) and oth is a suffix, so zombie(ujoth) is blank "thing"  perhaps we then guess at what uj or ujo is...maybe dead/ruined/mindless.

I hope this isnt too confusing...but if you see what I am saying I think we can learn what some "unknown" symbols/words truly mean.

Sylable color chart.jpg

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