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    Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated

    After slowing down the audio here is what I have for the Apothicon Language: 1)Astoth+Astazor+?_Moroth_Shubozzor 2)Arburgneth+Astoth+?+Astorr+Moroth+? 3)?+Shubozzor+?+?+Nethurgast+Astanar *4)Korast+?+Astagua+Kortuk+Lorrozeth 5)Astoth+Moroth+?+? 6)Nethurgast+Zarozzor 7)?+Ullagua+Shubozzor 8)?+Arbgwaoth(?)+Ullagua+Nethurgast(?)+Shubozzor+? 9)?+?+Lorrozeth_Astoth_Eonar(?) 10)Astanar+Nethurgast+Ujoth+?+Astoth+? 11)Moroth+?+?+Astorr+Zorozzor 12)Arburgneth+?+? Now translating what I have into English: 1)All World Feed ? ? 2)Feed All ? Into ? ? 3)? ? ? ? Gather Head *4)Only ? ? Ones Survive 5) All ? ? ? 6) Gather ? 7) ? Consume ? 8) ? Powerup(?) Consume Gather ? ? 9) ? ? Survive All Finally(?) 10) Head Gather Zombie ? All ? 11) ? ? ? Into ? ? 12) Feed ? ? I am confident in the ones I have down here, but maybe someone can try filling in the gaps? I see the appearance of a few words that were NOT leaked, those words are: "Shubozzor", "Moroth", "Zarozzor", and 'Astagua". If anybody finds any connections with these words or possible translations, it would fill in a lot of gaps. Are there any more instances where voices speaking the language appear? Also, notice on the starred line #4, it reads "Only ? ? Ones Survive", maybe this translates to "Only the Cursed Ones Survive", in which case the word "Astagua" might translate to "Cursed". I don't know, but this seems interesting. Anybody on PSN add me "HiDefCola", I am really interested in helping out.

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