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  1. BO2 multiplayer map EE (just a poster) It was a poster for movies, the fourth (or fifth?) one was "return to the Moon" or something very similar....I was convinced we were going back in BO2 , but alas it never happened...but perhaps it was foreshadowing even farther into the future?
  2. I may be in the minority here, but I for one DO believe there is a dragon...If youre not already ware, there are some that suggest you can see a dragon in the Der Eisendrache picture, after some inspection, I see what looks like an Iron Dragon laying down behind the wall its eye(eye hole) is clearly visible and the spiky protrusions the snake along the whole way are enough to put me over the top. Check it out if you get a chance
  3. I had 360 version for one week before I "Pack a Punched" Bo3 . 360 is missing a bunch od marquis Text, you dont even have the "premier Nov. 6" to the left of escape from the tomb, and on 360 I tried beast mode exploring on top of train station in footlight and couldnt get up there, but i can on Xbone. Still no reason to think that your really missing anything exept better graphics...much much better. That is until more maps keep coming out and 360 is stuck with chapter 1. I hope you make it to Xbone, if you do add me.
  4. I strongly believe the "rosetta stone" "hint" they gave us was only a fallback if it took us too long... we CAN figure out the language without it...or at least alot of the language.... how?..... the optics (scopes) that we earn in zombies reveals around 10 apothicon "words" .... This is enough of a breadcrumb that i believe it will/would have led to something more. I began translating the un-upgraded sword, need better pic. Is it diff when upgraded? We can now translate the sword "names" as well (where did we find out what these names were?, I just read it off the forums) We can loosely translate the WW. There are pics of a ritual(?) in nero's with three bladed objects that had an apothicon "word" inscribed in the middle of it..and there were more than one. Similarly related we have the symbols on the "break-able" doors which share some symbols on the egg door/egg circles....I only recently realized that these symbols had been given to us by 3arch in the prestige symbol pic. They are numbers 1 thru 13
  5. Hey all, If you are a "Journey is more important than the destination" kinda person, then I'm looking for you.. Just would like a good group (with mic) to play Zombies, with a specific focus on solving mysteries/easter eggs/ciphers/ and gerneral story lore discussion. Personality is more important than skill, you can always get better at zombies ;) anywhoo... if you are also looking for a zombie nut , contact me XBOX ONE Jami San
  6. My guess is that it is/was POSSIBLE to translate the apothicon language without this "hint" but would require some real detective work. Perhaps an undiscovered cipher or a un-deciphered known one . Either way im thinking we could really use the rest of that language , and im sure 3arch will be "giving" us more. Maybe we still can find more out about it in SoE
  7. 8357....I dont know where you are coming from, BO1 had better hit detectin (for me at least) than any previous, i remember me and my bro talking bout it. it was much better (maybe lag is part of that idk) But the zombies story/game really took off in Bo1 , its kinda like the "golden age" of zombies and Bo2 sorta let some folks down. now opinion is just opinion, but you are truly the first person I have heard say this about Bo1 . Mostly I hear complaints on why cant the new BO be like Bo1 , so in a way , your take on it is refreshing...but i cant agree with it...I love love loved BO1...but I am a zombie guy , not really a multi guy.
  8. Wow, Biz , nice shot!!! That needs sticky on examination...quite remarkable... I cant make out the (non-english translation) (?) but i can see the symbol and the english word associated pretty well. symbols for seconds,minutes,"all at same time", no gun, ect.. etc... these seem to be conditions/stipulations for a challenge or EE of sort. very very interesting...now can we translate some of the symbols on the red rings or elswhere and possibly discern some "condition" that must be met?
  9. Did this community seriously JUST discover that the ritual circles (arch-ovum) recharges your sword? I mean clearly some knew and some didnt, thats normal, but why does it seem that this forum is really far back in terms of steps? Is it just the youtube thing referenced earlier? The lightning version of the sword says things when u pull it out and/or use it...some people have mistaken this for something unique (it may be important but its common) Further on the ritual rings...the time they appear is odd, I mean they appear ready to be "used" potentially earlier than you can upgrade. So maybe there is something there, and since it charges your sword , doesnt that at least hint that we should kill the margwa's that spawn from arch ovum with the sword? This also makes a bit of sense gameplay/difficulty wise. As you would have to "surgically" attempt to kill margwa's without ending the round by killing the last zombie, which is difficult with the sword. Has this been attempted or completed? Also, why no mention of the purple, then red, then purple gatekeepers that chase you when doing the shadow man battle? as far as i know, no one has been able to consistently re create this and when the purple keeper chasing you dies he leaves the purple mark on the floor (like from the flag step) Where is the forum for all this stuff, is it all scattered?
  10. I am looking for where we are discussing this new info , so a redirect would be nice. Otherwise, I'll start off... NoahJ recently had a friend (with video) of purple gatekeepers chasing him during the shadow man battle. There was also a difference in the "normal" color of the gatekeepers, To noahj , normally they are sleepy purple and red awake (i may have this backward or wrong) but in the friend video they were opposite , or at least they were red while asleep and purple ones would spawn and chase him and leave the purple mark on the floor like in the flag step. I have also heard rumors of a purple margwa heart (a second margwa heart) but i havent seen anything yet (confirm anyone?) and while were at it, why do I sometimes get snakeskin boots with lyrics and other times just instrumental? The lightning from the un-upgraded sword is definetly for something, and the fact that we get recharged in the circles during the apothicon egg step tells me something we are missing. any thoughts or corrections? add me for EE hunting/exploring/story talk XBL Jami San
  11. Thinking that Killing Time mega gum may be important, the text for the gum invokes the term annihilate and it stops the clock as well for 20 seconds, (this seems like way longer than needed to kill off a full load of zombies) it gives me the feeling that we use those 20 seconds for something EE related. Now possibly they just intend it to be a helping hand during ANY EE step on any map. But something tells me The Giant specifically with that annihilation in the text coupled with the frozen clock. Also, there was a video showing a gltch were all the interact-able items all appeared bunched together in the center of the map. The thing of note is that the clock (the main clock opposite PaP) is also gone..as if it too was interact-able. Freeze time with gum then shoot clock with Annihilator? Freeze time and kill certain number of zombies with annihilator? Freeze time and three go teleport while fourth does something?(shoots clock?) p.s. anyone wanna EE hunter/explorer/story discusser . please add me ...XBL Jami San
  12. As far as I can tell, the only thing is we can spend COD points on Divinium, I dont see any way to "burn" unwanted mega gums. If someone finds this please let us know.
  13. This is more concerning the upgraded shield, but possibly connected. I believe we can "hold" onto the gatekeepers for a reason. Has anyone tried bowling a strike on the gatekeepers, it would require gathering them 2 at a time (in one round to make it easier), plus we have 4 in subway and the 6 or so that spawn during a ritual. So lets try to gather at least 10, and then, send em flying with a preferably upgraded shield. p.s. To get an upgraded shield you must bowl a perfect game of 300, meaning you must kill at least 10 zombies in a single rocket boost, and then do this a total of 10 times .(killing less than 10 in a boost will reset progress) find nitrous tanks around the map to refill your rocket boosts.
  14. Iron Kite is a better term for a satellite. A moon is a satellite. This castle is on the moon ;)
  15. I was looking at a bulge in the bricks above the bowie knife, and then the next game I noticed in the cutscene that one of the scenes they show is a bulge in the bricks just like the one i was looking at, although it was a different spot in the cutscene. It made me think"maybe there is something to that" , so this find really piques my interest. I think the annihilator is clearly a must try.
  16. I suppose it could be a rift that has "closed" , sure. Still think calling it the 4th rift is misleading and confusing , but I see the possibility.
  17. yea mate, sorry to spoil the party, but its a voice from maxis, there is NO rift to speak of, there is no portal you can walk through, so you are kinda just "deciding" to call it a rift
  18. Rubber Baby Buggy Bump Schneriously, its possible this is so very common and i'm just noy aware, but cant find ANY onfo on this and I see it most of the time i get to the flag part, in fact it may be only after at least one location has been completed with the flag... I am also on SOLO when i see this.
  19. Sorry if this is old hat, but whenever i get far enough in Shadows of Evil (around the flag step) I notice this green plume of steam/smoke rising up in different locations, I thought it was somehow related to the purple light lcations for the flag, but I'm not sure, I have not completed the EE yet, but i also have not heard this green smoke mentioned yet (maybe i just missed it) so, if you could tell me if this is a known thing or is it a mystery. I would appreciate it. Thanx
  20. I do the subway and the crane.stamin-up in the same beast mode, also I do everything in footlight in one beast mode (exept for the portal door) So i dont see that as a reason. Nether of these use the two eagle heads, The only purpose so far for the footlight one would be to get over to phone boothe if you didnt open door yet, but there is no known reason to do this so.... and the one in junction just has no purpose at all, no good for shortcuting from another spot, nothing to do, very strange indeed.
  21. Thank YOU !!!! ????? !!!!! I have been wondering about this eagle head since day one....what the hell is it for ?? I though maybe just for getting to the area from another in beast mode, but doesnt seem so, so what then...the beast on the train?...maybe.
  22. There are 2 songs with 115 in the name...one is just 115 and is a hard rock song, the other is named 115 Riddles and plays no sound and only lasts a second or two....definetely a secret here, I thought I needed to play it and do something in the data vault within those two seconds but maybe just selecting it then playing the right map and doing something will work... who knows for now...
  23. More Data Vault nuggets (is there a forum for this specifically?) Using the codex (web browser) the data scrape leads to the forums of "Fortean news" (real life link here to Fortean times) you can follow this to a "spam" link to get subscribed to the DRUON newsletter, this leads to a series of morse code messages that speaks about locations and Giants...the last one says something about the Giant has risen... and the story of DRUOn is an old myhtology about a giant troll like creature that would cut off an arm of yours if you didnt pay the toll and you had to to cross the bridge to get to some special land....all very very interesting. And the CIA dossier on Krueger is a treasure trove of interesting info....why did the developer of this new DNI system get so interested in the old files of frank woods and alex mason and MK Ultra (mind control) (real life link same name MK Ultra) Lastly , just because I kept seeing people ask about the significance of the Crows, well , besides crows being meta-physically the carriers of the soul.... Corvuus (the name of the program turned sentient being) means crow...corvuus means crow. So that whole thing about the carriers of the souls is pretty awesome if you know about the ending of campaign and what the frozen forest is. sorry for novel number 2, thnx
  24. Another reason I would think i'd have heard about this is the fact that of the 2 corvus bookmarks I have they are both listed as (out of 935) like 67/935 or 17/935 (cant remember if these are the real first numbers) but they are clearly connected....935 p.s. Nightmares deals with nova 6 gas and element 61-15 (115) on replay of campaign alot stands out...first time you see taylor, hendricks says ,"you look...different" Taylor says "This is all a simulation in our minds...and we've got a long way to go" and treyarch ends the campaign credits with a thanks to all you have been following since the begining, then they end it with...we've got a long way to go..... In campaign when discussing corvuus, the whole scenario seems to be an allegory for treyarch's created mythos , they speak about corvuus having no great plan , but just something that snowballed and we now are trying to make sense out of fragments ....if you listen/watch this part of the campaign it is so much more remarkable than I can convey right now, but similar to my theory of the origins end cutscene , I believe it has double meaning for both the "in-game" story and the allegory of treyarchs experience/attempts at making this work.... The whole theme of one set of events being mirrored and having meaning in multiple different "worlds" seems to be a very common theme this time more than ever.... sorry for the book...thoughts ?
  25. Can anyone help me confirm wether or not I did indeed type in a code in the data vault, while just guessing aroud I input Corvus, then , Corvuus. No sound played or anything, though I now know that none ever does(so far at least)... a day later I noticed when I used the codex (the web browser on the computer) that I had 2 new bookmarks, both involving the corvuus project, I now can not tell if this was unlocked due to the code input , or was it just because i had progressed further in the campaign.... So...tell me what you think, and if you dont have those bookmarks, type in corvus or corvuus and maybe they will appear?
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