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  1. Meatballs are referred as "Elementals" in the code, also the symbol for Elemental looks like one, also IDgun is how they call the Apothicon Servant. Just throwing my 2 cents.
  2. I'm pretty sure there's no way to get your perks to be permanent in shadows of evil, not even completing the EE and surviving a couple of rounds.
  3. I've never seen them turn red, never even heard it was possible. Can you replicate it?
  4. The problem I see here is that you can obtain it through the gobblegum that upgrades your gun for 60 seconds, that's reason enough to have it in the game. I hope there is a way to upgrade it without it but this is starting to look like the Tranzit "Laundry door".
  5. Hey guys! So while trying to do any progress getting this thing upgraded and basing it on the "destroy the statues" post from reddit i suddenly realized something... The Goddard Apparatus doesn't seem to do anything special but it has 4 charges, 4 statues, maybe it destroys them? Seems like a long shot but worth a try. BTW I tried a theory of destroying them letting a Margwa stomp you while having the hat. Didn't work :(
  6. May try it, does that delete my leaderboard data? I got my highest round here and i really dont want to lose it.
  7. My mob of the dead map freezes every time i try to load it, doesnt matter if im host or not. Havent tried solo but i assume it will be the same... what is causing this problem? It didnt happen before i got Origins.
  8. First Call of Duty game: MW1 Reflex Edition (Wii), this has a short story: One day my friend didnt do the homework for class and i gave him mine so he could copy... what did i gain? CoD 4 Must successful Call of Duty games: Call of Duty: MW3 and Black ops 2 Best Call of Duty IMO: Call of Duty: Black ops 1 My "peak": If by peak you mean most time played then Black Ops 2 Last Call of Duty I found enjoyable: Black ops 2 Did I stop playing Call of Duty? No Why? My friends still play it and though i admit to rage sometimes, most of the time i play with friends and its really fun (Multiplayer) Also zombies has kept me buying Treyarch games since BO1 :D
  9. I would like to know if there is a world record for fastest VTOL and how fast it is, because i got one in 54 seconds and im excited. Its likely that there is one faster because im not the best MP guy but i dont know, even if dont have a WR or even got close... did i break a record on this forum? EDIT: Here's the video (I apologize for the audio i was playing with the sound glitch) d21vlsVGWRw
  10. I have filled the boxes by round 10, you just need luck and a good team that ONLY kills on the boxes (It can be done on solo too).
  11. Campaign has nothing to do with Zombies, aside from a few easter eggs here and there. But we all know Treyarch's next game will have Zombies anyway. It's just too good to end now. Unless they have something else in their mind... I was gonna say aliens, but IW already took that idea with Extinction for Ghosts, so dinosaurs maybe? Call of Duty: Zombies & Ghosts GTA & Saints Row: Aliens Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs Anyway there's some possible theories/endings: 1.) Origins wasn't real. So the game will carry on from where Buried left off. 2.) Origins was real so that renders all the other maps as "never happened" 3.) They'll carry on from Mob of the Dead. I really think they will carry on from buried, to me buried has that "moon" feeling to the EE: Perk reward, it was long depending on the team you had, previous easter eggs count (like shangri-la and COTD) and a big cliffhanger. I think origins was made just because people were going mad about the O4.
  12. I get that you cant do the EE on easy, but you CAN even have the ultimate staves.
  13. I have a question regarding the Easter Egg on this map, im a ps3 user and im just playing it and its awesome but here is the question: Can the EE be done on easy? I know most of them cant but samantha still tells you the steps so im a bit confused. :?
  14. Try it without doing the whole easter egg, if it starts doing the same thing it isnt a continuation and maybe its just one of these things that give you cool rewards like free weapons and stuff. I hope its more of the EE though... EDIT: What the frenchtoast with that audio in the video? Is it normal that sam tells you that? I havent played origins too much because im on ps3.
  15. Im expecting it releasing one month later like always, but im hearing a LOT of rumors saying that it will come out the 5th or the 8th of September, can someone confirm this? It would be awesome but i dont think its true.
  16. I really think so. These guys remind me of my favorite scene from Terminator: Salvation. A giant robot attacks the main characters, shooting lasers and such at them. When they escape in a truck, it deploys two smaller road terminators which look like mini motorcycles to chase them down. I really hope something like this happens. That would be beyond cool. Check it out. http://youtube.com/watch?v=SNEaPQDsljw Starring Alex mason's voice actor. Boss round: Giant robots says "Fetch me their souls!" and drops 2 or more of these zombies, that would be cool.
  17. You make a good point here BS, and it shows the other reason why zombies is too easy now. What was one of the main complaints about Mob of the Dead? Too many doors that are too expensive its too hard! Exactly!! thats how it should be. thats what made der reise great and the blops 1 maps great. in der reise you had to budget points appropriately . you had to make a decision to hit the box and risk getting a Panzerschrek or getting a sure thing off the wall like the thompson. the bank and lack of doors is what has poisoned zombies. Hopefully Origins is bank-free and involved lots of barriers to clear with points... not buy giving moonshine to an oversized redneck and I hope the last of the bank has been seen with buried. maybe make it a custom option only, but with a bank, its just too damn easy I kind of agree with you. Motd brought back some of the fun of point budgeting but it wasn't as bad because there was the laundry room. It all started on moon where you could set up on round 1 if you were good enough. Got easier over time where in transit all you would need to do is wait for the bus or know how to work a teleporter or jump over lava. Transfer over to die rise postpatch and all you need to know is the location and on buried all you need to know is how to knife two zombies. I hope they bring back the multiple doors before you could access power.. I remember the days of Kino budgeting my points and remembering exactly how much points it took to get the bowie knife. Or in Kino how much it would take to get to the mp40. Good time good times. BUT, I also like how the maps are designed in bo2. If you know the map well enough, then it rewards you greatly. so balance it treyarch. Reward the good players bit still make it a little difficult. If I had to point whore for 6 rounds and then be able to access the bank then it would be more fair. I just had an idea, what about being able to reach the bank door on round 1, but that door costs like 15k? I know it wont happen but still :lol:
  18. For me its M1216-Galore, i have noticed this since buried came out on ps3 because the first thing that i did was lock the box, when i did the EE a friend spent 35000 trying to get paralyzer xD
  19. I made this thread to see if someone can provide me links or the images of the prototypes of wonder weapons for shangri-la, also a question: are they official?
  20. I strongly believe that Nikolai wont be drunk nor needing vodka, neither Takeo will be saying Japanese probverbs and they wont have memory loss. Why? This is before Richtofen began testing on them... Also maybe only Richtofen will know whats happening and the other ones will be surprised because they dont know of the existance of the zombies. I could be wrong but who knows
  21. Ive had that idea for a long time, will they ever explain things or will they leave them to the community to speculate?
  22. I remember talk about the M1911 being in the box (Specially shi no numa and MotD) but with an impossible chance of getting it.
  23. I cant say that i liked or disliked BO2 zombies until i get to play Origins (Sadly until late september i guess, i have a ps3) but for the maps we have so far i must say: Tranzit: At first i thought this was the best map ever, but for some reason i dislike it because of the color scheme being mostly orange and dark green and too much fog... i think im the only one with those problems xD Die rise: This is a really good concept bringing vertical routes into zombies, colorful map, good wonder weapon and overall a fun map! I dont like Whos Who because its like another free death depending if you know how to revive yourself Mob of the Dead: Awesome map, fun to play, great characters, good wonderweapon and the first EE to end the game i dont play it know because i reached round 53 and got bored of the map Buried: I like it and still playing a lot of it since it has only been like 7 days, the paralyzer in my opinion is a great weapon and funny too, who doesnt like flying? i hate getting my points robbed though And thats my opinion :D
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