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  1. There are several ways to rate these rooms so I will do it according to the better chance of survival and not for my taste in decoration(picture of Joey Jordison in my bedroom...) WAW : Der Riese, I already survived the hellhounds in the spawn room only with a knife while my 3 teammates were dead gun in hand. BO : Ascension, because No Man's Land is the worst place to live. BOII : Buried, it's not even a room, it's an entire town. BOIII : Revelations, more space for train. BOIIII : IX, as long as the other players go in the same direction and at the same speed, that's fine.
  2. Ja ! Nein ! Rammstein ! ♫ By the way, you forgot Nuketown. (And Chaos maps?) Nacht Der Untoten : It's more a song for us than the map, but as the first map, the question arises. Verrückt : Graveworm - To the Empire of Madness Shi No Numa : Graveworm - The Death Heritage Der Riese : Don't pay attention to the video clip. Kino Der Toten : Does not work on the BOIII version. Five : Lordi - Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir Ascension : Artist I discovered just a week ago. Call of the Dead : The lyrics don't really related, but I have already played COTD listening to this music and it really gave me a deadly cold impression (without joking with the history of this group...) Shangri-La : Did you know that they won Eurovision in 2006 for Finland ? Moon : Samantha can be considered as the queen of zombies. (And Richtofen in skirt too.) Tranzit : Varg - Apokalypse Nuketown : The video matches very well. Die Rise : Raubtier - Armageddon Mob of the Dead : Powerwolf - We Came To Take Your Souls Buried : I had to. Origins : Do you remember the panzersoldat ? Shadows of Evil : Lordi - Haunted Town The Giant : Sabaton - Wehrmacht Der Eisendrache : Do you remember the other panzersoldat ? Zetsubou No Shima : It reminds me of a bad encounter with a spider... (And I didn't become a fucking Spiderman !) Gorod Krovi : I know it's not the same battle, but Blundell never opened a history book so it doesn't matter. Revelations : Mad Mav - Abysm of the Evil Blood of the Dead : Cryoshell - Creeping in My Soul Classified : The Offspring - Americana Alpha Omega : Another music full of joy and happiness from Graveworm. Tag Der Toten : Varg - Ein Tag Wie Heute Is using Benn Down's music considered cheating ? I thought about it too(Turisas version).
  3. @Electric Jesus, several years ago, I asked a Spanish to read me this and according to him it's : 2 partes de san pesuro/contara en los puntos 4 cardenales/cuando los 6 cosmos juntos el poder sera de nosotros (WTF !? It really looks like the A7X logo.)
  4. Hm... Hum. There is a problem. These are Keepers symbols, not Apothicon. Note that the heads of Dragons in Der Eisendrache have yellorange eyes rather than red. It's a giant Arnie.
  5. 1. I Am The One 2. Lullaby for a Deadman 3. 115 4. Dead Ended
  6. 1. Hm... The One. 2. I Am The Well 3. Lullaby for a Deadman 4. We All Fall Down despite my vertigo. 5. 115 6. Abrecadavre 7. Dead Ended vs Seriously, how Eminem and Pink were able to get there !? 8. The Gift
  7. There are unexplored places in zombies mode, but it's more than time that it stops instead of making stupid transdimensional remakes against money. There are 2 groups of Primis after Revelations, one in dimension 63 and the other in the first(so just one great war where Monty and Shadowman participated as seen in Alpha Omega intro). There's even a message from a dying Dempsey in the multiplayer map Outlaw.
  8. 1. Trailer of annihilation. 2. 115, the best song of Elena Siegman. 3. Abrecadavre ? Hm... OK. 4. Dead Again 5. Dead Ended 6. Drowning, the best song of Malukah (for now...). 7. The Gift 8. Archangel
  9. We may not have the same reason behind this difficulty. Am I obliged to choose ? ?
  10. 1. The One 2. Coming Home 3. Where Are We Going? (Blood of the Dead Remix) vs Mad Hatter 4. I Am The Well 5. Lullaby for a Deadman 6. Undone 7. Remember Forever should Fall Down. 8. Not Ready To A7X, I prefer Pareidolia. And you didn't see my comments in this same kind of game, but on French forums.
  11. 1. This one. 2. Imma Try It Out is a Nightmare to listen. 3. I don't want to Remember Forever this music, I prefer Stormbound. 4. Mystery 5. Read the comment of RadZakpak.
  12. And it's been exactly 10 years since I responded that phone call... Damn, I'm so old. ? Bonus of the topic that I posted in my previous message that I quote : We can not edit the messages on this site so look closely at the date and the name of the writer.
  13. Yellorange Maps : ...Nuketown(before round 25)... Blue Maps : ...Gorod Krovi(the resuscitated zombies(and controlled?) by Valkyrie Drones) Light Purple Maps : None, it's just a strange effect of cinematic, in Origins, I see it just blue and in the game files too. White Maps : In TranZit, "Him" sometimes grumbles like a zombie and he obviously has white eyes, but we don't care the growl must be a glitch. By cons if I remember right the friendly Thrasher of Zetsubou No Shima also has white eyes. Green When I will succeed entering in the MPD, don't fear of the dark, my army of greenish dying light will guide you to eternal sleep.

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