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  1. ... What ? We don't talking about the same thing, I think. I thought it was for The Giant cutscene when Richtofen does something to the corpse of his version 1.0. I'm just talking about Zombichtofen.
  2. Yes it's in french, a box at treyarch, the tmeline that I can not post and :
  3. I did this at the time, before MrRoflWaffles received the t-shirt and kept it for himself. Although some mistakes were revealed afterwards with kronorium.com (you forgot "finally" by the way).
  4. No guns in France, I die... But my neighbor is a hunter, so maybe... Maybe I die with a shotgun in hands.
  5. It's more the Nevada Test Site(where is Jackass Flats) than Area 51.
  6. There are several ways to rate these rooms so I will do it according to the better chance of survival and not for my taste in decoration(picture of Joey Jordison in my bedroom...) WAW : Der Riese, I already survived the hellhounds in the spawn room only with a knife while my 3 teammates were dead gun in hand. BO : Ascension, because No Man's Land is the worst place to live. BOII : Buried, it's not even a room, it's an entire town. BOIII : Revelations, more space for train. BOIIII : IX, as long as the other players go in the same direction and at the same speed, that's fine
  7. Ja ! Nein ! Rammstein ! ♫ By the way, you forgot Nuketown. (And Chaos maps?) Nacht Der Untoten : It's more a song for us than the map, but as the first map, the question arises. Verrückt : Graveworm - To the Empire of Madness Shi No Numa : Graveworm - The Death Heritage Der Riese : Don't pay attention to the video clip. Kino Der Toten : Does not work on the BOIII version. Five : Lordi - Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir Ascension : Artist I discovered just a week ago. Call of the Dead : The lyrics don't really related, but I have already
  8. @Electric Jesus, several years ago, I asked a Spanish to read me this and according to him it's : 2 partes de san pesuro/contara en los puntos 4 cardenales/cuando los 6 cosmos juntos el poder sera de nosotros (WTF !? It really looks like the A7X logo.)
  9. Hm... Hum. There is a problem. These are Keepers symbols, not Apothicon. Note that the heads of Dragons in Der Eisendrache have yellorange eyes rather than red. It's a giant Arnie.
  10. 1. I Am The One 2. Lullaby for a Deadman 3. 115 4. Dead Ended
  11. 1. Hm... The One. 2. I Am The Well 3. Lullaby for a Deadman 4. We All Fall Down despite my vertigo. 5. 115 6. Abrecadavre 7. Dead Ended vs Seriously, how Eminem and Pink were able to get there !? 8. The Gift
  12. There are unexplored places in zombies mode, but it's more than time that it stops instead of making stupid transdimensional remakes against money. There are 2 groups of Primis after Revelations, one in dimension 63 and the other in the first(so just one great war where Monty and Shadowman participated as seen in Alpha Omega intro). There's even a message from a dying Dempsey in the multiplayer map Outlaw.
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