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  1. Schrödinger

    Earbuds or headphones

    Headphones are not compatible with summer and long hair.
  2. Schrödinger

    Yellow Eyes in the Zombies Comic

    Blue for Richtofen in Origins and Gorod Krovi ? When the corrupted keeper enters the MPD in Der Eisendrache, the zombies keep their yellorange eyes.
  3. The same hieroglyphs as in Shangri-La ? I think the Cthulhu Mythos has nothing to do with zombies mode. It's just "Look! Tentacles! It's so Lovecraftian! lol"...
  4. Schrödinger

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    The Wave Gun is red and yellow in gameplay trailer too. It's just a last-minute change.
  5. Schrödinger

    Wardens Board

    Everything, it's the same texture, but in better bloody quality(with a damn altar in the center) :
  6. Schrödinger

    Wardens Board

    Nobody has ever translated this ritual circle in Shadows Of Evil ?
  7. It maybe also those of the Moon loading screen.
  8. Schrödinger

    RMS Titanic

    <(Drowning in silence ♪ gasping and violent ♪)
  9. Schrödinger

    Sh*t Ton of Points on Round 1 (Nova crawler EE)

    "Do you understand !?"
  10. Schrödinger

    Missing theif

  11. Schrödinger

    [LEAK] About Max Ammo's in BO4

    Noobs no longer need to learn to play.
  12. Schrödinger

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    It reminds me Archer. But who is the man looking for documents while everyone is being chased by zombies ? Who is the man in the loading screen of Nacht Der Untoten... Who is... I don't know.
  13. Schrödinger

    The Projector Images (and they're juicy)

    But I know that it's impossible to snow in June at Bar-le-Duc/Verdun. Stupid Blundell with his stupid magic.
  14. Schrödinger

    It's been too long...

    Of course yes. I remember someone here with a name like Pasta... But nothing else about him. Wake the dead !

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