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  1. Yellorange Maps : ...Nuketown(before round 25)... Blue Maps : ...Gorod Krovi(the resuscitated zombies(and controlled?) by Valkyrie Drones) Light Purple Maps : None, it's just a strange effect of cinematic, in Origins, I see it just blue and in the game files too. White Maps : In TranZit, "Him" sometimes grumbles like a zombie and he obviously has white eyes, but we don't care the growl must be a glitch. By cons if I remember right the friendly Thrasher of Zetsubou No Shima also has white eyes. Green When I will succeed entering in the MPD, don't fear of the dark, my army of greenish dying light will guide you to eternal sleep.
  2. Origins too, even the canceled map in Paris would not have been closer. By the way, I already said it in another of your topics, but what is even closer is the multiplayer map Downhill, although it happens in 2025 and Rhône-Alpes region while the name changed in 2015.
  3. Or it's going to be like the Marlton-like zombie in the Die Rise trailer : OMGG Marlton is ded ! Schuster and Pernell both lived during World War II, I don't know who could be the oldest and younger of them.
  4. I never heard that Nikolai had a brother before BO3. He once had a sister, I don’t know why BlunMonty forgot her... Moreover Takeo and Nikolai were captured before the death of the Mexican according to the first radio of Call Of The Dead.
  5. Calli is West, but boreal just above has nothing to do here, it should have been in place of the torn part like austral to match with their good colors. I find the calendar posted by @PINNAZ and me only in French, when I search in English, it's the same name and functioning, but not at all the same shape and the same signs. This one starts with Cipactli/crocodile=Tonacatecuhtli/East, Ehecatl/wind=Quetzalcoatl/North, Calli/house=Tepeyollotl/West, Cuetzpalin/lizard=Huehuecoyotl/South, Coatl/snake=Chalchiuhtlicue/East and there are 15 others.
  6. Damn, I didn't know either for the paintings and yet it is by looking them closely that I found the letter that we speak in the other topic. I was talking about the real calendar to compare. Although there isn't totally the right colors, the ridiculously small signs seem to be the same, at least for Calli. Autral at the bottom for the South because there is Boreal on top for the North... Orange. There should surely have been the other 2 cardinal points, as shown by the image of @PINNAZ(the one I posted is the only one I could find, I almost thought that the person who posted it on wikipedia was wrong), but it's torn... More or less like that of Tac !
  7. Some words are missing on the new loading screen compared to the old one. Words are easy to guess as "Batteries sold separately", but the eyes of those naturally speaking English must be better than mine. Like for this one : It's worse to read ! But there is a lot of text and things replaced. In fact, where I read Aether and Crew, it could also be Author and Crow...
  8. When I sent you the torn calendar link, it featured the name of an aztec calendar similar : Tonalpohualli (Tochtli/rabbit=South, Calli/house=West, Tecpatl/flint=North/color of sacrifice, Acatl/reed=East/color of heaven) Moreover, it is written "austral", not "astral" on that of COTD.
  9. Brock and Gary have also activated the eclipse, so if it's in 1956(and on Mars...), when do these explorers come with their strange replica of the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder ? <(This plunger is an ancient vril artifact !) The changing newspaper doesn't necessarily have something to do with temporal changes in the past, it may just be the next day's journal, right ? Moreover the second page is always findable in the chamber of Maxis unrelated to the plunger. The black aura may be there to not see the abyss of the video game and the real room just in front... Normally it's a grid that we have to open, so we see through.
  10. ... and Der Riese ? (Which is not in The Giant.) That of COTD is already taken thanks to the noclip, if someone gets closer, it may pass through the table. My picture of my CRT TV without HDMI is brighter, but not perforce readable. I think the whole bottom of the letter is exactly like that of Der Riese, starting with the date. But why that of Classified has a square in the middle, it's not even in BO3. As for the other differences, it's surely stupid errors, I read "FS FR" by the way, on the new letter. There is the same problem with the blackboards of Der Riese/KDT/Five that have been rewritten by a developer certainly zombified to put them in The Giant/KDT Chronicles/maybe Classified(I don't even know) : NEVER AGAIN SAM/everything can be based of this model WEVER AEAIN SAM/every hina car a based tlis moiel
  11. The rest of Group 935 was able to learn about the alliance with Nazi Germany since 1939. In addition Groph proclaimed himself leader and said he wanted to win the war during Der Eisendrache.
  12. Moon because it's not in the future... Honorable mention ? I hesitate between Der Riese, Call Of The Dead and Die Rise, but I'm going to choose this last because it's at the bottom of the ranking and I fear the heights also in video games !
  13. 1. Moon : Much more epic than an old swamp. 3? Der Riese
  14. 1. Nuketown 2. Moon 3. Kino Der Toten 4. Der Riese
  15. 1. Shi No Numa : Because it reminds me Karda Nui. 2. Nuketown 3. Buried 4. Moon 5. Verrückt 6. Ascension 7. Der Riese : Where's the dragon for the beauty of annihilation ? 8. Call of the Dead

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