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  1. 1. I Am The Well 2. Abracadavre 3. 115 4. Mystery
  2. 1. Alone 2. Carrion 3. Dead Ended 4. Abracadavre 5. 115 6. The One 7. Mystery 8. Stormbound
  3. There will be a new easter egg song before the game ends. 1. Coming Home 2. We All Fall Down 3. Always Running 4. Carrion : A7X created Carry On, but if they had never played Call Of Duty would have been a good thing too. 5. The Gift : It makes me think of another music I listen to, did I already said that last time ? 6. Drowning vs Dead Ended : Can I choose both ? 7. Abracadavre 8. A Light From The Shore (+Vanishing Shore) vs Mad Hatter : Can I do not vote ? Yes I can. ... OK I choose Dead Ended
  4. Your old zombies world map no longer seems to be accessible.
  5. And it's been exactly 10 years since I responded that phone call... Damn, I'm so old. ? Bonus of the topic that I posted in my previous message that I quote : We can not edit the messages on this site so look closely at the date and the name of the writer.
  6. Aah ! I have seen it again. What have we done to make it appear ? There is always a player who embodies Richthofen...
  7. According to a radio from Call Of The Dead, the Group 935 has captured Takeo before September 2nd 1945, Zetsubou No Shima may therefore happen before that date, contrary to The Giant and Der Eisendrache.
  8. Shadows Of Evil : The Giant : Zetsubou No Shima : So it's possibly Icarus in fact.
  9. I don't know the location of the other part, but it's complete.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0dbrCTtka0
  10. We can't go in that room with the free camera in theater mode.
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