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  1. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this year. Ready to see more Black Ops 4, Days Gone, and The Last of Us 2. Basically just the zombie games... - Mix
  2. They are Alchemical symbols
  3. JohnyJ25 if you are going to steal my shit at least politely give me credit. Parasite.

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    2. MixMasterNut


      Check out this recent video he posted @4:05


      and then check out my thread I created here.

      I also created a video for my discoveries here.


    3. MixMasterNut


      funny how he uses the exact same images from my Space Monkey's thread here too.


    4. MixMasterNut


      "Thank you very much for your notification. The content has been removed." - The YouTube Legal Support Team

  4. So bummed to hear there's no NML - Mix
  5. Double-checked with Tac and Liz, and there was a slight typo in the timeline doc they put together that I copy/pasted from. It's been fixed now. - Mix
  6. These are all the sections from the official zombies timeline mentioning The Flesh. March 27th, 2027 A society of survivors who eat the undead is formed. They are The Flesh. May 12th, 2027 Samuel J. Stuhlinger joins The Flesh. June 28th, 2027 Through the consumption of the undead meat, the Flesh begin hearing Richtofen’s voice. He tries to persuade them to build global polarization devices for him in pursuit of his new plan: to mend the Rift in space time and acquire full control over the aether. April 4th, 2028 The Flesh broadcast their message across all frequencies. They tell others to “heed our call” and the “path to enlightenment” can be achieved by consuming the undead. August 15th, 2029 A broadcast is sent out confirming the fall of “The Flesh” and Maxis’ followers. With each group hearing the voice of Richtofen or Maxis, a battle broke out between them. As they fought, a zombie horde moved in and destroyed all who remained. Stuhlinger is one of the few to escape. Richtofen and Maxis are left with no one to communicate near Green Run ,where the first polarization device must be constructed. Zombies Chronicles Timeline can be found here.: https://www.callofduty.com/zombieschronicles/timeline - Mix
  7. King Tut's dagger was made from a 115 meteorite

  8. Wow, and I've been wondering all along what these numbered gears are. They are the one thing from the intro cinematic that don't seem to appear anywhere within the map. Great find, - Mix
  9. Occultism in the Court of Elizabeth I Pretty sure this relates to the famous Alchemist, John Dee. John Dee was the advisor and tutor to Queen Elizabeth I. John Dee created this magical sigil (below) called "Sigillum Dei Aemeth" (aka, Seal of God). With it he believed he could decipher the names of all the arch-angels. With this magical symbol, Dee and his magick partner Edward Kelley, would summon and communicate with angelic inter-dimensional beings. At first the two alchemist believed that the beings they were summoning, and communing with were angels. However after awhile they had to start questioning the motives of these beings, who started to present themselves more as soul damning demons than angels of good. Any of this starting to sound familiar in terms of things we've experienced in this game? Here's a couple links with more info, in case anyone decides to dive deeper into this topic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigillum_Dei - Mix
  10. I wonder what info was marked over with a black marker in this image? The first character looks like a "V" - Mix
  11. Props to MrRoflWaffles, NoahJ456, RADAUSTIN27, and MoneyTalks7114 for being the 1st squad to complete Der Eisendrache EE

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