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  1. Cunambula

    Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated

    awesome stuff . Just to clarify the color coded image is NOT mine, Glitching Queen p. rovided the link and the original creator escapes me right now (something with a V) and this color coded image was groundbreaking (to me at least) so I certainly give the creator all the credit. Yourmapper, thank you for any additions/corrections.
  2. Cunambula

    Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated

    "AST" (Finite/whole/prime/) "EO" (Time) "OTH" (Tangible thing/entity/being) "NETH" (Drain/deplete) just getting started...please tell me what you think
  3. Cunambula

    Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated

    If this is already kown i apologize , but here goes.... I have begun to translate the specific symbols contained within each "word" glithching queen linked to a great pic. that color coded the recurring "phrases" within a "word" so if a word has "neth" in it , it was colored green and we can see that the same symbol was present in every "word" that contained the "phrase" "neth" So the next step is to see if we can divine what "neth" MEANS..... my thoughts....if we look at what words have "neth" in them , we see that they all are degenerative in quality(taking something away)...parasite/spend/etc. for "oth" I see that they are all tangible things,Nethoth(parasite)Koroth(elemental"meatball) Urgnoth(magic box) and oth is a suffix, so zombie(ujoth) is blank "thing" perhaps we then guess at what uj or ujo is...maybe dead/ruined/mindless. I hope this isnt too confusing...but if you see what I am saying I think we can learn what some "unknown" symbols/words truly mean.
  4. Cunambula

    Secret Codes in Shadows Of Evil & The Giant

    We should start calling the Original Four , Primis from now on...it sounds awesome I also love how its the "original" four that are called "Prim(e)is" They are the Prime characters ;)
  5. Cunambula

    Secret Codes in Shadows Of Evil & The Giant

    wait , no !!!! I DID solve th adgfx cipher !!! I kept trying to tell everyone here but no one would listen, please listen !!!! You can go decipher it for yourself right now to prove i am correct...... it is solved using the standard adgfx cipher method , the only hard part was finding the keyword... The keyword is Portal(s) it was right there next to the cipher the whole time :) making the 2 MOTD codes i know of to reveal...."Let go, and the beginning will become the end" and .... here it is..... "The Giant is in Paris" please , will someone reply that they did infact read this post , and that i am not in some wierd non-material ream where my repeated posts never get seen , :)
  6. In sifting through the emails ( I think linked from Krueger's CIA dossier) we find emails to and from alex mason,,,,in one of these a friend is telling him to change his password, he then gives an idea on how/what , he says pick a name , like a mentor , and a number, like a year you won something big.... well in the next email (from a different person) it reveals that he won a big event (golf) in '53 (iirc) ....this just SCREAMED at me that we are being given his password, but where do i enter it, how do i get to the emails/login.,.. Is it possible that this is his login from BO1 , or maybe even meant to go back and entered into BO1 ? The combo of this data vault and the campaign story, and blurring the lines between worlds is awesome. :)
  7. Cunambula

    ADFGX cipher

    The keyword was litteraly next to our face the whole time...sneaky 3arch ;)
  8. Cunambula

    ADFGX cipher

    What are you guys doing...??? Keyword is The decoded message reads

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