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Does Marlton Make Buildables Stronger?

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I appologize if this is common knowledge or not, i've researched but can not find anything on the topic.


So, the rumor is that if...


1. Marlton finishes the trample steam with the motor part last...




2. Marlton builds the entire "buildable" ...


The contraption or only the Trample Steam that it will last longer?


Has anyone expirienced this?


A few friends swear to this, is it true?

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When Tranzit first came out I was wondering if each character would have some type of extra ability or if a certain character used a peticular buildable for some objective in the Side Quest. Though obviously this was not incorporated into the game.

Marlton's crafting is more quality

Misty has an extra knifing ability

Russman has a Stamin' Up ability (cause he only has 1 shoe)

Don't know what Stuhlinger would have, maybe he can see hidden writing that's part of the story conspiracy? He can see Easter egg writing?

Could have been good.

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Oh shoot really? I was just creating a thread about that exact subject. There's three hours wasted.


Here's the topic.




Back in my day, it was Round 666 on Nacht Der Untoten. And on round 500 Zombie Dogs would appear! (This was long before Shi No Numa and the Hellhounds.)

I remember when I first started playing zombies, I believed some hoaxes. Such as the "Escape from Nacht Der Untoten" one. :/

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If they add something like this in the next installment, I sure hope they balance it perfectly.

I'm just pretty sure they won't. They'll try, but they won't.

Just as well, I'm sure there will be a few players that will rage quit if they aren't "their" character, or if they spawn as their least favorite character.

Because of those, I'd rather there not be any character specific skills.

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Character specific skills are great as long as they remain with the player, regardless of character. Like perma-perks, but maybe more impactful.


There actually is a difference in BO:2 with the EE's. Stuhlinger hears Rixhtofen, Russman hears Maxis. Also the Who's Who/Ballistic Knife part of the Die Rise EE.

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