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  1. I appologize if this is common knowledge or not, i've researched but can not find anything on the topic. So, the rumor is that if... 1. Marlton finishes the trample steam with the motor part last... or 2. Marlton builds the entire "buildable" ... The contraption or only the Trample Steam that it will last longer? Has anyone expirienced this? A few friends swear to this, is it true?
  2. The first in a new series (pilot episode). This one is entitled "The Last Hotel on Earth" Had a lot of fun making it and excited for future episodes! Check it out, it's short.
  3. If it's a dog or demon.. meh.. looks like a dog to me. Now I gotta feed another dog all day long. I do this enough IRL. j/k
  4. I could be mistaken but isn't this the whole Dead Island idea. Build/fix the plane to escape?
  5. OMG just thought of something.. What if you get caught by this special guard and he throws you into a cell that you can't get out of until a certain amount of time. ZOMG Zombie Jail!
  6. With it being a prison an all, I bet there will be keys again. Maybe even more keys? multiple keys? Or how about one set of wardens keys? :shock:
  7. I like the "Stop Rus" thing but I doubt they spent this entire time on "Russ". It has to be "Ruin".
  8. Did Sam NOT sound like a female? I didn't play alot of moon so my "Samantha" history is not up to par. She can change her voice to sound that way. Hence the "INSTA KILL!" And "DOUBLE POINTS!" Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me.
  9. I'm wondering if our Persistent perks will carry over or are they only for Misty,Stu, Marlton, and Russ.?
  10. With so many mysteries at hand. I feel like a giddy school girl. I'm geek'd!
  11. I'm pretty sure the person who said "Fetch me their souls!" first was Sam, and then Richtofen. I mean, why would this ominous voice suddenly change when Richtofen came into power, unless the person who controls the zombies is the voice? Did Sam NOT sound like a female? I didn't play alot of moon so my "Samantha" history is not up to par.
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