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  1. In case you do need a 6 letter keyword, how about F.E.A.R.R.U....
  2. I like the "Stop Rus" thing but I doubt they spent this entire time on "Russ". It has to be "Ruin".
  3. I do think it's odd that no perks were shown in the trailer.
  4. I'm pretty sure if PHD was available, the Nova Crawlers would give it to you at some point.
  5. I agree with you, but it's a fine line because those shotguns look so sweet! :D
  6. I discovered it on Bo1. I tried it out because I love zombies and zombie games. I could hardly get past round one, so it frustrated me and I quit playing. With no manual or instructions on how to play I gave up. I got Bo2, played MP for the first couple months and my love for zombies made me try the zombie mode again. This time I put on my try hard boots an just failed until I learned how the zombies "system" operated. Once I figured it out, I was hooked instantly. I honestly have RARELY gone back to MP since. Then I begin wishing I had played all those awesome maps on Bo1. So I've been playing both bo1 & bo2 lately. LOVE THIS MODE! :D
  7. When I first started playing I thought it was giant dragon. (Before really knowing what "face the dragon" actually meant)
  8. Extreme Road Trip 2 = Awesome addicting app... jus sayin... :D

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