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  1. Z0M3IE_SLAYA_115

    MOTD new starting weapon? DISCUSSION

    EDIT: i came to this conclusion because unlike other trailers all the charecters in MOTD are using the python whereas in other trailers they are sing individual weapons
  2. Z0M3IE_SLAYA_115

    MOTD new starting weapon? DISCUSSION

    haha nice one :lol:
  3. Z0M3IE_SLAYA_115

    MOTD new starting weapon? DISCUSSION

    hey guys so i have just seen the opening cinematic for mob of the dead and i noticed that all of the characters are using pythons with snub noses but they have reduced damage. I think a new starting weapon is a great idea because as they are changing the zombies experience it is about time that we have a new weapon. On the other hand however, If the m1911 is not available off the wall then this my stop some people from playing MOTD as the mustang and sally is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. so what do you guys think? do you want a new starting weapon or do you want the m1911 again? leave your thoughts below
  4. Z0M3IE_SLAYA_115

    Which mobster do you want to be?

    ray liotta and michael madsen
  5. Z0M3IE_SLAYA_115

    Mob of the Dead Trailer Analysis! NOW WITH "MAKING OF" VIDEO

    can someone PLEASE post a link for this trailer as i cant find it

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