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  1. Kriss Vector pretty much the smg we've seen in mw2 and B02 35 round mag with 170 in reserve when upgraded is called Kriss Kross and is dual wielded also each gun shoots to the opposite side hence the kross part of the name. The twister a shotgun that has two shots in a mag. each shell releases 5 glowing orbs that form into a tornado that flies towards the zombies. good for clearing out a group of 6 zombies or less.has 68 shots in reserve. when upgraded it becomes the hurricane and has 5 shots in a mag. and damage is increased flaming tediore a SMG that shoots out incind
  2. wow your threads are very unappreciated good work also they are adding buildables
  3. So recently i made a comment about wanting to have a wonder weapon only gamemode and Stopmockingme0 said that i should make a costum zombie map idea so here it is: Map name: Operation WW clusterf**k The map would take place inside the White house! This map will consist of 4 floors each being very tight and claustrophobic and having zombies spawning from all directions. Floor 1: The players start with a raygun as well as juggernog and speed cola.The first room is the lobby and has 12 different spawning points. zombies will rise up from the floor, drop down from the celing and break
  4. I really want to have a wonder weapon only game mode where you start of with a ray gun and when you hit the box all the weapons are wonder weapons from every single zombie map.To balance this there would be no perks and zombies would have a LOT of health i think it would be funny to see who get survive the longest
  5. Sorry for my punctuation i just read this and it looks rushed just to let you know my memory of the incident is fairly blurred and so everything seems too fast.i was also shaking as I wrote this Thank you
  6. Ok so first I have to thank Joltean as his thread about rape inspired me to write mine Here's the story It was about a month after I joined codz. I was walking home at 11 o'clock in the night after going to a party with my girlfriend the road was fairly quiet except from a group of three men sitting on a wall. My girlfriend was holding my hand as we walked past the group of men. Suddenly she was pulled away from me and she was being dragged by her hair by one of the men I ran over to stop him but another man punched me in my jaw and I fell to the ground. I quickly got back up and saw th
  7. I just tested this and im afraid there is no difference sorry
  8. I wouldn't consider it crazy. We've killed monkeys and dogs, but that's not stopping us. It's just that it doesn't seem like wolves from the campaign mode would be injected into another mode involving aliens and escaping, unless it were to come as some form of reward. "special reward:upon achieving 100 kills the player will be granted a pack of wolves that will kill all aliens in sight"-i can just imagine mark rubin come up with something crazy like that
  9. It's part of the campaign. yes i know that but what if they carried the idea across anyhow i realised that i got caught up in the moment and that the idea of fighting against wolves is quite frankly crazy :lol:
  10. OMG I JUST RELISED SOMETHING! i have just seen the launch trailer and it shows a pack of hungry looking wolves also a person above said something to do with creatures....maybe we are survivng against packs of ferocious wolves!?
  11. Like I said, I believe that if it does has something to do with aliens, it's most likely because of the rumours about the "Alien Terrorist" mode prior to MW2. Treyarch did something similar with Nuketown Zombies, after all. true but i just hope that extinction is similar to zombies because i cant stand a year of playing zombies
  12. hey guys with the addition of enxinction mode in Cod;ghosts due you think that it will affect codz forum? personally i'm looking very forward to it as it gives infinity ward a chance to win us over with a zombie like gamemode but with aliens instead. however i have a feeling that if they don't include an amazing backstory as to how the aliens got to earth then it will pretty much be a MASSIVE fail as without a proper story a game cannot be suuccessful annyways what are your thoughts regards z0m3ie slaya
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