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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!



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Is it me or are the zombies really fucking more advanced and more difficult on origins... They're running faster they don't even double tap u anymore they triple tap u.. I dont get part hungry and start looking for them prematurely I get jug and a wall weapons and unload until I have a stability of cash flow i know where all the parts are for all the side quest so I'm not getting side tracked but omg I'm on my toes on round 15 just filling up the remaining soul boxes just me and a friend on original and I feel like I'm on round 50.. I know the map in and out and know where all the parts are and all the little things like that I've learned from playing easy i been playing on easy but switch back to original for a good 6 games and its most difficult map ever they definitely tweaked the zombies a bit and if u look back at buried or mob of the dead the zombies tactics werent so fast and bezurk... Let me know..

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They seem to have the same difficulty all throughout the Black Ops II maps, but with more troublesome spawn points. They can come from the ground, outside of the map's debris, and through regular barricades. I've noticed also that the zombies will run straight but go to your side last second so you can just conga line them anymore. A Zombie Shield is a must in order to survive past Round 17. It doesn't help that they are immune to the effects of the mud.

A little tidbit I noticed: if someone is on a tank and you happen to be nearby, they sprint almost twice as fast and can still swipe at you even when you're not on the tank. Be careful.

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It's the spawns. I've noticed that the instant you kill a zombie, another spawns at the first or second closet spawn point to you. You constantly need to watch your back, and the layout of the map plus the mud everywhere can make running away hard. Personally I love Origins. Favorite Zombies map ever.

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What you said about the triple swiping at you is true. I got hit three times super fast by a zombie with only one arm. The zombies team tweaked the ai for the zombies in Origins.

Sometimes its seems like when i get surrounded with the shield on my back, i'm down in half the time it would be on Tranzit or Mob of the Dead.

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I haven't really noticed either, its kinda super easy and by round 10 I pretty much have everything I need normally (jug, staminup, ice staff if I feel like turning ultimate, ulls arrow, and mp 40 for points). The mud is like the water on cord but easier because you can air sprint. Sprint and jump at same time and you sprint while you're in the air basically. Only thing that's a piss off is the robots stomping. I train at the generator near fire staff (not starting room one). Its a pretty easy spot actually.

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Ive noticed as well. I think the guy above me had it right where its not so much the tweaks to the zombies, but its they spawn everywhere so its tricky til you get use to it. I will be honest, me and my friends got tired of sturggling to learn the map and having stupid games end on dumb decisions. I actually played one game on easy to figure everything out. Like I said, I ashamed to admitted I did this

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The issues include:

Smaller out-of-map spawn areas: Zombies enter the map almost imediantly arround jug...

Nuketown level slap: If you notice the map: Nuketown zombies is about 12 times harder then tranzit, this can be explained by the physics of the zombies... It apears the yellow-eyed zombies swipe much faster then the blue or red eyed zombies...

Envirmonetaly unstable: Robot feet, panzer soldats, and Templar attacks are all things that need to be looked out for as well on these maps, as well as mud that slows you down and dig-mines...

Lack of wall weaponary: The only weapons that seem effective at all from the wall are the B23r and the Stg... The Mp40 has lost all it's power, and the balista just... Is awful... In every sense of the word... If you don't hit that head, you don't kill it...

Spawn rates: This troubles me most at the chest near jug... The path towards the mound seems to be empty, however the SECOND you need to step out of there to reload, BAM! Filled with zombies...

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I agree. There are a couple things that always seem to get me. I play mostly Solo (highest round is 30), due to having a roommate that interrupts every game I play. Pause is a godsend. Anyways my main causes of death are:

1) The spawns. I'll turn around (slowly thanks to the mud) to blast the line of zombies behind me and by the time I turn around (slowly) there's 2 zombies in front of me that wedge me in, *slappity slap* and I'm lounging in a mud pit.

2) Panzar Soldats. These guys are assholes. Not only do they kick my ass fairly consistently on round 23, they make me absolutely rage. Watch their faces next time they have you clawed in and are roasting your face like a Christmas turkey with their flamethrower. They tip their head back a bit and shake it side to side, as if we are watching the WWF in early 2000's and the Dudley Boys are doing the "Whazzzzzaappp" off the turnbuckle. Yes it's a pretty hick reference, I grew up in a town called Chilliwack, so sue me. I don't care if it's day or night and the baby and people upstairs are sleeping, I can't help but roar out a mighty "FUUUCCCKKK YEEEEUUUUWWEEEE!!!!" before I contain my rage.

But seriously these guys know when you don't have jug, I swear to that they know. A violent Clang-bang seems to ensue every time I lose jug.

I counter these problems by:


-Constant jumping in the mud. I had a race with my friend coming down the mud slope from the church. He was sprinting and not hopping and I was just hopping, and I destroyed him. JUMP IN THE MUD!

-Get the MP40 by round 4, and remember, keep knifing to kill the zombies. 2 bullets in the chest and 1 knife on round 4 kills a zombie. 3 bullets and a knife on round 5.

-Always keep 1 undamaged Zombie at the end of each round. Remember, so long as he is not grazed by a bullet, you can book it around the map and do what you need to do and he'll just keep respawning. If you're not sure, just run far enough ahead of the zombie that he won't try to respawn closer, thus dying. Crawlers are worthless in BO2. I find it easiest to shoot only the zombies in my train that are running, ideally leaving me with only walkers.

-When you have your undamaged Zombie, this is the best time to do the Generators. Remember, the generators will give you 100 points on top of a refund for the cost of the generators, so 100 points profit, and another 100 if you reach the cap (10) killing the templar zombies that try to stop you.


-Run circles around the perimeter of Generator 4, and watch out for the Robots. Make sure your circles go through both footprints or they will start to cut you off. Also going through the footprints are useful as you can get the Robot to stomp the Panzer Soldat into the mud.

-If you're going for the wind staff pieces via getting stomped on by the Robots, do it early on solo, when you only have quick revive and jug, in case you screw up. Saves money.

I am stubborn and very determined to use Takeo in solo and try to do the Easter egg. From what I've seen, it may be possible, I haven't seen evidence to the contrary. Just remember, Use Takeo as only he can see the phantom zombie.


Remember, you can't spell slaughter without laughter.

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-I forgot to say Sprint and Jump in the mud. Don't just jump, sprint and Jump.

And Multi-Player Strategies:

-Circles near Staminup seem to work fairly well.

-Circles near generator 6(?) behind the church in the Footprint.

-Also if you zig-zag down the mud slopes towards the trenches, by the time you get to the bottom you'll have a solid train behind you.

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Another thing that is hard is the absence of a buyable melee weapon honestly. For the past two years my strategy revolved around the melee weapon. Kino? Takes roughly 6250 points to get the knife, moon, always got the bowie, transit I just spammed the box round 1 with the bank but I still got the halves. Die rise, always got the bowie, nuketown, the bowie, buried, the galvas.

All these maps have a knife that I run to, to finish the earlier rounds. And now that it doesn't exist, well these earlier rounds without jug get harder when in close combat.

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