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  1. I don't like mule kick, find it kinda useless for this map since as I normally run a staff and point gun. Then later on switch out point gun for a ray gun/mk2. And I def prefer the ray gun 1 for insta kills, in case your out of nades either it or the pap'd war machine is fine.
  2. Really I like misty, she's like a female version of tank from bo1, when he was actually badass. Idk could just me as I prefer tomboyish girls to girly girls. Eh.
  3. I can't even lie, the first time I came to codz and saw superhands guides and gamelay vids, my jaw dropped and I near shat myself. I always remember his round 115 on five and 105 on Shangri la. Then 5and5 and Tom wit their round 100 on moon running in the first room only. Those guys I looked at like the zombie slaying gods. I never spoke to them much but man I miss seeing them around.
  4. Marlton. He gay. Sam is right when he calls him a bitch. Needs to stfu. Plz replace with random cia agent from grief tyvm.
  5. LJx19


    If you kill them while they are destroying generators you get max ammo, full stop, period the end. Doesn't matter what you kill em with, staffs upgraded unupgraded doesn't matter at all. All that matters is you kill them WHILE they are taking the generator. If you kill them while they're moving to the next one, that's the only time you won't get it. Hell sometimes it even glitches for me and they drop 2 max ammos. Idk what you guys are doing lol.
  6. LJx19


    Whoever said staff kills don't make them drop ammo is out of it. I kill them using the staffs and charge staffs all the time and still get max.
  7. I hated BO2 purely for the fact that they made explosive weapons 100% unusable for almost all the maps. I loved running nothing but explosives in bo1 (mustang n sally, m72, china lake). I couldn't do that here. Secondly the wonder weapons were none too fancy either till origins. Thundergun, scavenger, winters howl, wave gun, gersch device, qed. Vs emp (fucking really?), paralyzed (and the thundergun was OP?) and jet gun(transit was God awful), not to mention the sliquifier that could kill more than a whole wave before the patch that gave us delayed respawns. Then the leadrrboards that was just full on fuckboy shit. Man I can't be fucked to turn on my mic half the time and I done 50 on every map cept transit and mob(42), do nigs really think I don't know what to do? C'mon son.
  8. I'd assume a 70 in 2 hours would be pure spawn abuse by tank station with the ice staff/wind staff. If that alone can do 49-52 in under 10 minutes, no reason why doing it the whole game wouldn't net you a 2 hour 70. Gonna try this myself but due to only ever getting the wind staff after getting the helm, might take me longer.
  9. LJx19


    Lol my highest game on origins co-op was with micless random skull ranks. We got to round 28 all staffs ultimate, and game only ended because the host had to sleep for school the next day (messaged me after game). I love playing micless games. Reminds me of fun times on ascension.
  10. LJx19


    The crest above its head is just an indicator of where it is. Notice as you kill one the indicator moves to the next templar till they're all. Dead
  11. Here's a life saving one. If playing solo and trying to get to a high round, use the fire staff. If zombies try getting in front of you fire 1 shot and it will char them and pretty much make it so they don't even hit you, so running between them is no problem. If trapped completely fire ot twice, then charge and shoot at your feet. It's the ultimate defense even in the 50s.
  12. Lol, if he has a staff running out of ammo on round 50 he's obviously doing something wrong. Besides the air staff, or if your doing spawn a use with ice staff, there is no possible way you should be struggling with ammo on round 50. This map is pretty easy.
  13. I've actually noticed a few things about it. I think it's like the grenades in fire on transit, you know they don't explode. What I noticed is that when I throw monkeys in mud they don't go for it, so what I started doing was only throw them on generator pads and stuff.
  14. Lol that jet gun F- I completely agree. anyway the only buildable I gave a crap about is the shield. I hate the acid gat/vitriolic to hell. Damn them. I suck on die rise so never got to use sliqy. The staves though I Actually use fire all the time. Other than those two buildables haven't really affected my playstyle much.
  15. Cool, now I got something to buy for Christmas, for my 8 year old son that hasn't been born yet.
  16. What about the classic pistol knife only challenge. Starting pistol and pack punching it allowed, any pistol you get from the box barring ray gun and rgm2. No assault rifles, snipers, shotties, staves, etc etc. You can use the shield, and any perks you want. Brofist is allowed. Upgrading it allowed. Have fun. Edit: I'm an idiot, no staves means no upgrading fists, teehee :D
  17. There will sometimes be invisible walls on certain maps that prevent moving. For some reason I always get caught on a random invisible wall at around the 30s. I got caught once on motd at the bridge and downed on 35. And on origins on 31. (or other way around don't remember).
  18. Yea it actually spawns 1 or 2 per wave from a workshop window so you'll see a few come up the steps after the initial insanely fast spawners. That's the leaving the spawn door to Gen 3 closed. And seriously, the 2 most reliable ones aren't infinite, awesome. Well it lasts till 50 which is good enough. I stop most of my solo games around 40-50. (anything higher is just for bragging rights).
  19. Lol top rounds is 8, I think mine is like 7 on dipshit. I mean transit. So if you don't take a crystal the walls inside crazy place never move? Is that really how it works?
  20. Fire staff causes script errors. At least IT used to, I don't know if they fixed it or not. What are script errors? Glitches or something? I just recommend fire because when you fire a shot and you're cornered it seems to be the best staff for getting out, even if it doesn't kill zombies they stop hitting and you can run through them. It's actually a pretty lethal train there with that spawn door closed. Did 30 earlier but dam was it testy.
  21. This guy gets it. Only thing I'd argue is the ice staff vs fire staff (does fire's charged shots have infinite dmg like wind and ice?), well who knows but fire by generator 3 pretty much easily gets you to round 50+. Also Gen 3 has much much faster spawning when you don't open the door that leads to it from spawn. Meaning go to it through the workshop. All the zombies spawn right there at 3. loop around like 2 or 3 times and fire a charge shot.
  22. ...you could dolphin dive into a not playable area in the church... F*ckin really? I've tried this on every single map ever and its never worked. The one map I didn't try it on, it works. Anyway all those panzer fixes lol.
  23. Gonna post the only pic I have of me packing on round 6...i was just about to do 50 solo on origins when I got signed out of Xbox live for no reason and it ended my game...round 24, no downs...2 ultimate staves...perfectly set up for a 50+ solo. My blood pressure is giving me a headache as I type this. http://imageshack.us/a/img5/1623/27gz.jpg Link to picture, I play on a crappy tv and took pic with my phone. It doesnt beat way's best but I feel it came close :)
  24. Y so much hate on split screners? Most split-screeners are no mics, refuse to listen, and usually require way too much assistance. Its not even that, its just that anyone who split screens normally do kt with a person who has no idea what they're doing. There are rare occasions where I do find good split screeners (my first round 20 on origins in pub match was with splits) but its like trying to get a golden shovel knowing that you probably won't get it.
  25. Got bone rank? I'm out. Got split screens? I'm out. That's literally the only time I ever leave lobbies in pub match, I honestly just don't gaf.
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