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  1. ChocolateKaiser

    Zombie Memes

    OMG. My sides. Memes are amazing especially zombie memes hehe. :D
  2. ChocolateKaiser

    Who is "Eddie"?

    How is Sam trapped in the other world if she wasn't born yet?
  3. ChocolateKaiser

    Zombie Memes

  4. ChocolateKaiser

    Zombie Memes

    I love memes, guy please post more!
  5. ChocolateKaiser

    Origins Highest Round

    owo I gotta play with you.
  6. ChocolateKaiser

    *Undead's Art Thread*

    Colors: (Please don't do all the colors, these are just colors I like) Text: MidNightGaymer - Kenni Specific Render?(characters, etc): Dr. Richtofen, AL, Marlton, Jugg, Speed Cola Theme?: Scary/Awesome, Neon Font?: Artist Suggestion Extra Thoughts: Hmm, pretty colors?
  7. ChocolateKaiser

    Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Solo: n/a 2 Players: 17-20 3 Players: N/A 4 Players: 20-29
  8. ChocolateKaiser

    Origins Highest Round

    Solo: N/A 2 Players: 11-13 3 Players: 14-16 4 Players: 18-20
  9. ChocolateKaiser

    Highest Round on Buried!

    Solo: 20 2-Players: 17-19 3-Players: 20-25 4-Players: Highest was 29 - 32

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