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  1. Just got this, only on level 6 CPU but I'm ready for 8 now. I need some advice on how to get better, what moves are best for Robin, etc. Anything. I just learned red health + directional attack = smash. Wish I knew that in the beginning lol. Sword + Magic in any game has my heart lol. http://youtu.be/d5T9-5K34yw
  2. OMG. My sides. Memes are amazing especially zombie memes hehe. :D
  3. Uuuh, R2 is how I shot on zombies on the Wii right?
  4. How is Sam trapped in the other world if she wasn't born yet?
  5. I had no idea, was wondering why it was getting many posts - my mistake.. >.
  6. Xbox user myself, GT is MidNightGaymer I hope you enjoy it here. :)
  7. I need to take a pic of my character and show you, but I do have all sorts of things. Demon & Angel wings. I beat almost every hard mode boss so far, Skeletron Prime was a bitch this morning..xD
  8. I've been starting new worlds non-stop, thought it was just me. Hallowed armor? Oooh man, sounds like I need some type of souls I don't want to get. >. My bro has it on the PC, I'd get to simply mod my npc to my little ponies.
  9. Anyone have it? I love it, after hard mode I really don't know what to do afterwards. I fought a few hard mode bosses but that's it.
  10. Define starting area? Bus Pick up - weapons are only 3. Semi - Auto, Shotgun, Pistol, Quick Revive Diner - MP5, Speed Cola, Box Farm - Double Tap, shotgun, fridge, Claymores Power - MP5(?), Stamina Up ( Is that the perk? or is it Tombstone?) Town - Now we have the bank, Semtex, Jugg If running with the bus the 1st go around, you don't get everything right away. So I don't see how it gets old fast, staying on 1 map gets fast, but changing maps is boring? I don't even zombie.
  11. So you have noticed too, I thought it was funny how when I made a post they immediately did. I don't wanna go back to the **** please report this topic, post **** - there aren't any video games in the **** please report this topic, post ****!! My GT: MidNightGaymer
  12. Why does running an jump BACKWARDS, work faster while in the mud?
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