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  1. That is truly sad. Yeah, it really sucks that you can't even enjoy playing a game online.
  2. I can't understand the last sentence. Do you mean there is a link or is there no link? It is just a reference. A joke. Not everything is serious. . This is the second time you have blown something out of proportion. Really? Technically, everyone is blowing this entire zombie theory out of "proportion" then considering the mode is all skepticism to begin with. Calm down. People are here to learn and talk.
  3. What I think is that America were in cahoots with the German military. Richtofen's picture was even in the Pentagon. Germany relied on the United States for the element 115 since they had a large supply of it in Nevada. It could have been a reference to the whole you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours kind of thing even though the nuclear bomb was invented before Operation Paperclip. America could have said OK, here is some of the element. We'll give you it in exchange for help on our aerodynamic space project, etc… America was definitely involved in the creating of the zombies, considering Germany and America should have been at war with one another. Why else would they have given any kind of aid to German forces? Makes no sense……… Unless they were involved. The Nuke in the game, it resembles the Fat Boy bomb. Check it out below:
  4. I've made it to round 22 or 23 with 4 of us downstairs with the Mystery Box room stairs closed. No glitch BS. We had the grenade stairs open for grenades, but if possible, Leave that stair way closed as well. We had 1 person on window duty downstairs and 3 of us watched the doorway, with one of us halfway watching that wall barrier. All of us had HK21's and RPK's and Ray guns with all of us having monkey's as well. So everyone was well equipped and on the same page. Another strategy would be to camp the upstairs, either in the grenade room, keep that stairwell closed off, and open up through Mystery box room.(Most popular method) Highest I've made it up there was to round 19 by grenades. The other option upstairs, is way in the back by the sniper rifle cabinet. It gets so hectic though in higher rounds because they start flooding in on both sides sides. Also, another downstairs strategy would be keep both stairwell's closed off and camp down by the window near the Thomson. Any strategy you choose, however, you need good weapons and a good, strong team to have everyone's back. Everyone needs to be on the same page in Nacht. Since there is no juggernog, It's crucial to know what is going on. The truth is, is that you will die, but how soon is entirely up to you.
  5. Hey hey man! Thank You for the friendly add. Great to meet ya.

  6. The sad thing is, Is that when someone who appears to "know it all", the rest of the members don't speak out on them because they want to "kiss butt and save face". It's not cool to think that you are better than someone else just because you've been playing longer, delved into the storyline more, etc… We are all a family here, or at least should be! We all share a love for the mode and that is what should matter. We should come together and play together and discuss together without fear of someone going to bash our thoughts. I've had run-ins with certain people on this site and have had confrontations because I hate people who think that they are God's gift of zombies, when they are not. They got bent out of shape because I disagreed with them and tried to add my tidbits, in a positive and respectable way mind you. Difference of opinion marks the beauty of life. Don't like it? I don't care. It's time to grow up. COD Zombies are supposed to be theorized. We are not Treyarch. We don't know anything. We only can assume what is going on. Everyone needs to have their opinion valued, no matter how small or how big.
  7. World at War are my favorite. NAZI ZOMBIES FOREVER! Black Ops 1 was a lot of fun as well. Black Ops 2= Not so great. I prefer our boys(Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, Nikolai) and the old time feel. I enjoyed Origins!
  8. I have been thinking about this for quite a long time now and how the zombie storyline could possibly relate to such. We all know that the storyline revolves around dimensions of different realms based on teleportation and the like. Well, what if all of this has a sense of astral projection from Samantha. Mind you, I have not done the Origins easter egg, but from what I've heard, she was in a dream-like state. There have been things said in Origins to make me think that I may have something here…. Nikolai mentions about "grabbing a gun from the air" when he gets the MP40. I don't want to delve too much into it without a little feedback from you guys for a fear that it will probably be shot down lol. As many of you probably know by now, I'm in love with Edward. That's not the point, but I know many people that love fictional characters from a site that I visit, and in order to believe that they can be with them in another realm and transcend space and time, they project into their worlds in order to feel them, talk to them, and be there in that world with them all by controlling the situation with their mind. Unfortunately, I can't astral project. Here are some passages of what Astral Projection is about: "So the earth plane we live on is only one of many dimensions. There are other spheres that we describe as being above or below us. Actually, they are not really above or below us, but rather at all times around us, permeating all things. Astral projection allows us to discover that the people and objects existing on these other realms can be just as solid and real as any object on the earth terrain. And if we happened to be in another level, looking back "down" into this region, we would view an earth that was not solid. Right now, at every instant, we are living, coexisting with, and walking through people and objects of another dimension! When a person astral projects, he or she can see these other frontiers." "We are mental creators, and out of the ether of the next dimension, we can create that which we wish around us. If we are convinced a devil is out there to trick or deceive us, and if we have already pictured in our minds what this devil looks like and what he plans on doing, we should really not be surprised when our worst fears are confirmed. The devils we create become real and solid in the next dimension because we created them." "In our limited awareness, the reality we live and breathe on earth, with its beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers, streams, animals and insects, can be compared with the petals on a flower. What we see is not the whole flower, but only a part. This is because man has lost touch with the use of his own mind. He concludes, erroneously, that the physical world is the only reality there is. He believes that his life as an individual has only to do with the flesh body of himself, and concludes that the physical world is solid and real because his senses tell him it "feels" solid and real. The mind has abilities that go beyond the five senses of the physical world. The petal of the flower that we now experience is the material world or physical plane of existence. It has a specific vibration, just as all creatures on this level vibrate at the same rate. Because of this, regardless of where we go on this level, all things take on the appearance of being solid, material objects. Just as the colors of the rainbow show the effects of the different vibrations of light, and the melodies on the piano show the effect of the different notes, so, too, does the entire universe contain various octaves, or rates of vibration. These universal harmonics comprise the different levels of existence." "When we were born into this physical world, we were provided with a physical body to carry out our duties. Astral projection allows us to project "out of the body" and into the next plane of existence, which is the astral plane. When we do this, we are in another body, which is called the "astral body." So I'm interested in what you all think. -M
  9. Cheaters should all die!
  10. Thx for being a friend! Nice to meet a new, friendly face.

  11. I mean, Yeah, Turned just might have some potential if they did something with it. It should have been on different map like you said, something new. I didn't like it too much though in general and that's in part because of seeing the view through the zombie's eyes. And maybe they do really see us as that in code, but it was just weird and way too much like Halo's infected.
  12. I think it's because there's so much running in it, and it's very time consuming as with all of the Black Ops 2 zombie maps; apart from Buried as you have the big guy to help you build, etc... TranZit is quite easy to get lost in the forrest of doom with the little nutty squirrels, lol. The map is more annoying than anything. I've been playing it a lot lately though. It's a good change after so long. 8-)
  13. I've been thinking that this would be very cool for quite some time now. It would be nice to have an option for upgraded perks, possibly paying 5000 for each or what have you. Stamina- Marathon Pro Sleight of hand- Plus swap weapons faster like fast hands Juggernog- Six hits before going down You get the idea. I think this would be so nice. :)
  14. Mine is Ice and Wind; although I do like them all.
  15. If people can make Michael Jackson, Tupac, and all of these people emblems, Why can't anyone make our zombie characters' faces? I'd love to have an Edward one, or one with all of the boys. :(
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