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  1. That's true. I guess they were also winking at the fact that Zombies aren't regular men. Still BO2 lacked a fun zombies challenge like No Man's Land. I think that was the last time a video game challenge was so intense I actually broke a sweat.
  2. I've got the Gold Shovel after digging roughly 50 spots, ~47 - ~52 so I'll just say 50 is most likely. Gold Helmet I got at ~67 - ~ 72 spots so I'll say roughly 70 spots. So: Gold Shovel @ 50 Gold Helmet @ 70 (20 after you get the Shovel) I didn't see anything physically dug up when I dug these spots, I just noticed the Icon changed color and the other icon appear. Fun Tip: -If you're playing with a female you can bug them about being a male with a "fe" first. -Then, (whether she gets the previous "dig" or not) wait until she digs a spot and imply
  3. Anyone else disappointed by the tease of "No Man's Land" in the trailer? I was really hoping that there would be another solo challenge like there was for Moon. I am ranked 2048 on the No Man's Land challenge with 229 kills. Also I've always wondered why of all the places where 115 is present, Hanger 18, in Area 51 is the only place that the zombies are spawning endlessly and there is no rounds, only sirens indicating increasing Zombie strength. I thought for sure that No Man's Land in Origins would be one of those places. I would've loved the idea even if it was in the
  4. -I forgot to say Sprint and Jump in the mud. Don't just jump, sprint and Jump. And Multi-Player Strategies: -Circles near Staminup seem to work fairly well. -Circles near generator 6(?) behind the church in the Footprint. -Also if you zig-zag down the mud slopes towards the trenches, by the time you get to the bottom you'll have a solid train behind you.
  5. I agree. There are a couple things that always seem to get me. I play mostly Solo (highest round is 30), due to having a roommate that interrupts every game I play. Pause is a godsend. Anyways my main causes of death are: 1) The spawns. I'll turn around (slowly thanks to the mud) to blast the line of zombies behind me and by the time I turn around (slowly) there's 2 zombies in front of me that wedge me in, *slappity slap* and I'm lounging in a mud pit. 2) Panzar Soldats. These guys are assholes. Not only do they kick my ass fairly consistently on round 23, they make me ab
  6. By that logic, then Treyarch can't change what 115 looks like (Shi no Numa meteor in the cinematic intro).
  7. I wanted to put forward my theory of what Origins is really the origins of. I've backed up my ideas with FACT, and I believe I've found the real suject originating in Origins: Samantha's Games that she plays with people as the Demonic Announcer. Origins did not happen. This was all in Sam's imaginary game with her friend Eddy. Maxis is a regular human, Original four met just before the final cutscene takes place. However do not dispair, we gain more than we lose. We lose 1 Map of storyline progression for the O4. We gain new insight into Samantha, and the Zombies Story in general.. A
  8. PINNAZ called it on Aug 13th and I quote: "In the end, I think it's all about Nordic Mythology & it related to - Odin, Thor, Yggdrasil. When Maxis talks of Agartha, it is NOT Agartha, it is Asgard & Valhalla. These are the "ORIGINS" of the Black Sun & Nazi Zombies. " In response to a message I sent him regarding Origins' Origins. It's strange how some things are in such plain sight yet the simple symbolism is lost on many of us. Now I have my doubts about their being much talk about yggdrasil as the majority of the trees I've seen in zombies have been trench
  9. I was doing a massive amount of research last night trying to figure out where Origins will take place, and in doing so I was looking at potential locations in Northern France that had connections to the Vril or Thule Society, places that had interesting artifacts or mysterious archaeological finds, as well as geographical similarities and similar structures seen in the Trailer for Origins. Based on what I've seen and read, I believe the location is in Normandy. Origins is supposed to be located in Northern France, and so here's my evidence for Normandy, which seems to fall in line wi
  10. I was having very similar thoughts during my massive binge-ucation marathon I went on tonight, about the Thule/Vril societies and their involvement with Origins. I really like your concepts regarding Ricthofen and the Illuminati and I feel inspired to share a few ideas of my own. I've wound up postulating several ideas/theories (retrospectively spoken at 6:30AM) so I separated them with fancy lines made of equal signs. Enjoy. ================================================================================ Just on the simplest observation of the similarities between Dr. Schuste
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