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  1. There could be more to it but maybe its not as complex as its causing people to think of it as.. But could it be possible the reason for the rocks being blue is because Richthofen is in control? Think about it from the beginning of zombies until the end of BO all 115 rocks are a reddish orange color.. Just like the color of the zombies eyes when Sam is in control. So in BO2 Richthofen is in control of the zombies and the color of their eyes are blue as well as 115 rocks are now coincidentally blue as well.. I'm not a regular poster on here so if its been discussed or dissected already, I apologize for being late to the party.

    Whats the Year?!?

    In Tranzit I noticed the load up screens are all nostalgic 50's looking... The recked cars in tranzit are all nostalgic 50's cars and trucks like in the load up screens... But isn't Misty wearing some hat that has 1221?!?!? So is this the mayan's dooms day, does that date even have significance in tranzit, they haven't mentioned much of anything about it in the quotes or anything that i noticed yet or is it just randomness?!?!? Not to mention the robot bus driver??? Anyone with an answer on the year/date anything... thanx
  3. When I first played tranzit I was Marlton Johnson, at the time had no idea who I was or even gender. Because his voice sounds a little feminine, I honestly thought I was Abigail ''Misty'' Briarton. Maybe a tiny more deepness to his voice would do the character justice. But for now tranzit's character count 2 Guys 2 Girls. Let me know if any of you's felt the same..
  4. What do you want to see in upcoming zombie levels.. Personally, 1. Return of the Old Crew. 2. A Huge Unique Map. (Not saying tranzit is not big, but it only is if you count everything in the fog. The 5 stops are like the size of nacht or verruckt, i'm not complaining just saying. I enjoy the map but I wouldn't want the map to be the biggest just because of the areas in between the map, which are unbearable with fog, swarms of runners, and face fuckers.) 3. Return of Previous Perks. 4. Nazis. 5. A well thought out Paris Map. (Its been forever since der riese's photo of paris, I hope if its ever released its WORTHWHILE.) 6. More Grief. 7. Marvelous Wonder Weapons. Thats all i got for now, post your cravings..
  5. So for the past hour I decided to play solo tranzit and practice on the map (exp. building wonder weapon, traps, upgrading bus, just generic practice). So I decided after the first 10 rounds lets build the wonder weapon, on my course of doing that I got the engine in the tunnel and the cord in the power room. Then it was on my way to the cabin to get the another piece and buy the bowie knife, so i'm in the fog leading the slowest crawler in the world behind me so he doesn't die out and start another round all while the face fuckers are attacking me. And just as soon as I get to the cabin I get slapped in the face with a loading screen and then this "ERROR"!!! "The call of duty: black ops 2 server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status for updates." :cry: Beyond disappointed, just figured I share the experience with you's and see if its happen to anyone here. Bummed for now..
  6. Please don't take that tone. if you have a problem with being corrected when wrong, do some research before you post. So sorry next time i'll include a thesis statement with the information i deliver...
  7. Jeez you guys are a bunch of feminine hygiene products :D
  8. personally i think if your only allowed to buy it three times i think it would be good
  9. Simply they added to many bosses to zombies this season, first there was pentagon thief and from there more and more george,napalm/howling,astronaut.. I dont mind monkeys or dogs which they should of did more of and adjusted different ideas to, instead of big bosses. Pentagon thief is almost as annoying as george. George Romero SHIT on cotd i agree but atleast they made the map big enough to maneuver him. Then theres 2 new zombies introduced on shang, the tightest map in the zombies series which i wouldnt mind if the wonder weapon didnt require you to get hit once to work cuz i think of it like this.. ..say a perk drops you pick it up now keep in mind a monkey is going to hit u for picking it up but before he does that, theres a bunch of zombies spawning you shoot them with the shrink ray and gets u hit once and as you get hit from trying to kick those zombies, the monkey finally got near u to hit u from when u picked up the perk now hits u, thats two hits, frightened u quickly back up but then get stuck on a napalm zombie whos spawning, you turn around run another way but a howling zombie spawned without you knowing before when you were stuck a the napalm zombie and now hes howling in your face and hits you, thats three hits now your disoriented, u turn around now and try and run blinded but guess who you run into the.. napalm zombie...and boom, he explodes thats four hits GAME OVER. enough said. Then theres astronaut zombie easy to avoid if your cautious and if in huge area like bio dome hes cake to avoid, the excavators are a bit annoying as well as astronaut zombie but out of the three last zombie levels moons the easiest if you play your cards right. LESS BOSSES TREYARCH!!!
  11. I wouldnt mind them reintroducing drivable vehicles in multiplayer and having huge maps again with a bunch of houses you can go in like on Outskirts in WaW
  12. All im saying is Mw3 is the worst game and like i said i love all of them except that one..
  13. I dont think anyone on this site has been mentioning any of that for black ops 2 that was in world at war. I think im the only one on this site who even mentioned anything about WaW and how they NEED to bring the GORE back, I also mentioned taking the best out of both games WaW and BO. And i strongly disagree with you about maps being to big which is only 3 of them and ive been playing WaW recently so i would know, and the maps in WaW have more things that are climbable and they have more hallways,houses, tunnels and underground passages than black ops does which i dont even think they really have any underground tunnels at all and certainly not as many as WaW. And of course vehicles wouldnt maneuver well on todays maps because todays maps aren't designed for vehicles hence theres none on the map. Thats why the 3 huge maps on WaW have vehicles... And the things that werent in BO from WaW is because Treyarch seen IW's Mw2 out sell them again like they both do to each other and practically made a duplicate of that game, rather to looking at their own game and building off what they started.. And of course comparing weapons from different eras would be a no brainer that the newer weapon would out date the old.. Thats why we dont have a STG44 from WaW in Mw3.. thats why we dont have a Galil from BO in Mw3.. I loved WaW I loved BO I love all the CoD games EXCEPT Mw3, WaW has alot of climbable things,houses,hallways and underground passages rather than BO and also has GORE,LIMB EXPLOSION an actual real war death that should have been in BO.
  14. Its the worst Call of Duty game out of the whole Call of Duty franchise.. If you had to rate them that would be the worst... And not being able to climb is the main reason why it sucks, the maps are terrible as you said. And you said complaining about perks and weapons is stupid reasons to complain about?? Im not complaining about those things but if people do its for a good reasons if those things suck the multiplayer would suck, could you not agree? If theres terrible weapons or terrible perks or terrible maps that would suck to some people.. Mw3 is terrible and thats the first call of duty game ive ever said was terrible and ive been playing cod since it was released on the new systems and played online since MW1.. I by no means want it to be terrible but it is.... btw Alter: Thank You I could compare it to a multitude of terrible third movies but GF Part III takes the cake.
  15. When your on the moon you should not be able to see any stars.. and the only reason we can see stars from earth is our atmosphere.. in space in general or on the moon you wouldnt see them.. FYI to everyone now you learned a little something about astronomy.
  16. I wouldnt say three times because MW 1 & 2 were great games i thought.. But Mw3 is as equal to or worse than lol.. the movie GODFATHER PART III AND PART III WAS TERRIBLE SO ITS NOT SAYING MUCH LOL
  18. I dont dislike any, only shangri la, i liked the first three zombie maps i always use to play them on WaW, but when black ops came out and had a lot of new things that were added to zombies that i loved which i got use to and i overplayed the old ones also, so i rarely play the old ones anymore especially when they have BO weapons on them.
  19. You know it baby But for real if they dont put gore back and limb detachment in BO2 ill probally continue playing WaW multiplayer and then only play BO2 Zombies Because im so tired of seeing such a brutal weapons kill somebody by internal injuries and nothing else to show for it :'( CALL OF DUTY MULTIPLAYER SUCKS WITHOUT REALISTIC MAN SLAUGHTER
  20. Theres nothing in none of them only WaW Treyarch has to go back to WaW and Black Ops combine the best of them. And not try and be like IW or do anything they've done with Mw3 Because that is the WORST Call Of Duty EVER! I LOVE SEEING THE LIMBS FLY AND THE WAR WORTHY DEATH
  21. I dont recall anything negative being said about it, its almost like no one noticed or noticed it wasnt continued in Black Ops and i said the thing about IW because it just seemed like they tried to copy them by taking it out and not putting it in BO, but anyway its a VIDEO GAME BASED ON WAR why the hell isnt there REAL WAR FATALITIES, INJURIES and DEATH! They did it for WaW they should do it again.
  22. For all that are reading this... Choose 1 level you LOVED.. Choose as many levels you LIKED.. Choose as many levels you HATED.. and the levels you LIKED/HATED at the same time.. also EXPLAIN your reasoning for your choices.. MINE ARE.. LOVED.. ASCENSION (Because it was really the level that got me sucked into zombies, nice wonder weapon,space and perks) LIKED.. ALL but most had little things like perks i got use to that i missed -DER RIESE (Feels like german ascension, missed perks) -KINO (missed perks) -MOON (EXCAVATORS and ASTRONAUT ANNOYING) .. HATED.. SHANGRI LA (Because the wonder weapon SUCKED one of the worst in the series and thats essential for zombie play, to many new zombies on such a tight map, not enough space to run around, feels like a map that got rushed before planned) LIKED/HATED little things like bosses, i got use to new perks also that i missed on some levels.. -FIVE (didnt like PENTAGON THIEFT, didnt like wonder weapon WINTER'S HOUL dose not freeze them fast enough) -COTD (HATE GEORGE ROMERO probably will never support,buy or see anything in his career after all the times he fucked me over in cotd lol, also didnt like wonder weapons VR11 another worst in the series and SCAVENGER becomes useless after round 40 because zombies are so strong) -VERUKT, NACHT, SHIN NO NUMA (OVERPLAYED THEM,GOT USE TO BO PERKS AND PACK A PUNCH, THATS WHY I DONT LOOK BACK ON THEM TO PLAY) Want Better Wonder Weapons, Less Bosses Or Bosses Are Beatable And Rewarding

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