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  1. 44, two players, insta-died to 4 Panzer Soldats that spawned all around me. Had everything built, had the gold helmet, the beacon grenades, all 4 upgraded staves, Paped Mp40 and the Lightning Staff (my favorite).
  2. 44 with 2 players. Camped in the courthouse, time bombs are great. :)
  3. Best place is on the other side of the gate at Jug if you don't open it. Between the room with the generators and the spiral room. Only one direction for zombies to come from, room to move around and back up to, close to Zombie Shield, Juggernog, and Tommy Gun, escape route in extremely dire situations. Best camping spot in Zombies history.
  4. To quote a true hero, "Those who look only to the past, or the present are certain to miss the future." I say out with the old, in with the new.
  5. I think it just means to buy every perk in one game, it never says that you need to have them all at once.
  6. Here's what happened to Quarentine. It never existed. Treyarch never confirmed it, or said a single word about a Retaliation Map Pack. That was just some stupid rumors that some douche's made up, this is the exact reason I never listen to any word of leaked info because 99.9% of the time it's lies.
  7. I like it, it leads to the possibility of multiple power switches spread across the map
  8. I don't care about have effective it is, It's a hell of a lot more fun
  9. Not everyone plays like you, I personally don't think that flopper and stamin-up are that useful. So juggernog and speed cola leaves 2 slots. And the fast repair is a tactical perk. If you are camping and there is 3 people on the front and 1 on the window i bet he wants quick repair
  10. I guess ideas are ideas I just thought that everybody was thinking of actual perk ideas not just cool perk ideas. I put thought into my perks so they sound realistic Also new perk idea that makes you immune to traps for 1000
  11. Not mad, just can't believe how stupid some peoples ideas are, and not patch port it has to be a clever play on a soda.
  12. You people are all complete idiots. Do any of you even know what a perk soda is, it's not some I win the game machine. It's to increase your characters abilities, Oh extra melee damage because there already isn't something that does that. Everything being cheaper wow that doesn't sound at all like a bonfire sale. Holding more perks, why that's nothing like the random perk bottle. Increase your weapon damage because there isn't there something that already does that. Nuke grenades, that's not overpowered or anything. Zombies ignoring you, good because there isn't anything that already does that. Good god are you people all stupid? And that unholy water is just fucking stupid. Here are my 2 good believable perks. Bloody Handy:1500 increases the speed you aim down sights, switch weapons, and prime grenades Yet to name:1000 fast repair of windows

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