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  1. What is this, it doesn't matter, crap people are saying all over now. Just because the story is a game by Sam doesn't mean that it isn't real. It's just as real as any story.
  2. It's cool and all to see Rich without him being a nut. But it just doesn't feel like him to me. I miss the days of "SHPLEEEENS!!!" and "ZA BLOOOOOD!!" Same with Nikolai. Not a single quote about wives or even the mention of the word vodka. It makes me want to cry.
  3. The claw is the killer, which is why it's important to understand how it works. He's never gonna claw right when you enter his line of sight, only after a few seconds of being in his line of sight will he shoot the claw. By line of sight I mean when he will shoot it, since his ai for pathing is the same a zombie, he doesn't understand that he has a projectile. So if there is a waste high obstruction between you and him, then that's not his line of sight. Only when there is no objects, safe for zombies, between you and him. I recommend to force his claw by staying a decent distance
  4. 44, two players, insta-died to 4 Panzer Soldats that spawned all around me. Had everything built, had the gold helmet, the beacon grenades, all 4 upgraded staves, Paped Mp40 and the Lightning Staff (my favorite).
  5. I believe the regular punch works until 20 or around there, don't know about the upgrade though.
  6. It's the spawns. I've noticed that the instant you kill a zombie, another spawns at the first or second closet spawn point to you. You constantly need to watch your back, and the layout of the map plus the mud everywhere can make running away hard. Personally I love Origins. Favorite Zombies map ever.
  7. I think it's just an oversight by Treyarch. They were probably meant to glow white/purple like in the trailer, but Mob of the Dead used the maximum amount of data possible, Buried crashed the game sometimes, I'm shocked Origins can even load as it is without crashing the 360. If they need to make that sacrifice to get it to run then fine.
  8. I need this... now. I hope it's real.
  9. I haven't played with randoms since Call of the Dead, only with friends since then. But I remember well. Get downed, immediately leave. Then there's like a 33% chance another guy is going to leave because there aren't 4 people. Then from there it's like 50% that the last guy leaves. Aaahhh... those were the days.
  10. I don't see what's wrong with the ending. So what if it's just two kids playing toys? That doesn't make the story any less real. That's like saying a book isn't a real story because someone made it up. The story of the 4 heroes fighting Group 935's zombie hordes, Richtofen and Sam switching bodies, the new 4 picking a side, this is still the story of Zombies. It's just that instead of the story being "Treyarch's" story, it's "Eddie and Sam's". But it's still the story. What we got here was a Mob of the Dead style contained small story that breaks the canon saying things like Maxis d
  11. I'm sure that it's not just me. The Panzer Soldat... he's absurdly tough. I can't count the number of times his first spawn was the end of my run, you know, before you have jug. And even with it, he's still extremely hard to kill. The only hope that you have is to get the Raygun Mark 2. That thing cuts him down in seconds. If my friends and I don't get it, we already start calling gg. How is he treating everyone else?
  12. Considering the achievement, Master of Disguise - In Origins, use Zombie Blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game. I'd say that the new perk allows you to somehow harvest zombie blood and use it to disguise yourself as a zombie for a period of time.
  13. I think there is a yet to be discovered explosive related upgrade. I've had the flash before on Buried while killing zombies with frags and explosive weapons.
  14. I don't care if he isn't the drunk russian I know and love but once more, just once more I want to hear "Stay away from my vodka!"
  15. Okay now that that's out of the way we can get back to the real purpose of this thread. So then Danny Trejo sent a D-mail to Weasel telling him not to buy a new phone which in turn lead to the world line shifting and causing Nikolai to shave his beard. Hopefully if the divergence is large enough then the map will be called Originsy and thus FEAR TEDDY will be complete. Achievement unlocked. (If anyone knows what I was referencing then you sir have taste.)
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