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  1. 44, two players, insta-died to 4 Panzer Soldats that spawned all around me. Had everything built, had the gold helmet, the beacon grenades, all 4 upgraded staves, Paped Mp40 and the Lightning Staff (my favorite).
  2. 44 with 2 players. Camped in the courthouse, time bombs are great. :)
  3. Best place is on the other side of the gate at Jug if you don't open it. Between the room with the generators and the spiral room. Only one direction for zombies to come from, room to move around and back up to, close to Zombie Shield, Juggernog, and Tommy Gun, escape route in extremely dire situations. Best camping spot in Zombies history.
  4. How about instead you just play a 1-2 hour game and have fun instead of a 10 hour game of walking in circles?
  5. If you had to describe each map on just one word, how would you describe them? For me it's Nacht Der Untoten - simple Verruckt - upgrade Shi No Numa - badass Der Reise - defining Kino Der Toten - easy "Five" - different Ascenesion - familiar Call of the Dead - interesting Shangri-La - hard Moon - epic
  6. To quote a true hero, "Those who look only to the past, or the present are certain to miss the future." I say out with the old, in with the new.
  7. Yeah he can do all that, but you know what he can't do. Make music I want to listen to. His music can't even compare with BOA
  8. I hope Infinity Ward never makes a CoD again. Leave CoD in the hands Treyarch so we get more zombies!
  9. First of all, but they're probably still going to use the new weapons. Secondly, True but if you pre-order CoDZ3 then you get a poster that has some chick (who is clearly not Sarah Michelle Geller) holding a zombie head. But hopefully they do keep the old guys too. Lastly, http://www.g4tv.com/games/xbox-360/6598 ... e-package/ "there’s a new world that we’re creating just for zombies players"
  10. Black Ops 2, eh. New campaign in the future and cold war era with robots and an all new campaign experience and no doubt an extremely expanded multiplayer. But who cares about that, it's all about the zombies baby. Black Ops 2? More like Zombies 3 and I can't wait to see what's in store for us, the future setting is going to be a great addition to zombies. New weapons, plus old ones no doubt from the cold war segments of the game.(and with hope some WWII ones) They said new game modes to add to the excitement. I hope that they take some notes from their own pages from the hand-helds. I'm talking character selection and difficulties, easy normal and hard. Personally I don't really care for the lore and story of zombies, but they said that it's a new world, which means a new fiction. I can smell the rage already, but get reasonable people. THEY BLEW UP THE EARTH. Not much you can do after that, unless you want every map to be orange, on fire, with space as your sky. It would suck, so I think it's for the best that we get a new start. All this means is that they have made a story just as interesting as Group 935, so don't be angry. Rejoice! But I am going to miss my drunk soviet, farewell Nikolai. What do you guys think? After Moon this site became deader than the zombies it's about, but with Zombies 3 I'm glad that this place is going to be so lively again.
  11. And they do make a new cod with zombies in it, or perhaps even an arcade game with just zombies how would they do it? Like for example weapons, if they make it along with a normal CoD than it's obvious that it'll use whatever guns are in the game. But if they made their own game dedicated to zombies what would they do for guns. I think it would be cool if they just took any guns from any time period they want. How sweet would it be to have weapons from all throughout history, with World War II weapons as well as Cold War and modern weapons and so on. I would love if as one of those sucky weapons, like getting freaking molotovs, they had a muskit with a bayonet in the box. Just imagine on your first pull, getting a muskit that has a 1 bullet per 1 minute 30 second rate of fire and low accuracy but Pack-a-Punched it would obliterate everything. Then there is the problem of perks, imagine if they kept every perk and added new ones, there would be a perk machine on every corner. It would be way to crowded so they would either have to pull an Ascension and not put some perks on some maps or I had the idea that there would be maybe 4 or 5 machines around the map and every few rounds they would change. Also what about map layout. It's all the same if you think about it, a starting room that has two paths that lead to the same place. Personally I'm tired of it. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. They tried changing the layout with "Five" and all we did was complain. So from then on Treyarch just played it safe and made them all relatively the same. I personally really love "Five" and Shi no Numa for their different layouts.
  12. Thanks for filling me in Rissole. [brains] to you!
  13. I stopped visiting this site regularly a while after Moon came out so I need to be informed on the new info gathered starting with what is Group 601?
  14. Glitches are things that you are not supposed to be able to do, the video you show is more like a combination of AI flaws and map layout so it is in some ways a glitch.
  15. Would you look at that I was right the whole time.

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