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  1. No nazi emblem on teleporter or arm.. Or on his hat? Is this the censored remastered edition.... :\
  2. This is just a thought but based on the leaked trailer... Going by Samantha sending origins crew to Der reise to stop richtofen right after he sends Samantha and maxis threw the teleporter.. It seems the original crew have the knowledge of how original richtofen is and with that knowledge origins richtofen goes to the moon first and touches the pyramid and mentally loses it instead. That's why when original richtofen approaches the teleporter and origins richtofen walks out, it means he already did what he was suppose to and then just kills that richtofen because he's taking his place? Also I
  3. In the one photo of "old richtofen" there's no nazi icon on his arm?
  4. The map on the Teleporter in the war room before the power turns on is what this is about.. It's a graphed out map that reads imperial palace of peace.. And kind of looks like the layout of the WaW multiplayer map "courtyard" Here are some other photos as well.. Airial view, loading screen, and actual location. Do we know why this is there.. Why it's on the Teleporter... Anything? Side Note: I apologize if the photos are upside down iphone is projecting them that way. Also if this was previously discussed I apologize im not an avid user on this so I accidentally making it a ne
  5. There could be more to it but maybe its not as complex as its causing people to think of it as.. But could it be possible the reason for the rocks being blue is because Richthofen is in control? Think about it from the beginning of zombies until the end of BO all 115 rocks are a reddish orange color.. Just like the color of the zombies eyes when Sam is in control. So in BO2 Richthofen is in control of the zombies and the color of their eyes are blue as well as 115 rocks are now coincidentally blue as well.. I'm not a regular poster on here so if its been discussed or dissected already,
  6. This sort of makes sense.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ItE7AOYubvI Possibly richtofen put the 4 in like a purgatory sort of situation and now it's up to the younger ones to release them?
  7. This is a question that has been eluding me lately.. After the events on moon the cryogenic slumber party/Big Bang, Will we ever see a direct continuation of this occurrence in zombies? And I'm not talking about the tug of war match of power between Richtofen and maxis, For the years to come upon the random people of earth. I'm talking about the moment richtofen takes control and switches bodies with Sam.. Will we ever see what the O4 with SAMs subconscious conjur up after this occurs? Or will it be another loose end drawn upon theories to draw a conclusion of unconfirmed hysteri
  8. So I look at this "new" der reise loadout.. And as previously mentioned now has "black ops 2 style lettering" to the upper left.. Then I looked at this picture with the shadow of a nazi soilder? With an undetermined wall gun.. Which sounds like der reise is remade for next gen map in the next treyarch game.. On the new loadout the style of the lettering in the corner indicates black ops 2esque, seeing the wall weapon is not natural ww2 There most likely sticking to the theme and setup of black ops 2 with black ops 3 Personally I think maybe the room could be the furnac


    Is it me or are the zombies really fucking more advanced and more difficult on origins... They're running faster they don't even double tap u anymore they triple tap u.. I dont get part hungry and start looking for them prematurely I get jug and a wall weapons and unload until I have a stability of cash flow i know where all the parts are for all the side quest so I'm not getting side tracked but omg I'm on my toes on round 15 just filling up the remaining soul boxes just me and a friend on original and I feel like I'm on round 50.. I know the map in and out and know where all the parts are an
  10. LILNIG

    Iron Fist

    I was watching little lost girl easter egg videos and i noticed you can upgrade the thunder punch to the iron fist..... i was wondering if you can achieve upgrading thunder punch into iron fist without doing the little lost girl easter egg????
  11. LILNIG

    Staffs Combined

    Quick question about the staffs and upgrading them..... I know you can upgrade them individually but can you combine all staffs together to make one ultimate staff???
  12. Alright let me gather my thoughts from all the brainstorming that I have done.. (B4 READING ON, THIS IS WHAT IM THINKING COULD BE SO DONT CRUCIFY ME) First and foremost, Samantha... What I think Samantha's involvement in this map is she's telling the story of the first zombie out break "origins". But you may ask who's the audience listening to the story.... The o3 excluding richtofen of course. Now u see what I think makes sence is she tells this story of origins to nikloi, takeo and dempsey... You might ask why and when?... Let me start off with when, she's telling them the story af
  13. I dont know how to post it but it was round 31, i kept getting up from being downed and buying it and while going for it about the tenth time it wouldnt let me buy it again... it was powered the whole game, i even shocked it and even waited a round... i guess it just glitched out from me buying it back to back to back in a constant repetition for like 2mins straight....
  14. About 10 times i went down in this scenario... not every single time i was in the midst of drinking it down.... half of the time i actually drank the whole bottle and then went down from splash damage from the ray gun..... regardless of the fact does anyone have any ideas, other than just nit picking...
  15. I'm playing motd with 3 other people on round 31 and I went down a fair amount of times (15) most of it was right next to jug while simultaneously buying jug and trying to guzzle it down then getting smacked along with splash damage from ray gun id go down and process repeats like ten times that whole time and the last time I got up I went to buy jug again and there was no symbol to purchase it, there was nothing I was right up against the machine and could not get it.... Any ideas.... Glitch/bug or is that how it's programmed now
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