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  1. Just got this, only on level 6 CPU but I'm ready for 8 now. I need some advice on how to get better, what moves are best for Robin, etc. Anything. I just learned red health + directional attack = smash. Wish I knew that in the beginning lol. Sword + Magic in any game has my heart lol. http://youtu.be/d5T9-5K34yw
  2. Uuuh, R2 is how I shot on zombies on the Wii right?
  3. How is Sam trapped in the other world if she wasn't born yet?
  4. I had no idea, was wondering why it was getting many posts - my mistake.. >.
  5. Xbox user myself, GT is MidNightGaymer I hope you enjoy it here. :)
  6. Define starting area? Bus Pick up - weapons are only 3. Semi - Auto, Shotgun, Pistol, Quick Revive Diner - MP5, Speed Cola, Box Farm - Double Tap, shotgun, fridge, Claymores Power - MP5(?), Stamina Up ( Is that the perk? or is it Tombstone?) Town - Now we have the bank, Semtex, Jugg If running with the bus the 1st go around, you don't get everything right away. So I don't see how it gets old fast, staying on 1 map gets fast, but changing maps is boring? I don't even zombie.
  7. So you have noticed too, I thought it was funny how when I made a post they immediately did. I don't wanna go back to the **** please report this topic, post **** - there aren't any video games in the **** please report this topic, post ****!! My GT: MidNightGaymer
  8. Why does running an jump BACKWARDS, work faster while in the mud?
  9. It seems more difficult, truly. I wouldn't be shocked if it's actually harder.
  10. By Round 1: Jump down, draw the shotgun. Open Bank & Candy, turn power on - grab chalk. Draw it by Leo's cage, let Leo out, get candy - make the box permanent. Draw the other chalk upstairs. Round 2: Open the pub, get the booze and open Jugg! Get candy and make him build at a work bench. Get jugg. Round 3. Get booze, open the up stairs part in the bar, break open the middle part of bank & candy. Make him work at a table with candy, get chalk and draw it up stairs outside in the Bar. Open speed cola, grab another chalk. (You should get a WALL weapon now, I suggest AN 90 or AK7
  11. I'm so use to anything, I'm more annoyed by our weather! For the 1st time in a few months we got humidity and it was awful! Perfect video game weather if you ask me, I wouldn't live here. But our Gay Pride Parade is the biggest in the USA so that' something. I don't meet to many gamers.
  12. Has anyone been having this problem? For the third time, whenever Pack-a-punch comes 1st, and then Jugg no more perks come. PaP & Jugg come within round 5-8 then all the other perks just stop coming. Are other perks not suppose to come if PaP is 1st, and Jugg is second? We went to round 20+ all 3 times and no other perks came.
  13. I was just about to say this, zombie fans only coming from Black Ops 2 forget their roots. (WaW, BO1, then BO2) She had a German accent and she looked completely different. Different eye and hair color, hell she looked pale!
  14. I just don't understand, a lot of people dislike this map - I especially love it for the option of having a fridge and bank (which I rarely use) but the fact the map changes - I love that! I got crazy with out change. What's your reason/ an or opinion of people or yourself, hate TranZit.
  15. What I don't understand... When everyone was young in Origins (before Sam was born) Maxis had already died and his head was being sawed opened by Dr. Richtofen. But we could already hear her, she was trapped.
  16. Pack-A-Punch: HMR (Headshots) RPD (Headshots) Ray Gun I or II (Although I'm so sick of pack a punching the freaking Ray Gun's I'm done) Galil (Headshots) This game is just about having powerful bullets and ammo, perks would be nice too. Jugg, Speed Cola, Double Tap, (Electric Cherry if I'm being picky, but Mule Kick, or Deadshot)
  17. I usually keep my bank maxed out, last night I took out 20,000 for the pure hell of it - just put 10,000 back in this morning. I try to just keep it maxed out and I'm able to get points and try to make Leo build and destroy something they round. Pack-a-punch separately before round 10. I don't know why but spending my points that I saved feels weird. I'm now only doing it for two perks, and guns. Then I re-put the money back usually in the same game.
  18. I come in-contact with a lot of non-talking zombie players, but on multilayer too. It's everyone calming down and focusing silently to get that head-shot. So I understand why the silence is going on, although I prefer laughter and a good time.
  19. Yo, Xbox gamer from Vegas. I play zombies almost everyday I'm 17 I only go to school on Fridays 12PM - 4PM. I have a sensitive mic so please if I forget to turn down my TV tell me! I have 100 games in total so if you have any other games you wanna play I'm up for it. I have all the zombies map for Black Ops 2, working on 1. My voice can be annoying so sorry. >.o GT: MidNightGaymer
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