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  1. Finally dropped a nasty co-op game on origins with boombye. I downed like a mother though. Like 4-5 downs by round 17. Got a break until about 35 or 40 then got another 5-6 for a whopping 10 downs. We did 51. Top 1000 in the world at 756(boom) and 817. Aww yeee.
  2. 3 hours. 2 downs. 50 rounds. 3 ultimate staffs. 2 airstrike grenades. 321,000 points. 1 golden shovel. 1 helmet. 4 bars of connection. solo. 4744 zombie kills. 1 Long strong mandingo in my ass from Microsoft by disconnecting me from live. Need I say anything more? Really? -.-
  3. Some guys have all the luck huh, chopper. I'd be hard pressed to actually get a good long game in co-op for the leader boards. Boom says he's good for it and I guess skyline, so really only need 1 more and a good weekend. If not though I'll probably try to touch 80 solo. Break into the top 1k rank.
  4. Lol go for it bro, records are made to be broken . And yea definitely gonna try doing some co-op later on. I hate solo, just that can never get a full 4 man team to go for 50 with.
  5. Finally did 52 last night, Xbox live been disconnecting my ass every 5 seconds but fixed the problem. Anyway the downs.... 3 downs before round 15 (wanted to ragequit so bad...), downed on round 35, downed on 46, got to 52 from 49 doing the ice staff spawn abuse, idk wtf I was doing on 52 though. All I know was I was running around with an empty ice staff and got boned by 2 instant downs (thanks electric cherry -.-). so ended with 7 instead of 5 downs but whatever. Was 1565 rank in the world .
  6. Lol who knows, I'm just saiyan :!:
  7. Ok Anyway been to round 40, on my attempt to beat got anally raped by Xbox live disconnecting me on round 35. Gonna do a 60 some weekend, because I hate playing solo, but no one ever believes I'm good at zombies. Really wanna get good co-op round.
  8. Do tell lemonade, I'm heading over to friends house and would like to beast a 35 or 40 solo. (bastard lost the shotguns rank I got for him already =.=)
  9. Ok you guys are all animals, I've tried the map about 3 times now (my friends house) and the highest I got is 16. Anybody know I good training spot? I was watching syndicate go earlier but it looked like even he was just winging it with the paralyzer :/ On a side note WTF IS WITH THE MARK II? I LITERALLY HAVE NOT PULLED THAT THING EVEN ONCE, ON ANY MAP!?
  10. I think its just another leak, till treyarch makes it official. Believing everything people tell you and being gullible is far far worse than being a skeptic. A skeptic questions everything and decides for themselves. Also, I LOOOOOOVE FIVE. Winter's howl is still my favorite gun.
  11. Can a zombies player get PhD flopper anymore?
  12. It's about the most commonly used "Rape Train" Basically you stand hear the hole in the wall upstair in the Bar. When you feel your about to get over ran by Zombies, Jump out then run to the Second Floor of the building across from the Bank, the room you buy Juggernog. Then jump out the hole where the Traffic light is hanging then run back to the Bar and back upstairs. Rinse, Repeat. ...really? I've been rape training in the stamin-up corner just running back and forth from the bank door to stamin-up, then shooting through the pool table room and going back over there. I made it to round 30 on the second day like that...
  13. Biggest fears include 1: MAP TOO BIG TO EASY TO RAPE-TRAIN NOOOOOOO!!!!! 2: No perfect winters howl/fury (I loved that gun to death on five, I only hope they bring it back not broken) 3:Maps not being released to DLC (I'm not pre-ordering hardened/prestige/whatever, am broke) 4: No Elena Siegman/Kevin Sherwood (My God if they don't put them back in BO2 wit some epic songs. This should actually be number one on the list because epic.)
  14. Well when it comes to this subject I believe it has everything to do with your own personality. I'm a bit ironic in that sense as I never get nervous talking to girls, in real life but on the internet it feels so weird. Most men simply lack the confidence and it might have something to do with their psyche/how they were raised. Growing up (ages birth-8) I was surrounded by nothing but females and my brother. I made my first male friend in 4th grade. Self confidence is another factor as how can you approach a woman with no confidence. It's almost as if they smell your fear and try to get you to back down, a man just has to counter that with some confidence. Don't let them get to you basically. In this day and age, women look for a man and if they spot any sign of weakness almost instantly (but subconsciously) determine them unsuitable if they find any. Introducing yourself to a woman is a psychological battle first. For myself, I'm an easygoing guy and almost always start off any conversation by joking around. When a woman is laughing, they're easier to talk to. But as I said it's how you were brought up, I tend to normally have few close male friends, and more female friends. Honestly the best thing I can advise guys with this problem to do is ask a gay guy. Ever notice how much more relaxed they are around women? They don't have the sexual tension most straight guys have so find it easier to talk to women.
  15. Any time mate. We've been given so little info on zombies that when big stuff comes out we're like "no way dude" but this is pretty legit, coming from the sources that gave it out at least.

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