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Tranzit hate???

K3ys3r S0z3

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Am I one of the few old school zombie players that love this map? I agree the EE was garbage and not really worth the time to do but overall I like the map. Its personally the map Ive always wanted bc of its size and kept it simple compared to the other maps. The bus added a new level to the gameplay and they made a map that can be done as a team or how I personally play everyone does their own thing. I guess I just need insight in why this map is wrote off as garbage to most players.

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The deizens are a pain but knuckles used right makes them a one hit kill all day so fog never worries me. Just because the 5 areas don't work with everyone at the same location doesn't make it a small map. Round 15+ is better played with the everyone going to separate areas and do you own thing. If you go down we try and get you but understand it may not happen. It is a horrible camping map but still has a few spots.

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I personally don't hate the map but don't think it's the best either. The problems I have seen with this map are as follows.


The map is too "big" for my taste. Notice I put big in quotations. The reason I did this is because it's deemed off as "big" because of the fog. It's a huge map that is a pain to run in as you either go into the fog and confront the denizens, or wait until the bus comes to you which again, is just not quick enough.

They try to even it out with the teleporters but fail miserably as this is random, not controlled. If one of my teammates goes down, there a huge possibility that he's not getting back up as most people like to train in separate areas, making revive attempts all that more frustrating.

I don't have problem with a huge map, as long as there is actually some playing ground in the map, not just five Nacht size mini maps with a few spots here and there. That is what frustrated me the most of this map. Before it came out, they advertised it as it being a big map with some cool Easter eggs for people to find if they risked going into the fog.

Maybe if they had included some more shortcuts or something along those lines, I would have enjoyed my time on this map more.


Now for the buildables. I understand this was the first zombies map in the game not including Nuketown since they both came at the same time, but did they really have to make the buildables so restricted? You could only build each one in a certain spot which wasn't too annoying but nonetheless deserves a mention.

Another problem I have is playing solo on this map. One of the biggest problems I have with this map is trying to Pack-a-Punch. This isn't only on solo as the problem can happen on coop but it's bigger on solo. Most of the time when I put the turbine down at power and go to Town to see if the door is opened, the turbine breaks when I'm at Town from a zombie or it just doesn't activate the door. This a pain as running back and forth becomes a hassle way too quickly.

The Jet Gun is the next problem on the list. Building it is just not worth it in my opinion as the pieces are all scattered and it breaks to easily. I don't know if it's a Wonder Weapon per say, but I know it's probably the worst special weapon we've had in zombies in my opinion.


Lava isn't too bad as you can get used to it but it's still annoying when you use monkeys and it lands in lava, resulting in the monkey not working. Another thing I would like to mention is the color of this map. I know it makes sense for them to make it like this since its after Moon, but I'm so glad they quickly decided to change it and make the maps more bright and colorful like in Black Ops, having Shangri-La in mind. It gave the map a Walking Dead feel and was cool at first, but wore off making me realize the dull, dark colors was something I didn't like in CoDz.

I think that wraps up my reasons as to why I don't like the map as much as other ones. This was a pretty long post, and it sure felt good to get it all out. If you made to the end, I congratulate you on reading the problems I have with Tranzit.

Have a great day!

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Fyi. If you get to town after putting down your turbine at power and the door isn't open to the pap, here's why:

1. The turbine wears down from use, then turns on and off for a bit. You probably showed up at bank during an off period, wait 10 seconds for it to open on the next on cycle. This is very common.

2. The zombie beat it down. If you have one last zombie at power, you can drop the turbine up top, outside of the outhouse door, then be sure to have the zombie follow you into the fog.

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I did like Tranzit the first few weeks Black Ops II came out, but eventually it got boring and not too fun anymore honestly.

The lava, the bus, the denizens, the fact that often if you get left you're stranded, hell I absolutely hated how you need to get Pack a Punch. First you needed to leave that Turbine THEN you still needed to build the thing.

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I didnt mind Tranzit as much as other people I accepted it for what it was. The thing that pissed me off was the damn fog I managed to run trains in the fog w/ knuckles for the denizens and the game couldnt handle it and crashed on me multiple times so running trains in fog was not a strategy I could use when playing with a team or solo.

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I didnt mind Tranzit as much as other people I accepted it for what it was. The thing that pissed me off was the damn fog I managed to run trains in the fog w/ knuckles for the denizens and the game couldnt handle it and crashed on me multiple times so running trains in fog was not a strategy I could use when playing with a team or solo.

You sir have had maybe the best gripe about the fog ive seen or heard. I never tried to train in the fog but now know to not even attempt.

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I actually like Tranzit the most. 

I never run trains and the fog really didn't bother me at all. 

Sure, looking back, the map seems kinda empty. As the others have a lot more features and are designed arguably better than Tranzit was.


But no map matched Tranzit epicness and fun at the time.

I still love getting on the bus with a bunch of randoms.

It's so unpredictable, that's why I love it.

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l'm with you, good map.

There are plenty of maps that could be considered to be bigger than they seem, only for the fact they are not trainable, and going back, its been pretty fun defending the bus in mid rounds, I used to never survive on the bus lol. But I can easily navigate through fog no matter the round as long as I keep moving forward, and have galvaknuckles.


I think most peoples gripe was, and still is that Trazit was made out to be something it isn't. I know I was expecting a campaign style experience with lots of story and in all honesty, the original four to be returned to Earth somehow to continue on. It reeks of being unfinished, so being let down over that also weighed heavy on how people viewed it. 


At first I was unhappy with the map, now I enjoy it more than some other maps on BO2, once I adjusted to the direction Treyarch was taking the game it wasn't so bad. Terrible easter egg, great map, plus EMPs are just fun lol


I had no idea the game could crash from training in the fog, was this solo or mp? 

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On the topic: i probably like Tranzit more than most, but it is lacking, which I'll touch on in a second. What i do like is that you can jump right into playing, minus the busywork. The main busywork in the game is building the Jetgun, which is nearly pointless, so easily skipped.

After all is said and done, here is what Tranzit gave us: Galvaknuckles. A double-price Bowie knife that i believe resets faster between hits, lasts through 13, and in this map; keeps burning zombies from exploding when punched (when bk stabbed, they explode). Zombie Shield? Yeah, that's really it.


Everything else:

Added annoyance: fog, denizens, exploding zombies, lava. Nothing too bad, but it didn't improve the game, only detracted from the fun.

Map: it's not a bunch of small maps. It's almost no maps; let's see, we have the bus, a new and interesting mobile platform map and we have town, where you play in the bar and jugger apt, and a piece of NDU. That's it. Do you play in Bus Depot, farm, diner, power? No. You play in the street, including the tunnel. Besides the bus, NDU, and town, it's street only. That is the map, kind of lame really. And the town didn't even have a wall buy for a gun (Same with NDU mock up).

Bank? No need. It makes speed starts in Die Rise, which is probably it's best use. It's not needed, yet so abusable in Buried. One can use it to save a little time in Tranzit, but it really didn't make or break the map.

Wonder weapon: busywork to build, overheats easy, can't move when using it, draws you into the crowd, needs to be held out to cool down. It just sucks. Now, it can kill at high rounds, but bullets kill until roughly 45, the overwhelming number of zombie players will never make it to 45 on Tranzit, making this a total waste to 95% of zombie players.

Turbine: is needed for doors/pap, but could have been left out and wouldn't be missed. As for powering buildables, they suck and it runs down on power so quick, that even if they didn't suck so bad, the quick down time would still make this a bad deal.

Electric trap: the other day i went out of my way to set this up with a new turbine at the start of round 10. It killed 3-5 zombies before going into downtime and the zombies beat it down. So, useless on round 10 when it should be designed for late game use, lasting through round 40+. Total failure. Pap runs on it's own battery, this has a battery, yet needs the turbine.

Turret: almost lasts, but has friendly fire; point it at the zombies (where you are) and you die. Point it away and they simply come up behind it and destroy it. Total fail. Mind-boggling how bad all the buildables are, even for a new mechanic.

Shield: What? Something useful? Sure, but are you gonna run every other round back to the diner to get one? Even from tunnel or farm, the two most popular run spots, it is a pain and not usually worth the effort.

Boss zombie: just another mild annoyance, basically exists to be part of the Easter egg.

Easter egg: fighting under the tower was kind of cool, the rest, forgettable. And Navcard tables, Geez...

So, broken down, Tranzit is no wonder weapon, barely any map, disappointing buildables, pointless annoyances, and an improved double-priced knife. Annoyance, disappointment, Galvaknuckles...

It's redeeming value is like Die Rise (a much better map): jump in and play without too much to do besides shoot zombies.

So, 2 years of waiting for so much fail, so little map, and Galvaknuckles.

It's a wonder that i like it at all.

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I agree with a lot but I feel the things annoying people dwell on too much.

But I do have to disagree with you on die rise. I think that map is complete garbage and only play it to help with EE's and most of the time my answer is no to that. I know I will get bashed but everyone loves that map and I dont see whats good about it at all. Pretty spot on on a lot of stuff.

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83457, you're saying that only the streets/Town? Last I checked, I always ran my routes either at the Diner or Bus Depot. I would include Farm, but it's only if the other two areas are already occupied (because I'd rather not be an asshat and get in the way). :P


Bus Depot has two wall weapons - M14 and Olympia. I personally love having the Mnesia because it's great for headshots and ridiculously easy to use. Without the bus in the way, you have a great training map so long as you plan your ammo runs. No worries about constantly hopping over lava either.


Diner is my top choice because the training system works too easily here. Bust a Zombie Shield here and there with an upgraded MP5 and you're golden. The shield alone gives it a better spot in "top training areas" lists because of how simple it works. There is no reason you should fail other than the occasional bus slamming into you.


Farm is good, and the entrance is large enough to also run any kind of desired train. When the bus arrives, settle down near the truck in the middle of the area and do a few circles. The Remington in the barn makes a good weapon for a while when upgraded, but the exit route can be a tad shanty if not executed properly. Did I mention the Claymores chillin' in the shed?


Other than that, I totally agree with you friendo. The reason why Tranzit slithered down the list of great maps is due to its insane size but lack of userful area. You have these small stations in an expansive map that is filled with nothing but fog and lava. Had there been several other stations than just 5 (say, around 9), I could see this becoming a better map. Most of your points illustrate how tedious certain tasks are just because of the map size/poor transportation when there isn't a bus. 


Still, I really do enjoy this map when I'm with my peeps. It barely skimmed above the dead are for most.

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Again, i don't hate it just trying to pinpoint why it went so wrong.

KS: DR is loved by many because of the lack of busywork. Just fyi, i checked who played what map the other day. Now i know that many don't have all the map packs, but was still surprised:

Half were playing green run, slightly over half of then were playing Town survival.

Top maps at that time in order: Town, origins, buried, tranzit. With the others around 1000 or less players. Not many in Die Rise...

Edit: Basic Town Survival beats all other maps. 3.3k players, 2.5k in Origins, 2.2k in Buried, 2k in Tranzit. 1.2 in motd, 1k in Dr. 580 in nuke town (probably would rival town if not for the retarded perk drops). Trollarch please take note: shooting zombies is the fun. Being annoyed is annoying (sorry, i will keep trying to get this through their thick heads).

IL: but do you run in the bus depot, or the street in front of it? Though you did claim to actually run the Farm section (kudos for that), most just play in the street in front of farm. Do you run diner? Or do you run the street in front of the garage? That's my point. Ndu has no guns, town, the other spot not played in the street, has no guns. The map is mostly street.

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I actually like Tranzit the most. 

I never run trains and the fog really didn't bother me at all. 

Sure, looking back, the map seems kinda empty. As the others have a lot more features and are designed arguably better than Tranzit was.


But no map matched Tranzit epicness and fun at the time.

I still love getting on the bus with a bunch of randoms.

It's so unpredictable, that's why I love it.






agree to disagree.



bad map is bad.


text book example of an idea being really good on a whiteboard and in everyone's imagination, and then completely whiffing on the implementation

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Mainly I don't like it because of the lies. We were told it was some big innovative map chock full of secrets, and really its just 5 small maps of run down areas, with crap filled tunnels with fog and lava funneled between them. The whole thing is just stupid... zombie campaign my ass. Thats what they called that garbage. A campaign. NO. I just...ugh.. I will say though, it has very unique atmosphere and many areas are quite charming and fun to be in. And the range of buildables was really cool even though they all sucked. still fun to make a buildable army at pack a punch with 4 players XD

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I had no idea the game could crash from training in the fog, was this solo or mp? 

I had it happen to me on multiple occasions both solo and with a team.First time it happened I thought my disc may have been dirty or it was something on my end but it was the game. With a team I was kicked from the game and solo I got an error code message or something like that. It wouldnt crash instantly but after about 7-10mins of training in the fog I would get kicked . To be honest I havent tried doing this since around the time Die Rise came out when I stopped playing tranzit on a normal basis. So maybe they fixed it(which I doubt) but I dont play tranzit enough to care anymore even  if they did.

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But you must sacrifice your bus's interior ladder for those.. Not a hefty price all in all… 


This is why i hate tranzit: 

-Too separated to get downed players that are too far away. Even with staminup and quick revive, it can be a super hassle just to get a player at the bus depot from town or dinner, this prompts players to stay together. 

-Map is too small, yeah you heard me, 70% of the map is fog and undesirable, to have four players all in one area is tactically dangerous, so each player trains at a different spot, but that means if a player goes down they're screwed.. Decisions decisions… 

-Denizens: First time we saw them we were scared shitless, but now they're just weak and annoying. 

-Avagadro: Hit's hard and from a distance, bit of a pain considering it can only be taken down by EMPS and knives. But A boss is hardly a reason to hate a map. 

- EMPs: Worst weapon in existence, yes they can pacify zombies and kill the avagadro, but to do that means there's a likely chance of turning off someone's perks, box, or dare I say it, pack a punch… 

-Perks shouldn't turn off after one has bought them. If you EMP a player and they lose access to their perks that's reasonable. To EMP perk machines or get them without power is reasonable. But turning off a machine's power shouldn't effect the drink already consumed. 

-Teleporters don't even make sense, why does a fancy lamp and a denizen depict if one can teleport to another lamp? Makes no sense! 

-Turbines are needed for both of the traps? WTF? How is someone meant to carry a turbine AND a turret? That's just tedious. 

-The fact that a player can only carry one part makes building the jet gun SUPER tedious, the same for the nav card table. 

-You have to build the PAP? Why? What sense does that make? 

-PAP is in a bunker that can only be opened by a turbine, miles away. 60% of the time my turbine is destroyed before I can get back to the PAP room. 

-Lava everywhere is a bit unnecessary and un desirable. 

-Jet gun is possibly the worst excuse for a weapon after the EMPS… Takes forever to build, forty seconds to break, kills at the rate of a spoon, cool down is ridiculous, and pulls players INTO zombies to get mauled...

-All that lava makes it so even LESS of the map can hold monkeys. Why? 

-From the start players only need 1000$ to gain access to their bank and from there, they can access the rest of the map entirely. 

-The bus get's over run faster then the freaking Origins tank. (Ok no it doesn't but you get the idea it's defenses are somewhat useless.)



Need I go on? I haven't even gotten into how much the map lags, or how zombie explosions are the BANE of my existence. 

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I dislike TranZit because it was such a major letdown after all of the hype for Black Ops II. The gameplay isn't bad, but the map design is so half-assed it's not even funny. I can't believe that's the map they came up with after over a year in development on BO2. 


Another big part of it is the new characters. Both the characterization and the voice actors were awful choices. I wouldn't have minded new characters as long as they were interesting. Instead, Treyarch whiffed hard with the story behind TranZit and thus never really gave their new characters a chance at being positively received by the fans. 


I stayed away from Zombies news leading up to the release of BO2 so I wouldn't be spoiled and I was legitimately depressed when I put the disc in and played TranZit for the first time. It's like Treyarch took my glass ball of hopes and dropped it from the top of a skyscraper.

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