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  1. Ilike the new sniper, feels lik [email protected] lol. managed to get in and upgrade my gjalla, i'll boost it up tonight.
  2. I eata one too many a pizza....

  3. I remembr seeing those numbers on twitter but when I went back to check I couldnt find it, so thanks. So I've been hearing about a primary sniper rifle, anyone got it yet?
  4. I'm going to have to break something if psn don't let me on for this damn gjallahorn upgrade! Whole vacation time wasted. I've lost count of the hours I've sat refreshing psn lol even got up 3 hours earier to try before most people in America are awake and I only got it to load my friends list, now that's even gone.
  5. Got to love ddos attacks, been refreshing my sign in for almost 9 hours.
  6. Went in crota raid solo, first try the chest was in the closest spot, all I got was new radiant energy.... Oh, and a freakin Dragons breath!!!!! Going to go buy a lottery ticket now lol oh and how do you reroll items???
  7. That is definitely a good way to look at it, I'm just wondering why Crota's hard raid doesn't release until January o.0
  8. That picture gif tho

  9. Was farming Earth and ran into a room with four hive doing a ritual, scared the crap out of me when a blade of crota showed up, he ended up being weak though and I got to use his sword fora few minutes, pretty cool addition!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving from your unlovable Tattoo :) bring on the food coma!

  11. I maxed out my chatterwhite lol I cant remember all but gjallahorn, universal remote, and suros regime are the only exotics I've maxed. Vision of confluence, final verdict, the raid LMG that does bonus oracle dmg, devil you know, final boss, and a fusion rifle I cant remember. Good to see others leveling up the same weapon multiple times, it's assuring to me as I felt a little foolish working on 3 vision of confluence, final verdict and atheon epilogue, just sucks swapping weapons between my toons. I'm still looking for people to find the other chests with, I cant hold the 3 sync plates by myself so I'm forced to glitch through the door, negating all chests and enemies. ps4 PunchOut85
  12. Should be hitting 28 tonight, about 2 light till I level got me an exotic rocket launcher that has homing missiles, when the rocket explodes it makes cluster granades. I went to the devils lair for fun and owned him with it. STILL looking for vault of glass players, posting here, bungie site AND facebook for days and not one reply. My only gripe with this game, player cooperation is a joke. Also working on Queen rep, got some decent items from her main quests. A good idea would be to have a texted menu to call out to players for specific modes, "looking to join/start raid" or "looking to build crucible team" for example.
  13. Bought the gauntlets from the weekend merchant, also have an exotic bounty which is pretty easy, survive 5 strike missions, at first I thought it meant 5 consecutive wins but it doesn't, three wins before I got too tired and quit. Also, am I the only one having a tough time finding helmets? The lightt attributes don't seem as high either.
  14. Has anyone beat the new lvl, 26 mission? I experienced my first bit of rage trying to do it alone at lvl 25...impossible!
  15. Banned for being the biggest ghost lady I've ever seen.

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