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  1. I tried to click the youtube link..
  2. I had to read lesser forums to go to sleep, which gave me weird dreams and a sore back...
  3. 18 topics on one page, by one person. Don't get me wrong I enjoy most of the writing going on here but structure is key.
  4. Ilike the new sniper, feels lik [email protected] lol. managed to get in and upgrade my gjalla, i'll boost it up tonight.
  5. I eata one too many a pizza....

  6. I remembr seeing those numbers on twitter but when I went back to check I couldnt find it, so thanks. So I've been hearing about a primary sniper rifle, anyone got it yet?
  7. I'm going to have to break something if psn don't let me on for this damn gjallahorn upgrade! Whole vacation time wasted. I've lost count of the hours I've sat refreshing psn lol even got up 3 hours earier to try before most people in America are awake and I only got it to load my friends list, now that's even gone.
  8. Got to love ddos attacks, been refreshing my sign in for almost 9 hours.
  9. Went in crota raid solo, first try the chest was in the closest spot, all I got was new radiant energy.... Oh, and a freakin Dragons breath!!!!! Going to go buy a lottery ticket now lol oh and how do you reroll items???
  10. That is definitely a good way to look at it, I'm just wondering why Crota's hard raid doesn't release until January o.0
  11. That picture gif tho

  12. Was farming Earth and ran into a room with four hive doing a ritual, scared the crap out of me when a blade of crota showed up, he ended up being weak though and I got to use his sword fora few minutes, pretty cool addition!
  13. I am all for exposing truth, but even as a suppoter of anonymous, you have to be aware this group is a scare tactic at best. They shut websites down for fun, and any real ultimatum they've given in the past have only been hallow threats, ofcourse they attack personal information but I'm sure most of you don't realize that before Fergeson P.D announced the name of the shooter (something no P.D does without first charging someone with a crime) anonymous took it upon themselves to post the personal information of a officer from a surrounding city, on the bases of a gut feeling. This man r
  14. Happy Thanksgiving from your unlovable Tattoo :) bring on the food coma!

  15. I've stopped playing long enough to agree with you, it's so goooood lol
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