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  1. I had to read lesser forums to go to sleep, which gave me weird dreams and a sore back...
  2. 18 topics on one page, by one person. Don't get me wrong I enjoy most of the writing going on here but structure is key.
  3. I eata one too many a pizza....

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from your unlovable Tattoo :) bring on the food coma!

  5. Also W@W is a hackerfest, they're probably leaving because PaP rayguns aren't falling from the sky. I say it all the time, quit trying to play with randoms, there is such a small chance you'll get a good, loyal player that it's better to just build your team on forums and youtube. Also look for people streaming their games, they're usually nice and enjoy company.
  6. I think all points and rounds should be shared, or given to me, and wish instead of guns we handed out pamphlets talking about the dangers of fried foods- liberal I'm definitely one that for newer zombies, even tgough I've played since waw, they should keep the atmosphere from waw, but bring newer ideas and traps, as well as modes to the game, not sure what that makes me.
  7. Also, at least 1 door to kino. Let's just all be honest and say it's so the new comers could have a chance xD
  8. things that run: towers/spire laundomat staminup (?) bus the mill behind tranzits spire nuketown generators... die rises elevators origins tank (maybe fixed??) giant robots soldats I'm sure there are others I'm missing. The "hunting" obviously refers to not looking so hard, game files are probably still tapped out. I was always interested in the mill from the corn fields, in theater I could always hear it humming. As far as a bus moving faster, negetive. It has ALWAYS moved on from a location that has no players, in theater I've noticed the bus stop for mere seconds, as well as blow by the marker altogether. Just a random thought thanks to cheesey prank calls....fridgerators also run. -Tattoo
  9. Usually boredom, I will change it up on a map or use terrible weapons to make a higher challenge but I usually end up going down a lot sooner. I've also been known to let my controller die while playing, even with the ps3 telling me its time to charge, I procrastinate, forget, controller dies...I die. For the record, I have 6 controllers
  10. I do think alot of it has to deal with us thinking every black ops post/info has to be decoded, while it is a lot of fun, most of the misdirection is our own doing lol. You can make nothing into something in almost any circumstance, and while Jimmy Z has had his fair share of laughs at our expense, it's usualy good information when he decides to share information. The man could drunk post on twitter about partying, and we'd probably think "party" was a hint to 8 player co op or something xD
  11. This happens every pre game release, every pre dlc release, and at various times in between game releases. I have never seen one single person get it right, ever. Like when DieRise was supposed to have miners helmets to keep off denizens. Sorry but if anyone but Jimmy Z doesn't say it, I won't believe it, I may consider its possibility but won't believe it.
  12. BO1 has more content, as far as maps and dead ops is almost a mode in itself. BO2 offers more open maps and can be considered larger. It's all opinion but I think BO2 had better multiplayer, but BO1 has better zombies maps, and 1000% better campaign. Lots of people still play BO1, if you are on playstation, there is a sale going on for both games so you may just spend a little more and get both.
  13. It still challenges me so a great map in my book. Once you get set up with perks and a staff it gets easy but getting there isnt always a walk in the park. I still think the only time a soldat is hard to handle is the first time he spawns. Its the only map I play right now.
  14. My air purifier is usually running on mid and pointed at me, mostly to keep my hands cool and not sweaty. I play in a recliner, kicked back at all times unless things are going bad, you better watch out if I got to sit up lol I also have to use audio in left ear, I have a great afterglow headset, but I go for my viper headpiece. Lights out, messes with me to play in a lit up area. On Der riese BO1 I have to talk about how great the pap'd Aug is for dog rounds...I cant help myself
  15. Super cool I wasn't aware of that article, much appreciated info. So do you really think the C.I.A. agent idea was scrapped? To me it gives even more insight on his paranoia. Of course the element 115 has taken its toll on everyone, as having the world end around you, but certain things he says, liking knowing what the zombies really are, could back up the fact he is C.I.A. . Guess it's time to comb through slade's quote thread, again xD
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