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  1. Just wanted to congratulate MurderMachine and all the other people that worked on this thread, for 100 pages off Content, Theories, and Debate. If my congratulation means something that is. I'm not entirely what year it exactly takes place but I'm pretty sure its out of the 60s considering Marlton has a digital watch and I believe those were made in the early 1970s. I'm sure this was already discussed though.
  2. I always thought an underwater map would be pretty cool.
  3. While I think Takeo would be a cool and capeable leader, I think Samantha will take that role. She must have a plan to get Edward out of the Aether or will develop one. As for Nikolai, I think there might be more to him than meets the eye. Richtofen definatly favors him the most, perhaps Richtofen will try to sway Nikolai in helping him with future plans.
  4. I think the majorities favorite map is either Der Riese or Call of the Dead. Atleast from my experinces. But a updated Kino would be awesome. Be cool to see the Thundergun again.
  5. Hmm. You would think after about 4 years of Zombie slaying there would be a graveyard by now...very intresting idea.
  6. Nolan North is probably the Leonardo Di Caprio of video games with Steve Blum and Chris Sabat(DBZ) making a close second. I would personally flip the fawk out if I ever saw any of the zombie voice actors.
  7. Very VERY creative ideas. Although I think the regular upgrades from the Pack a Punch machine do just fine.
  8. Always thought the RPK was a little bit...overated. Needless to say im glad the HK prevailed over it. Well done!
  9. NDU: Beginning Verruckt: Creepy Shi No Numa: Underated Der Riese: Overated Kino Der Toten: Fun Five: Epic DOA: Unique Ascension: Easy Call of the Dead: Masterpiece Shangri La: Challenging Moon: Frustrating
  10. I think this would be a win/win for everybody.
  11. Personally im a Commando guy myself, but the Galil is pretty sick too. Nice job!
  12. I kinda found the song "Indestructible" by Disturbed kind of in Richtofens perspective...but I think its just me.
  13. I think it would be pretty intresting but I dont think Treyarch would wanna change the game THAT much. Good idea though.
  14. That seems very likely and creative. Awesome!

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