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  1. Do I think Zombies will return? Damn straight. Do I want it to return? Sure. Not really a fan of the Origins ending(who am I kidding I almost cried), but it would be cool to see them treat the ending as a Non-Canon ending or just go with an actual zombie apocalypse after the Sam and Eddie cut scene.
  2. I hope you're right about this. Would love to see a Black Ops 2 updated Five. But if it doesn't happen, I wont be that displeased. I have been playing Black Ops 1 recently and it isn't as dead as I thought it would be. So I am content with that.
  3. Breaking the cycle does make sense for this time period. I can easily see it being done. If I was a betting man however, I think we would probably have to kill Maxis. Which is fine to me(I wonder what he looks like). Hopefully Breaking the Cycle doesent end the game like Mob of the Dead however. Wasn't really a fan of that.
  4. I really don't like either. Jet Gun leaves a lot to be desired and is not really worth it, while the Paralyzer is just too easy to use. Besides the RGM2, the Sliquifer is my favorite of the Black Ops 2 wonder weapons.
  5. Either I'm getting really lucky or the RGM2 isn't as hard to get as we thought. Got the RGM2 in Farm after like less than 10 tries at the Box(don't know the exact number but I can look in Theater Mode and find out). And then I played Mob of the Dead and got it on my Second try.
  6. Thats what I actually thought Bonfire Sale was till I got it in Five. I think this would be a cool idea.
  7. Probably just luck that this happened to me, but today on Bus Depot Solo(Surviving only to Round 8 is irrelevant ) I got the Ray Gun Mark 2 off my first try on the box.
  8. I was actually thinking that those two were creations of Richtofen or something among those lines. Its just really strange on why he has those blood vials. Lets really hope they have a good explanation for this.
  9. Poor Samuel. Hes got Richotfen in his head and even more voices due to this diary. Poor Poor man. This is an interesting theory and it does happen to make sense, with Samuel saying in the Buried cut scene that hes the only one that knows what to do, he could have also been referring to the Diary instead of just Richtofen.
  10. I agree 100 Percent. It truly is crazy how much they have planned ahead. I mean I'm sure some stuff wasn't planned from the beginning but a majority of it was and that is simply amazing enough. But back on topic this theory certainty is plausible and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
  11. Ja I agree, I wouldn't say that they had all this planned since Nacht Der, but I believe alot of planning ahead began in Shi No Numa and Der Riese.
  12. Cant say it doesn't make sense. Interesting theory. If this is the case, then Treyarch has been planning this map since Black Ops 1. Now that's interesting.
  13. Much truth spoken here. I don't think Treyarch sees age as an issue in there games and I don't think we should either.
  14. Interesting theories. I also had a thought that the Pack a Punch will be in the Giant Robot. Excited to see if they come trues. Only 44 more days till it comes to Playstation and PC. Heh heh heh.... Only 13 more for X-Box though.
  15. The last Zombies map for World at War went out with a big bang, Black Ops 1s last map LITERALLY went out with a big bang. I expect Origins to be no different. My expectations are going through the roof!
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