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  1. I dont think so. Theres the new jazzy jingles in the files for the bo3 beta. They could go unused i suppose, but I doubt it.
  2. Do you people not read anything? The Giant, and the weaponized 115 and cyborg camos WILL be included in the digital deluxe edition. https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Bundle/Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-III-Digital-Deluxe-Edition/aec429f4-d9b2-4b53-837e-782f7d7d5165 Read the description of the item. All it takes is paying attention, or in your case a quick google search.
  3. Well something to keep in mind is that we can see in the trailer is that the empty box location has the boxes with the teddy bear on top just like every map with the classic mystery box. So unless they plan on breaking the trend now, my money is on classic mystery box for the time being. However, it is quite possible that is just a placeholder and the real box location "stand" is yet to be implemented into the game.
  4. It's probobly not real. Mob wasnt a real thing that actually happened and i doubt shadows of evil is either. Just some hell monster
  5. All this campaign team talk is irritating.. The only map they made was motd. Origins was classic team mostly. Anyway besides the point... Buildables are great IMO im really happy the shield is back. I don't really see the swords being buildables, but I imagine there will be at least one other buildable item on SoE. And to all the people saying no buildables in The Giant, I will be shocked if there isn't any. At the very least the shield will return.
  6. My guess is that they an actual weapon, like the ballistic knife, that does the samurai melee attack when you melee, and the unique effect (throw for fire, spike for electric) when you pull the trigger. Maybe with some sort of ammo system or a cooldown i guess
  7. Angel Arrow 1/10 A golden mechanical bow, shoots a blue energy arrow that kills anything in its path. Zombies killed by it will glow, float a bit, then poof into a bright flash of light. Michael's Might 1/16 The bow becomes silver and the arrows a brilliant violet. The arrow splits into 7 after flying for a few feet, but are smaller and fade out. The original arrow never fades until hitting a wall, making for some useful and very awesome "cross-the-map" kills.
  8. No offense mocking...but you have got to be kidding me if you think they havent started already. They are at least halfway done by now making the game by now. Games dont just happen in 9 months. And I say nine because they have to have it completely done 3 months before release.
  9. I like ice cause i can upgrade it by memory after games of using it. Wind is fast with a little reminding. So one of those two as long as everyone helps collect the parts. I think in a lobby everyone should focus on helping each other get staff parts. Lightning and wind particularly go much much faster this way. And i see no problem calling out staves AS LONG as you are not a dick about it. Demanding fire (or whatever element) no matter what is plain rude. Ive seen plenty of people leave lobbies over staves. Thats why in random lobbies I just take whatever is left... Its not worth the fight.
  10. The story is very blank for a reason. The holes are meant to be filled in by the community and in our own personal ideas. The community as of late seems to have forgotten how little info there was in der riese, and how most of the story this far is made up by US anyway. So get to work imagining the bo2 story, I know I have. (And in my head its awesome!)
  11. Sounds really fun! I had an idea kinda like this, but this is more fleshed out. I would love playing like this in a party. The fifth player is silent for a while then roars laughing when his carefully planned trap kills us all. So much potential for fun. (God i miss playing zombies with other people...)
  12. Quick Revive 2.0? Solo quick revive effect once then it downgrades back to basic quick revive.
  13. motd wasnt the problem to me, the kick in the balls was origins. Right when the story was getting good they said...nah you can do it next game.
  14. Tranzit was a postcard. They did it on purpose from a while back, you could see in the building up days a picture of a large board with a sheet over it way back before release. They had it on their website. Why exactly they did this I don't understand. Maybe all the maps were intended to be post cards at the time of release, and nuketown had a comic as an homage to bo1, as it is taking place at the time of it technically. But due to the negative reactions to transhit, they went back to the old screen formula to make people happy. The way I see it, the comic is a pretty large thing. With shi no and der riese being the first 2 official "pages" and the layout of verruckt on a paper slipped in the front. Kino and all the others are on pages, and five is an old photograph in between kino and ascension. Tranzit is a postcard for an unknown reason, and nuketown and moon are on either side of eachother, with ads in the middle(see moon). As it is a comic. Then die rise and buried, then stuffed in the back, the mysterious blue prints seen in origins. It's a rough idea but you get the picture. (sorry for rambling) The point I was trying to make is, I think nuketown was supposed to be the final page. they clearly showed of a back cover, and ads are 90% in the back of comics. They were transitioning to postcards, but switched back for nostalgia. But I can agree with you on buried. There are some huge holes in the story, and the wheel did not look anything like that on buried. But on the "leaked" image it looks just like it does on die rise. Things like the giant and the mansion where added pretty late on, developmentally speaking. And contrary to popular belief, The original zombies team had a huge hand in origins, so they were likely too busy with that to care much about buried.
  15. I got my four friends blake, diana, kat, and oliver totally hooked on zombies. And they are all pretty decent, and diana is amazing! (from my teaching no less XD) I brought them all from FPS newbees to exceptional zombie players. So...go me?
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