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    The Flesh

    I love this old theory... and its a shame people complain about the lack of story in the bo2 maps, when simply its the same pick apart hints given in shi no numa and der riese, just different subjects. The flesh idea was almost completely dropped in buried which is very upsetting (at least for me) as i was loving the idea. I did have a theory (not a posted one mind you) that the minions on die rise were either A. members of the flesh who took it too far and essentially "overdosed" on zombie flesh and became those creatures, or B. as one radio talks about experiments, were children or teenagers given blood transfusions with a zombie to try to achieve an ascended human being. The flesh seemed to believe that the 115 was sacred...so who is to say that they didnt attempt to make a godly being by forcing zombie blood into a healthy young humans veins...and I know this is a sensative topic but maybe even a human fetus? Like into a pregnant women who stayed alive due to being in the sweatshops, safe from people..so they experimented on the baby, and it became that creature and ripped its way out of its mother. Sorry to be so dark about this but its quite plausible. Hmm...off to make a thread i suppose  

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