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  1. If you're gonna bring one back, you might as well bring them all back eh?
  2. It gets old once you know what you are doing but can still be fun for challenges.
  3. Played one match with randoms on bo2 and got 31 on nuketown and we suicided because the host has to "go to bed".
  4. He hits more shots then he misses? Yeah I agree with way, at 18% I'm mostly a knuckle guy up to R13 and by then I'll have my M&S and raygun.
  5. Make a guide then. Do it. DO it Now. 5-4-3-2-1 Now. DO it. Don't think do it. Pls I'll pass on yer clan there, PAL.
  6. Fun fact-Since it only lets you gameshare with one person on your account,make a new account just to buy something if you want a different friend to also get it.
  7. http://www.ps3trophies.com/trophycards/
  8. Are you serious? So it's just a coincidence that it looks exactly like Nacht. They needed a spot for a part and I think it's neat that they put it in.
  9. It's PS3 and I would get like 3 views... :? but he knows that he's not good, and I wouldn't call him out like that,not even on this site.
  10. Alright, well we know that you can dashboard in multiplayer if you're having a bad game so your oh so important k/d won't go down. Well,stats are in zombies now. I have a friend (on the site :cry:) that dashboards every time he has more than 3 downs in a game because he doesn't want to get deranked and he we still have "good" stats. I think it's just ridculous. If someone were to look at him they'd say "oh wow he has alot of kills and barely any downs" they'd think he's good...but he's not. I think they should still have the stats count if you dashboard because it's unfair to people who earn their stats becuase some kids can look good when all they do is dashboard after a bad game so it only saves their good games. /End Rant
  11. Me and my friend both had 5 tallies blue eyes with skull and after a game of town (26) where I had 2 downs (3 less than him) 3 more revives than him and more headshots but I lost a tally and blue eyes while he gained the knife through his skull :|
  12. End goal would be like a zombies campaign...which would be pretty sweet. Every zombie round 6 health? Pretty sure everyone would have round 99's if that were the case.
  13. I am going with Maxis on this one because he is the one that started it all....and I think he'll finish it.
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