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  1. If you're gonna bring one back, you might as well bring them all back eh?
  2. It gets old once you know what you are doing but can still be fun for challenges.
  3. Played one match with randoms on bo2 and got 31 on nuketown and we suicided because the host has to "go to bed".
  4. He hits more shots then he misses? Yeah I agree with way, at 18% I'm mostly a knuckle guy up to R13 and by then I'll have my M&S and raygun.
  5. (besides friends) 10.WhySoJoe/iJQi (inactives) 9.vaginooo 8.TGBKyle 7.Kyle Lee 6.ImSparten 5.dy5unct10n 4.M3RKMUS1C 3.ProdigyJoey 2.ThatGuyWhoCamps 1.ImMarksman Mostly SnD guys.
  6. I take 2 showers a day. I'm never off of the internet. I sleep about 4 hours every night and I like Jets. Sue me.
  7. LonelyMailbox has some good videos. Yoteslaya: I watch his Borderlands 2 videos,not into his zombies. Syndicate: LOL couldn't play me to watch him. Relaxing: Never miss a video. Waffles: Good player and guy, played with him a few times. NGT: when the game came out they uploaded like 10 videos a day. *ain't nobody got time fo' dat* MrDalekJD: meh There's a guy I reccomend you check out who mostly does live commentary with randoms ThatGuyWhoCamps. He's not the GREATEST player but he's funny and has a good prespective on things.
  8. Make a guide then. Do it. DO it Now. 5-4-3-2-1 Now. DO it. Don't think do it. Pls I'll pass on yer clan there, PAL.
  9. Fun fact-Since it only lets you gameshare with one person on your account,make a new account just to buy something if you want a different friend to also get it.
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