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  1. I personally love Nuketown, It's my most played map. I love the challenge it gives. Of course it'll be small. Nuketown was a small map in Mulitplayer. Not sure why some people didn't expect it to be small. I do agree that it should've had another Wonder Weapon other than they Ray Guns.
  2. I'm usually the idiot when once someone goes down I try my best to run over there and get them up. But I play a lot of survival on BO2, so I usually don't stay just in one place in the map. BO1 however, somehow I end up going off on my own area sometimes and if they're on the other side of the map sometimes I won't even bother.
  3. Dude, your signature gifs are insane. Lol

  4. Welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing your posts.
  5. So in a sense it's the QED but isn't a grenade and you can use it as much as you want? I actually like this idea. However would the 77,777 points be needed? Could someone put this on a custom map?
  6. Just to make sure... Has there been someone to figure out what the writing on the thief says? Didn't even notice that until I saw the close up picture.
  7. Also a very strange thing is, my connection is absolutely fine on Black Ops 1 while playing zombies. Rarely do I ever have any issue being the host of a game and normally the others I play with wouldn't lag. However, ever since Black Ops 2 released and I played it, zombies on BO2 hasn't been playing very nice with my connection. Basically, I have better connection on BO1 than when playing BO2 zombies for some strange reason.
  8. I actually love my afterglow headset. Costs almost $100 but hey it glows blue and the microphone color changes to your setting! The internal battery also lasts a while (well, depending on your usage of course). Sound quality is awesome, and I love the different sound modes and the fact it's universal, meaning you can use it with your iPod, comptuer, etc. Had it for almost two years.
  9. What annoys me more is the host migration thing. What I don't understand is why it kicks the player afterwards. I have been kicked out of enough good matches because of it. meaning they should also fix deciding who's the host. My internet can be great, but my router sometimes slows it down to having the other players or me having one bar (the thing is an older router, working on a new one). Yes, they fixed that when the host leaves the game, the game doesn't end. But kicking them when they don't leave sucks. But the weird thing is that when everyone leaves except you, it swtiches to solo meaning you can pause and such.
  10. Hey forum! I'm sure not any of you remember me anymore. I left the forum back in January, due to personal life reasons. But with those things all done and out of my mind, I have decided to return to these forums. Hopefully nothing like that ever happens again to cause me to leave.
  11. Interesting... Never seen this before. That shouldn't happen because that's exactly what happens in a multi-player zombies game when you're disconnected from the session or such. But you're in solo... Weird.
  12. I have no idea why this map should be neglected. It's my favorite. I may dislike the random perk thing a bit but if I don't get Jug early, it just makes it an extra challenge. Which of course, is fun.
  13. Trying to get the golden shovel one round. I'm in front of the tank looking for dig spots. Guy starts the tank randomly without warning or even looking. I get down because I get run over. Chain reaction, everyone else gets down in less than a minute after me. Game Over.
  14. Every game on Solo is horrible for me. I don't know what it is, but the journey to Jug on Solo for me is horrendous. I've played Solo at least 10 times, only made it to Jug about 3 times. The generator thing is whats killing me. The shield doesn't seem to help much either.
  15. DaPikmin


    Since Origins first released on PS3, it has been down right horrible to get to any high rounds with randoms. Although I was lucky enough to reach Round 27 just tonight with 3 of us (1 left, it was originally 4 players) and I managed to get the Ultimate Fire Staff, as well as crafting all but Wind along with help from the team. I also got the gold shovel and helmet my first time.
  16. Ah, yes! Thank you. Now I get it. I didn't know you had to be there for every one.
  17. Simple question. I got the fists, Double Tap, and free pack a punch weapon. But the challenge that says to activate all 6 Generators will not show up as complete and will not let me collect the reward. What am I doing wrong? Quite a few times I have activated all generators. I've even used Pack a Punch just fine. Is this a glitch or am I just doing something wrong here...
  18. I agree with the others. If you're not supposed to look inside why put anything in it? This doesn't mean there is nothing important about the shelter.
  19. DaPikmin

    EM Effin P's

    That's quite weird, I seem to get EMP grenades quite often. Well, whenever I play Tranzit which is barely.
  20. Has anyone ever had this happen? (Excuse me for sound in the video, theater mode needs work...) E2C-Jzi5sGk Like for those who need it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2C-Jzi5sGk
  21. I'd love it, I hate the fact that in Black Ops 2 many perks are restricted to one map.
  22. I'd say the Staves make it too easy. Each character having a wonder weapon is eh. I've even seen so many strategies with the upgraded Ice Staff using the charge attack. Looks kinda boring to be honest... there is no challenge. Just go in circles, charge it, and shoot it. Seems for fun with a bullet gun. But that may be just me.
  23. If it's like a USB stick, the rate data is transferred could be too slow...
  24. If you can dig up another Mauser if you have a Boomhilda, does that mean you can have two Boomhildas, or even three with Mule Kick?
  25. Well you wouldn't think their voices wouldn't sound exactly the same if they were apparently younger in this map...
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