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  1. I hate waiting another month after PS4 to get the DLCs of BO3

    looks like I am stuck in an eternal time loop of playing Der eisendrache with the over powered bows...

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      I mean you got 2 other maps to enjoy as well... Also Der Eisendrache is Amazing.

    2. creepertrent


      I am not saying that I don't like the maps, I am just saying that I am slightly jealous...

  2. I am not saying that SOE is the worst map, but it is no where near my favorite. I do admit that I liked it when it came out but it is far to complicated for zombies, though it is very so slightly too complicated and the removal of the meatballs OR the parasites would have made it a far more desirable map. This map is no where near the level of failure as tranzit, this is definitely not the new tranzit. I do like, however, that the map was intuitive and introduced one of my favorite perks (you can guess which) and it also added the gobble gums. So no, I would not play this map today (there are just simply better maps) but I do not downright hate SOE.
  3. Let me ask you a few questions.

    heads or tails?

    the bird or the cage?

    just remember it's all about perspective I see heads you see tails

    live, lived, will live

    die, died, will die

  4. Can't wait for mortal kombat x

  5. Something is wrong with my screen/ text on website... HELP!

  6. america ahs 51 states... my truth for the 51st you ask? the Moon

  7. 28, 29, or 30. cant remember :P
  8. my freind was play'n 5 nights @ freddies 2... and hee died before the phone hang up :(

  9. anybody want to play bo2 or aw zombies? today or tomarrow only

  10. thiss weekend i will get exo zombies and maby nuketown so, this will be one of the best weekends EVA!

  11. none because i dont have the map :(
  12. OMG!! i just noticed something about skyrim, the character in skyrim is customizable so why should the dragonborn be a nord in the pictures? the awenser: he isn't you, he is miraak. not you. just sayn.

    1. ZombieOfTheDead


      Or the dragonborn is just default Nord, so they put it like that.

    2. creepertrent


      ehh i prefer my way

    3. Undead


      Well Skyrim IS land of the Nords. Therefore it actually makes the most sense to be a Nord. Not to rain on your parade or anything but, hey.

  13. just took a break from playing skyrim and i figured out the 2 most annyoing things in the game: 1. EXTREMLY long load times. 2 when you finally kill the dragon and miraak steals your friggin dragon soul!

  14. GAH!! assassins creed rouge or skyrim(DLCs) what should i play?!

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