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  1. I like that one too, i like how when your jogging, not sprinting, your gun will kinda bounce to the rythm . I like The One on Shi No Numa. I guess mainly because I play that map solo cuz my team just doesn't really wanna play that map much. But really all of the Elana songs are better IMO, except moon and Shangri-La. I love hard metal, but those weren't as good as the rest of her songs. A close 2nd for me would be the song from Verrukt, having a brain fart on the name at the moment. But those are my picks
  2. This is the first I have heard about her taking your banked points if you have none on you
  3. Sounds like your describing the robot-zombies released in China. If we could play it here that would be pretty sweet
  4. Yeah plus it keeps us playing his game and not others I suppose. But still damn, throw us a freaking bone dude
  5. I'm on PS3 would like some teammates to do some searching with though
  6. I never heard of that one, but I remember something about a glitch with the turbine and the power off, you set your turbine beside the perk you want and buy your perk, before you throw your bottle down pick your turbine back up and your perk stays light up without power. Maybe there's something similar in this effect, i know Tranzit and Town Survival are different modes, just thought they sounded kinda similar
  7. damn, why still troll the hardcore fans of zombies? not cool man
  8. Holy santa clause shit I would trade off a map or two just to have the DG2 on Verruckt. Best weapon+best map=epicness
  9. Has anyone figured out what it is on the knife? This is still my fav BO1 map, would like to know all I can find out bout it
  10. I never thought of the time and the bus schedule being a factor. It definitely would help if Marltons watch worked. I would like to give this a try. It seems like a good idea and perhaps the bridge breaking is a "que" to EMP the bus.
  11. It was a long time ago and I was playing a two player online game with a friend. We were on Der Reise and holding the power alley with the teleporter door shut still. My partner thinks it's a good time to run and get something, Jug or Speed cola, so he tries to run out and zombies meet him at the doorway and at the same time the zombies stopped him there, some jumped down from above and completely circled him. I still haven't seen a funnier, or cooler death on zombies yet. It looked like it was straight from a movie because of the swarm that just appeared and devoured.
  12. I like the O4 from BO1, not so much on 2. On 1 they were funny and I still hear things I never heard before.In regards to the N4, If they would have answered any questions, such as The Flesh, Broken Arrow, and how many other survivors there were then I wouldn't mind seeing them again. We have a lot of back story on the O4, not much on N4. And I thought Buried was supposed to answer a lot of these questions, all it did was raise more. But then again there are supposedly secrets still not found all the way back to WOW. My point on the O4 is, they aren't as fun in BO2. I still laugh at the quotes from 1. Origins has it'a moments from the O4, but not comparable imo. MOTD could have been put in to illustrate to us that there could be an alternate reality where certain people get caught in one loop for "infinity'' rounds. But all this aside, and I could be wrong, but it seems I remember hearing that 3arc isn't doing CoD anymore. Or maybe it was just BO they wasn't going to continue. So if BO series itself stops and another 3arc CoD title comes out. Then I think it;s highly possible there will be no O4, N4, Sam, Dr. Maxis or any of the story that we have had in any of the titles since Nazi Zombies. It wouldn't be so bad to have a new cast of characters and a new story line to go off of would it? Look at all the different Walking Dead storied have spawned from Kirkman. But BO 2 could be the final resting place for all the characters so far. I do miss the old Nikolai though
  13. I love it! Best zombies live action to date IMO. Nik was really good too, Dempsy is a little off but everything else is great.
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