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First Impression on Mob of the Dead/Alcatraz Island?


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First impression was that it was a good zombie feel. I really thought it to be lame that they had used Michael Madsen and the weasel instead of a full Italian gang. They should have used Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. It would have went together so much better. I think that this is a tribute map, or a map that doesn't go along with the storyline, so I can't really say how much I loathe it in that aspect, as Black Ops 2 hasn't followed any of the left off Moon storyline, etc... But, the overall feel is good. It has the creepy, eerie feel to it that Verrukt had with the abandoned building, weird noises, so on and so forth. I just miss my storyline and the original boys. :(

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Without a doubt, it is simply the best map yet for blackops 2 zombies. Thus far, blacops2 has been a great big disappointment out of ten. This is the best map so far since the others are shit with transit a exception.

Treyarch pisses me off and if this shit continues, I won't be buying the next one. Treyarch piss me off by putting phd and mule kick in the game but out of access just to be a dick head. Then we get phd for grief, a waste of fucking time.

I got numerous posts online about how excited I am for this game. It has been a let down lately.

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I was actually quite happy with the map the first time I played it, and that was before I found the tomahawks (love playing with those things). I was glad they brought back traps (especially in grief lol). I was kind of hoping they brought back some sort of get away slide (like on CoTD or Shangri-La).

The only things I didn't like was that one zombie I was saving on either round two or three to explore the map back slapped me into afterlife, it was too early for that lol.

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I found it to be pretty damn awesome. I really like the dark and dungeon-esque the artwork went with this DLC. Reminds me of something out of Fallout or Diablo, in a good way. I always preferred games that are full of torture chambers and monsters, so this DLC hits home for me. Its interesting too that they added the GUI for parts, unless they added it to all zombie modes, haven't played the other DLC's in quite a while. Overall, this is a great addition and I am enjoying the DLC. Hoping to get to a decent round and find my way around soon enough! 8-)

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I am probably guilty of saying this everytime a new map comes out, but this is by far my favorite map to date. The erie feeling you get while playing brings me back to the WaW days and the tight areas offer a real since of urgency. The warden is a decent challenge and I have been wanting a juggernaut type zombie for quite a while. The afterlife feature not only brings new areas of the map around, but offers a last minute option if you are in danger of being cornered. (Simply work your way to an afterlife box and down yourself before you get downed by the zombies) The overall map layout leaves room for either camping, running trains, or running the whole map effectively. I love it.

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Could play the map on PC too now. I did not spoiler myself in any way. I saw the official trailer and that was it.

I enjoyed the experience of having no clue at all of the map, when first playing it. I like the atmosphere a lot.

I noticed a bit a questionable map layout within the cell blocks. The isles are so narrow that you simply can't travel midround through them.

But overall it's well done, already saw some nice train spots.

Out of the perk choice I'm disappointed tbh. I still hope I haven't found them yet... Bringing Deadshot as probably the most disliked perk back is a bit weird. PhD woulda been cool also in MOTD, Mule Kick, Stamin Up. Especially Stamin Up I miss. I see the point in not bringing Quick Revive and Stamin Up (Death Machine), but anyway I miss them :D

The new guns seem awesome as far as I've seen them. The wonder weapon seems nice, only seen it on another player. Deathmachine is epic, nice balancing with the movement speed. The Tomahawk is fun, and the Level 34 spoon is better then I could have ever imagined. The wallguns are nothing special as expected. Guns with bullets.

The new HUD is very cool. I like to see what other players have which part. But the makeover of zombies has also some questionable stuff in it. I mean why is a fuel can shiny? Not playing a fantasy title here...

The music that plays way more often is also kinda good.

Most of all I like the interactivity with the map. There seems to be a lot of stuff to do. My friend did everything in the last game (Plane, The spoon, Tomahawk and so on). I actually had no clue what he is exactly doing, but I like it when there is additional stuff to do besides killing the zedds. I just have the concern it's too much work. It's nice to have additional challenges like building something, but if you need 2 hours to reach round 10 it starts to be annoying. It felt like doing a complete easter egg yesterday, but we only did that spoon, tomahawk and wonder weapon.

The ability to revive yourself in afterlife is cool. Also the reviving strategies are still important in case of a second down. Also the get the Jug back challenge stays, which brings me back to the map layout point. If you are in the cell block isles, you don't even have to try it. Neither have to try to revive there.

Well overall, I like the map a lot. My favorite for now for sure, but i have a feeling that is could stay my favorite for quite a while ;) Great Job 3arch!!

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looks like in the update they just released today, a lot of the glitches and problems with Mob of the Dead got addressed. Thanks treyarch for keepin it clean! :)

Do you know what they fixed? Haven't looked around for patch notes, suppose I should. I was in the middle of my highest 4 person game when the title update booted us off and didn't save the game :lol:.

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I wouldn't say that this is the biggest map out there, but every corner and crevice is filled with stuff - even if it's one wall weapon placed in two different spots. In any case, I still hold to my belief that this is what TranZit should have been like - not an enormous yet hallow, desolate map with a bus being the only thing to actively do throughout the game, but rather, a map where even after playing for 30-50 rounds, you can still have fun with it and do things.

I have to hand it to the guys who made this, you have clearly outshone the zombie developing team this time. I know this map probably doesn't have much to do with the future story of zombies (Richtofen and all that), but I enjoyed this easter egg / story most of all maps so far, including BO1 and WaW maps. It so succinctly touched on the eternal recurrence theory and the metaphor of the infinite cycle that I instantly fell in love with it.

I really can't complain: this map (at least to me, and once you get the hang of it) is absolutely perfect and brilliant. If the next two maps are anything even slightly as good as this, I will be pleased with BO2 Zombies in an awe-inspiring fashion.

That's the only advise I can give Treyarch right now: don't get rid of this map's developers - trust me, it will bring a lot more players to your game if all your maps are like this.

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