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  1. So is this EE not possible solo?
  2. i just upgraded myne no problem on the xbox one so nothing has been added, the problem im having now is getting the imprint plant to grow just not having it lol
  3. Benn? Benn from Playthegameco? I love his British accent. ha ha yeah right o i think were all aware of this sniper having some significance,as for starting the egg im not too sure as he clearly states its for a later step
  4. well done guys hats off to ya and i look forward to the reveal,but id really like to know if this is possible on solo?
  5. how would you know if hes close if nobody has completed it?
  6. ok i got this after letting my 2nd insta kill run out without killing anything so on the 3rd i got the red insta kill, but i must add the red one died out almost instantly but i was still able to run into zombies and kill them without the red being active but the white insta kill still there, anyway next insta kill lost it
  7. geez this sounds really plausible , i hope this turns out to be something
  8. Sorry guys just seen the reply to my quote but i guess by now ya all know that both sides of the easter egg can be done with 2 players, i completed it with 2 of us if u still need me to elaborate ill be happy too but i somehow think thats not neccasary now lol
  9. Aye itz ridiculous i just died at rnd 18 and no jugg spawned at all
  10. ok first thing ya dont need 4 players and ya dont need to use explosive weapons either
  11. andykod77


    is that the real deal or a carbon copy
  12. also wud of loved to seen a zombie counter so u always know how many are left at any given point,will save ya killing the last zombie wen trying to do easter eggs and wat not
  13. yeah from wat ive gathered a lot if not all of these features have been implemented so good times ahead i literally cant wait like a big daft kid at xmas and im a grown man lol, anyways this time nxt week we,ll all be plying our trade
  14. hey i hope im wrong but i just gathered from a few tweets that in blops 2 survival mode there is no perks or pap now surely this cant be the case or can it? If anyone knows out id appreciate a reply thanks

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