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  1. andykod77

    imprint plant

    yes well like a said i didnt use water and used to shoot it 3 times with masamune and id always get an imprint plant however this is not working anymore
  2. andykod77

    Solo easter egg on SoE????

    aye and finding 3 other players with mics is gunna be the hardest step
  3. andykod77

    SoE Easter Egg

    So is this EE not possible solo?
  4. andykod77

    Anyone else... Not impressed?

    i much prefer ZNS to DE i just completed the EE on ZNS solo and i just love everything about this map the imprint plants are amazing especially in solo, just everytime i switch on for a game the map is always ZNS
  5. andykod77

    imprint plant

    Thanks, i always plant as many as possible throughout my game, but it seems last 3 play sessions now ive yet to see one
  6. andykod77

    Can't upgrade the KT4...

    i just upgraded myne no problem on the xbox one so nothing has been added, the problem im having now is getting the imprint plant to grow just not having it lol
  7. andykod77

    imprint plant

    Hi all i play on the xbox one and lately i cant seem to get an imprint plant to grow in solo i always used to upgrade the kt-4 to the masamune and shoot a seed 3 times with the masamune and get an imprint plant, however the last few times i been on this dont seem to work anymore. Any help advice greatly appreciated
  8. andykod77

    Die Rise Easter Egg - Progress Thread (Unsolved)

    Benn? Benn from Playthegameco? I love his British accent. ha ha yeah right o i think were all aware of this sniper having some significance,as for starting the egg im not too sure as he clearly states its for a later step
  9. andykod77

    Die Rise Easter Egg - Progress Thread (Unsolved)

    you guys should demand ps3 specific EE
  10. andykod77

    Die Rise Easter Egg - Progress Thread (Unsolved)

    well done guys hats off to ya and i look forward to the reveal,but id really like to know if this is possible on solo?
  11. andykod77

    Die Rise Easter Egg - Progress Thread (Unsolved)

    how would you know if hes close if nobody has completed it?
  12. andykod77

    <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    ok i got this after letting my 2nd insta kill run out without killing anything so on the 3rd i got the red insta kill, but i must add the red one died out almost instantly but i was still able to run into zombies and kill them without the red being active but the white insta kill still there, anyway next insta kill lost it
  13. andykod77

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    geez this sounds really plausible , i hope this turns out to be something
  14. andykod77

    ***The Complete Solo Zombies Survival Guide***

    yeah thanks mate ill keep checking and as for ascension i was watching spiderbite from NGT go for the record on this i think he got to about 150 odd before his PS3 packed up and just reset
  15. andykod77

    ***The Complete Solo Zombies Survival Guide***

    Yeah finally got it sussed but got too greedy and didnt buy a gun just trying to hold off with my bowie knife had a tonne of points had juggy and over 10000 was just too greedy and got trapped. i knew i should of bought a wall gun but i said one more rnd and that was my undoing,but great strat im going for it again lol

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