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  1. yes well like a said i didnt use water and used to shoot it 3 times with masamune and id always get an imprint plant however this is not working anymore
  2. aye and finding 3 other players with mics is gunna be the hardest step
  3. i much prefer ZNS to DE i just completed the EE on ZNS solo and i just love everything about this map the imprint plants are amazing especially in solo, just everytime i switch on for a game the map is always ZNS
  4. Thanks, i always plant as many as possible throughout my game, but it seems last 3 play sessions now ive yet to see one
  5. Hi all i play on the xbox one and lately i cant seem to get an imprint plant to grow in solo i always used to upgrade the kt-4 to the masamune and shoot a seed 3 times with the masamune and get an imprint plant, however the last few times i been on this dont seem to work anymore. Any help advice greatly appreciated
  6. so wat was the idea of the nav cards and tables? i was expecting something epic,pointless building em really
  7. Only had time for a quick half hour earlier on and i gotta say first impressions and all that,well im impressed gg treyarch
  8. Ok been playing this map non stop for over a week and i cant get enough of it, i soon got bored with the previous blops 2 maps but this one seems to be doing it for me ,it has replayability that others lack, so far this is by far my favourite map
  9. maxis side in tranzit was by far the easier side,as for die rise im not sure
  10. thanks i thought i was onto a new perma perk but yeah it sure does look like red insta now that i look bak
  11. yeah lol i think your right i didnt realize insta kill was active,but yeah that would explain it
  12. they was just randoms i belive they was still in the spawn room
  13. http://youtu.be/D50oC_g4ars hope the link works
  14. ok guys its up on my ch 12 sec clip
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