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  1. So while I was waiting for NGT's stream to come back on I thought I'd Google Resolution 1295 and it came up with a Wiki Page describing a Resolution that was put in place on the 18th April 2000 which was discussing the situation in Angola at the time. Now although I have a good knowledge of the story, I haven't got time to go through this data and analyse it at the moment as I'm at work, but anyone that is free may want to check it out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council_Resolution_1295 There is talk in the article about Diamond trading / Blood Diamonds which may tie in, the fact that this map is set in a mining location under the ground. What does everyone think?
  2. I was just thinking about this could be the end of the Quest for Maxis/Richtofen and the N4 and I stumbled on your post while checking if it was already mentioned (and what a great post it is BTW ) Whilst I think that this could be the last step for the N4 in relation to Maxis/Richtofen's plan, I don't think they will kill them off. Why? Because we've still not got a Tranzit Navcard. In theory, wouldn't Killing them off here mean that in the timeline, they can't return to Green Run and enter the last Nav Card into the machine under the pylon to do what ever linking them all up does? Thoughts?
  3. Did a quick search on the Tranzit discussion and didn't find anything so . . . . I was looking at You Tube this morning (as I do everyday) and came across this video. Did anyone else know about this / think this is genuine? ZRwyjGZ7pIs The title is pretty misleading as you're not really buying it (although in theory, if it's taking away all your points and guns as suggested then I guess you are buying it). Thoughts/Comments/Anyone else tried it?
  4. So I was suing this morning and in the Buddha room. I had two zombies left as you will see and upon attempting to shoot a the second I get this: wLk7_HGk-c0 Apologies that the quality isn't great, I took it on my iPhone and it is very sunny at the moment. At first I thought maybe it was a sound effect to tell me I'd ranked up my emblem but that wasn't the case. The second thought is the game thought I was doing some sort of glitch so it moved me and then played that sound bite. Any ideas guys? It reminds me of when you throw a monkey outside the map on nuketown and Samantha laughs at you.
  5. Thanks for the reply dude. I'll try to take a not of my stats when I lose it to when I get it again. It's pretty handy in solo as you gain 500 points for buying QR, which goes without saying, is handy when first setting up.
  6. Hi guys, Did we ever get to the bottom of how this is obtained? I ask only because I was playing TRANZIT this afternoon and as a rule of thumb I always go prone next to QR just to see if I get it and I did (only for the 2nd time ever though). I didn't take note of stats when I got it the first time, but this time when I got it, the following was my figures before starting the game: Kills: 46,381 Downs: 659 Perks Drank: 579 So on my 580th perk drank and going prone, I got it. I know someone said once you lose it you have to drink 100 more perks, but I never saw any proof of this so don't know if its valid. Any info guys?
  7. Can't say I've heard of or seen any vids where he says this while not in the Buddha room, so that's interesting. Had any of your team fired even a single bullet at a zombie in the red room prior to this? Were you all together when you were camping outside the Buddha room? This EE seems to have so many little Quirks and Niggles that there's no wonder people have struggle to do it. Given however the Quote specifically says, "Find the Enlightened One" (ie Buddha), it's hard to think that this step would work anywhere else. We'd done the elevators and symbols by the end of round 1, and by the end of round 4, we'd got the Sniper (would have had it by round 3, but accidently killed the last zombie). While one guy was snipping the balls, I went to try the box and on the very first pull, got Ballistic Knives, then we all camped on the roof for 3 more rounds, where the team let me get all the kills to build enough points to P-A-P. In the end, I think it only took 40 minutes to do the EE. I'd have to agree with you here I think. When I'd attempted previously, we was either no one or 1 person up the top and it was done within 1-2 rounds. Our successful attempt, we had 2 up and 2 down and it took 6 rounds to get the quote (1 was a Jumping Jack round which I'm not sure it counts). I don't need help with the EE now, but if you fancy a game some time, I'll add you on PSN if you don't mind . . .
  8. Hi Guys, I know this is technically part of the EE thread, but I wanted to post here to see what others thought to this theory. I know that many people have struggled with the Re-Incarnation step after killing the Zombies in the Red/Buddha room, and I wanted to put a suggestion forward. So I finally got the Maxis side of this EE done on Monday night after many attempts and failures. I believe the key to doing this Easter Egg is to make sure you have the Pack-A-Punched Ballistic Knives (Kraus Refribulator) prior to going into the Red/Buddha room to start killing the Zombies. Why you ask? I believe that as you kill the Zombies, the Kraus Refribulator absorbs the zombies energy / souls. Then when you shoot a knife anywhere in the room, as it impacts the surface, it releases the energy, as per Maxis's quote "Ahh, You See, The Energy of Their Broken Souls Has Been Released". Without them, I believe although you killed the zombies, the energy/souls have not been absorbed and that is why when you do finally shoot the knife in the room, Maxis fails to say the quote written above. What I also noticed from failed attempts, is that you get the Quote really early to say you've killed enough zombies. On our successful attempt, with the Kraus Refribulator, we had to go nearly 6 rounds to get the quote from him. What do you guys think theory? Can anyone confirm that they have done the Maxis side without the Kraus Refribulator when killing Zombies.
  9. Have people had more success having the PAP ballistics at the time of entering the Bhudda room to make the sacrifice on Maxis side? We were trying Maxis last night, killed all zombies, and got the "Reincarnation will light the way forward" quote, then went to pull from the box to get Ballistics. Once we had them, no matter what we tried, we couldn't get it to work. Also, does anyone know if you have to Re-incarnate within a certain amount of time of finishing the Zombie killing stage? I know this is the step that seems glitch and most people have struggled with. Also, as others reported, I have completed the Richtofen side of the Die Rise EE but only done Maxis Side of Tranzit EE. I know a lot of people were saying if you want to do Maxis you have to do Maxis on Tranzi and Vice-Versa, But that wasn't the case for me on Die Rise for Richtofen
  10. I think we have our answer, as it's revealed during the Easter Egg. Listening to the first Audio clip that you get on the Easter Egg after entering the 4 inmates numbers, the 4 are escaping on New Years Eve (December 31st), 1933 So the newspaper on the right doesn't seem to have any significance, date wise at least
  11. Plus, like I said in my first post, the GG Bridge construction didn't start until 1933. There's more to this that we need to uncover. I'm sure it will all unravel itself in due course. Here are some events I've found for that date: October 17, 1917 First British bombing of Germany in World War I. October 17, 1917 "First train over the Quebec Bridge over the St. Lawrence. This was constructed by the Dominion Government for use by the National Transcontinental Railway. This bridge was notorious in that it fell down twice during construction: On August 29, 1907 the south cantilever arm collapsed killing 65 or more workmen."
  12. Thanks Tac, I'll head over and take a lookski :)
  13. Also, just noticed if you look at the second video I posted for Syndicate above, after he's downed, he has to pay 2000 points to unlock the machine before he can re-buy jug, so it actually cost's him 4500 points to get it back. That must be the Boss Zombie "Locking the Perk Machine Down". Go To 3:00 and watch the point consumption / message on the screen I guess he has a similar effect on the box.
  14. I've been posting on my blog all the things that I've noticed / theories about things that I've seen but not confirmed if anyone is interested. Link is in my signature. I would re-post, but it's taken me ages to get all that on there this morning and CBA to repost at the moment. Sorry. EDIT -- Looking back at the Boss Zombie, I think at the moment he appears when you do one of the following: -- Activate A Perk Machine (using the Volt Meter / Power Gauge) -- Randomly if you're using the box (possibly after x number of box pulls) -- Activating certain actions on the map The first 2 theories have come from watching Syndicate's gameplay. Go To 9 minutes in the below 73MXj7C4ZRg Go To 1 minute 10 in the below cD-kPuPw4vs The last theory from NGT Zombies as he appeared when they turned the washing machine on in the laundry Go To 14 minutes in the below BFHd0-FJRJI Thoughts ? ? ?
  15. I was just reporting what I'd seen. I know that information that someone has put on a wiki is about as reliable as a Chocolate Firegaurd :)
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