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  1. Round 43 Solo easy. Overall the map is really, really, REALLY easy on solo - especially with three regenerating Quick Revives. I actually suicided myself on Round 43 by holding the grenade too long (awesome way to die too!), but seeing as I had 3 Afterlives I had to do it three times. ^^ I did have everything too - Redeemer, Vitrolic Whitering, a regular BlunderGat upgraded (so much fun running the double Gat and Cherry combo ^^); all that was missing was the golden spork, but that's only because I was too lazy to get it.
  2. No problem, I always use it so I thought I'd share it with other people. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Okay, I hope this thread should go in this forum, if not, someone please tell me, but I think it should, since it is a strategy only possible on MoTD. Anyhow, without further ado, here we go: Everyone has known for a long time that the Executioner is a good weapon in zombies: it's highly mobile, it's highly effective for getting out of tight situations, and it has a decent magazine - also not to mention that when it's upgraded, it's a one-shot kill until round 46. Now, even that by itself is impressive - but now, let's combine it with Electric Cherry, MoTD's new perk. Now, we can men
  4. I'm not going to try to cover all the aspects, but here's just one point that brought me to who controls them, and why I'm confused that this is still up for discussion: when you grab a drop, you hear Samantha's voice. Doesn't that completely clear things up? Yes, their eyes are red, but that just might be Samantha being pissed off, because when she's in control they have yellow eyes, and quite possibly, the stronger / angrier Samantha gets, the more red the eyes become. That is the only thing I can assert about the MoTD storyline.
  5. Cell Block, for sure. Several reasons to say the least: - More intense / hectic; - No Juggernog (a really cool twist); - PhD Flopper (I don't even need to elaborate); - Actually has decent weapons and perks to make it fun enough to play. I would honestly put 90% of my vote on Cell Block, the remaining 10% would go to Town and Farm because of one thing: EMP grenades. Have you ever thrown one of these at an opponent's Box pull / Pack-a-punch? It's a terrific feeling. :lol:
  6. Why so many people against TranZit / Green Run? I understand that the map is exhausting to play IF you're doing rape trains, but otherwise it's pretty fun. Have you ever tried just using the bus the entire time and shooting the zombies while in motion and all that? I have to admit that I had a lot of fun with TranZit, and even though I find Die Rise and MoTD more intense and fun, TranZit is always a better option for me than the Survival maps. And plus, look at it this way, TranZit is still, technically, an unfinished map, once the EEs are completed and the NAV cards of course, then probably m
  7. My favorite MoTD rape training places are definitely either the Cafeteria or the Warden's Office - basically because they have the traps. I honestly prefer the Warden's office, for several reasons: - The Fan Trap is there which is much better than the Acid Trap (because you can crouch below it and escape a hectic situation, whereas the acid traps doesn't offer that option). - The Uzi is there, so you can buy more ammo and to get a decent amount of points for the trap. - The entire place is very tight (the room with the part for the plane) but the strategy can be very effective if
  8. Maxis is indeed evil, great findings, I agree with them, but this is what basically showed me that Maxis is evil: - On Moon, Maxis sends the rockets to the earth at 3 specific locations, with the intent to hit the 3 base locations where zombies emerged, thus, stopping Richtofen. - The rockets malfunction and the locations are changed, hitting 3 different places. - Maxis knows this, yet, when the rockets hit, he laughs maniacally. Richtofen is evil, but Maxis is manipulative, and thus, is the greater of the evils. On another note, TranZit (Green Run) was basically Ground Zero
  9. I'm pretty sure that it is "mend the rift", but mend doesn't mean change, it more closely means to repair it. Anyhow, the rift (and furthermore, its repair) might mean the doorway through which Richtofen / Maxis enter, and thus commencing the giant easter egg that involves all these maps. Of course, this decision will alter the easter egg to one of the two sides: Richtofen and Maxis. I still hold my ground in saying that the consequences for picking the Maxis Easter Egg might far outweigh those for picking Rochtofen, since Maxis did send Rockets to the earth, and he did laugh maniaca
  10. I wouldn't say that this is the biggest map out there, but every corner and crevice is filled with stuff - even if it's one wall weapon placed in two different spots. In any case, I still hold to my belief that this is what TranZit should have been like - not an enormous yet hallow, desolate map with a bus being the only thing to actively do throughout the game, but rather, a map where even after playing for 30-50 rounds, you can still have fun with it and do things. I have to hand it to the guys who made this, you have clearly outshone the zombie developing team this time. I know this ma
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