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    Oh,ok thank you i understand now,this makes so much more sense thank you for telling me
  2. Uhh...confused,are you saying the easter egg map pack 4 is all i would need to do? A/or have the season pass?
  3. Dude1590


    I never fully understood why he saw Reznov ...they brainwashed numbers in his head,not Reznov,yet rezniv was in vorkuda and was masons friend...is that why? He doesnt want to accept Reznovs dead?
  4. Then i would hate treyarch....i wouldnt be able to get this map because,yeah i care about the story,but i dont DO EEs...which would suck for me and would be completley unfair for the people like me
  5. TranzitNavCard>Die Rise DieRiseNavCard>Buried BuriedNavCard>Tranzit .....
  6. If i HAD to choose a favorite....most likey Abracadavre....but i also like oneonefive and all the others....so i cant choose >-
  7. Abracadavre,Nightmare(its on moon?),Not Ready To Die,The One,Lullaby of a deadman,Beuty Of Annihilation,We All Fall Don......i just dont like pareidoia that much...super repetitive
  8. I have a statements and questions to those that say its "Icurus",Icurus is the name of the plane which al created,yes it is like this comic bok character who drowns but,wouldnt it just be the name for the plane, not the character al made with the editors comments on it....explain how in shocks comic he meets a mad scientist who makes "rayguns" and has n army of zombies,very similar to Richtofen/Maxis,plus something they didnt mention is how the scientist also has 3 dogs that go after shock,similar to the cerburus or maybe fluffy
  9. Uhh....well...sorry to bring "bad news" but all around MOtD there are tiny peices of paper and when put together makes Shock Gibson...a super hero comic character...the peices of paper are "defaces with rude comments scribbled"....refering back to als journal....also if you look at Shocks shirt and belt and mix them together you get the afterlife symbol...which this all explains why we "shock" things....and on the first issue of the shock gibson comic he meets a scientist who makes zombies and sends 3 dogs to kill him refering tp the cerburus...pretty sure all info was found by NGTZombies....but could be somome different
  10. Dude1590

    The Flesh

    "The Flesh" is a group of people who eat zombies to survive....not because its there religion...but because a lack of food sourses...Samuel is part of that group as was the female in the radio...just saying my theory
  11. For the ppl that state the N4 wont be dead because russman dies in die rise...yeah they all die....but RICHTOFEN rezzuerects them because he needs them to complete the rest of the towers....he no longer needs any of them but stuh now...so maybe Stuh,Tak,Nikolai and,Dempsey work together since sam in richtofens body is in argatha
  12. Well, when i was messing around with a crawler that i made leroy pick up,i noticed writings on his hands so made him kill the crawler and slowly paralyze him(of course with the paralyzer) and i read his hands and they say "Sugr Shot"....i havnt seen any other threads about this,and i dont think it means anything signifficant,but yaknow just sharing it,if anyone knows anything weird about this tell me,and i think it may be a reference to how he eats the candy....but it may be more...thoughts?
  13. Billy Handsome,upon seeing the Mystery Chest-"Hey Guys,I Think I Just Found Pandoras Fuckin Box"
  14. Well you forgot the hidden song? Well maybe we could place 3 R.I.P The Rev graves around the map and when you hit the action buttons on them "A Little Peice Of Heven" plays as the spng? Or "Nightmare" refering to the title or maybe "afterlife"??
  15. Treyarch....this is the best idea i ever heard....MAKE THIS MAP
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