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  1. I am confused at the beginning of your post.. You are blaming the users?
  2. +1 That is all we are asking for. As I have said in previous threads, my "beef" is not with modz at all. I know you guys do the best you can. You said yourself that the admin. make the final call. What happens if they don't make a call? Here in lies the problem.
  3. Whatever I want... I want this forum to be what it was. I feel like the only people who want this forum to rebuild are the people who can't do anything about it. If things don't get better, I AM OUT! You guys are great. The community is awesome. We are a very tolerant, unbiased, and for the most part respectful family. We honor the Code of Conduct. Despite the brains failing, we continue the memories by writing (+1). We honor Covyday and pray that he doesn't see us now. Remember when it wasn't ok to cuss even when in the rap battle thread. I of course joined in after it WAS ok, but there is inappropriate language, one-liner threads, at least five of every thread, and no one but modz and users care. What the hell happened? Whatever I want thread? I want the site to function properly, and it starts from the top like the snowball effect. Others WILL join in. The users want to help. The staff does not. Whatever I want... I want staff that cares like carbon did.
  4. Not new mods man. New admin or new staff. I know you guys are limited as to what you can do without admin support. My rant wasn't really aimed at anyone. It is just getting out of hand. If the admin don't want to be a part of this forum they should find replacements and leave. I don't care who they are. It is pointless for them to continue as is. Give up the throne for a more willing, and worthy leader. Again, sorry if I offended any mods. You have to see where I am coming from though. Lack of teamwork can definitely cause a hault in anyone's plans, but this is a thriving forum. Things like that should have been worked out immediately. I realize the site crashing put a damper on things, but surely by now if it was not an "understaffed" problem, the staff organization would have been worked out. This is either a case of procrastination or they just don't care. I see StrWrsBob pop on every now and then, but seriously, when is the last time you have seen a staff member show that they actually care about any of this. I know they have read the posts and the threads about this and the lack of communication. How do they respond? They don't. I'm not saying all staff is bad. I'm not saying any of the staff are bad people. I am just at a loss for words when I think of what carbon imagined on his departure. I'm sure he expected better than this. :| Think of Covy. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RETIRE ALPHA?! :)
  5. Are you implying that you are under-staffed at the moment or the problems have become too much for the staff to fix? I don't understand how organization is such a problem. I understand the whole "brains are broken" thing, but organization of the forum seems like an easy fix. Why is it the Asylum keeps getting brushed off? I want a direct answer. Is anything even being mentioned about this amongst staff/mods/anyone but the people who use the site? It is sounding more and more like excuses and less like problems. Just saying. In no way am I blaming you Undead. I don't aim this toward anyone in particular, but definitely not you, as you at least give us updates. It is getting old though. It sounds like the admin needs to have a job fair or something and do some spring cleaning. This is unacceptable, I am disappointed.
  6. So how about locking the Asylum? Can we bring this up for debate?
  7. You are banned for not using Whiskey Bravo as your name on here... It really is a pretty cool name.
  8. To me it sounds like the end of the first "SAW" movie. If you remember, the actor says "Game Over" at the end and slams the door. We already have GAMEOVER spread across the screen, so the actual quote is not necessary and there may be copyright laws to go along with it. Maybe not, but that is what comes to mind when I here this.
  9. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=29162 http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=28688
  10. I'm surprised that someone as high up on the chain as Telixion would claim this to be over reacting in not one, but two threads on the subject, and numerous reports from countless users. In the first thread it was taken lightly by me, as evidently some people haven't experienced it as much and associated it with fall damage. By now I would figure it would become apparent that with such an uproar on not only this forum but others as well, it wouldn't be a question of fall damage anymore. -that was my view on that note. As far as any help I can offer: The outside area of the map where many people (as well as myself) have GLITCHED out, and gone down losing perks, guns, and other items, is slanted from the zombie spawn to the AN-94. The high end of this ramp is near the zombie spawn, the low end is near AN-94 or "playable-area". When looking down at the initial "death-jump" the ramp I am speaking about is slanted from right to left. The right side is the zombie spawn, the left is the AN-94 or "playable-area". After looking at myself in theater while jumping toward the left, right, and middle, I can say that for the most part the right is the way to go. No matter which way you jump you are thrown into the same corner with a little piece of concrete that juts out and catches the character. Jumping right simply gives you a different angle at which you hit this small piece of concrete, and is not a perfect solution as others have reported deaths after this. This does cut down on it happening tremendously. The actual glitch occurs when a player gets caught by the piece of concrete I am talking about. It makes the game think you are trying to cheat by getting out of the map, so it kills you. It is understandable except for the fact that no one in their right minds would camp on that little ramp. I digress... Hope this helped and I wasn't bashing anyone, just shocked really.
  11. So I'm calling out julpr and I'm calling out kaz. I'm calling out ehj and I'm calling out PINNAZ. Where is the love for the rap community? I beat you so what? Does that mean your through with me? Should I get to writing a Rap Battle Thread Eulogy? Cause I remember few that would battle as true as me. Toe to toe, blow for blow, keep it fun and frequent. Nowadays the zombie phase has faded all the speakin. This used to be on fire now the flame is barely breathin. This was on the second page til I revived this beaten... Battered.. Tattered and torn piece of victory. Can we call it reborn or is it history?
  12. After looking it up.... it is definitely not ethical. It may not be a "glitch" by definition, but was definitely not meant to happen. I could see this being fixed by adding a spawn just above or below this area where zombies jump up/down to this level. I'm not gonna lie. I'm about to try this out for myself but everyone can watch my leaderboard. I will be offline.
  13. This only strengthens my point... give me a moment. EDIT: No time today upate tomorrow...

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