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  1. I am probably guilty of saying this everytime a new map comes out, but this is by far my favorite map to date. The erie feeling you get while playing brings me back to the WaW days and the tight areas offer a real since of urgency. The warden is a decent challenge and I have been wanting a juggernaut type zombie for quite a while. The afterlife feature not only brings new areas of the map around, but offers a last minute option if you are in danger of being cornered. (Simply work your way to an afterlife box and down yourself before you get downed by the zombies) The overall map layout leaves room for either camping, running trains, or running the whole map effectively. I love it.
  2. "Now this is Asylum worthy. Care to vote community? I vote Asylum. What's that? The admin. won't let us.... Why not? They don't listen, it's not that they won't let us? Man.... that is unfortunate." Seriously though, if anyone was looking for a criteria for Asylum threads, this is it. It doesn't have to be the answer to everything, it just has to be an answer. Be it a map name or something within the map. Just take pride in your work. Think of the reader. Thank you PINNAZ.
  3. The past few weeks? How about the past year. If you would have found this site during the WaW days or even Black ops days, you would be blown away. I myself have made a few of these posts and for the most part the answers I get are similar to the ones above. New-comers are welcome. Do some of them need to be reminded of the CoC? Yes. Do some of them need to at least check the first page for a similar post before making identical threads? Definitely. Is the reason for the site being the way it is and not the way it was because of new members? No. Well, maybe. The problems started when the site went down and the "Brains" system went with it. Some users had things in life that were more important than zombies. CovertGunman went on a mission, carbonfibah got hired by Treyarch, others had different reasons. Some people might have left because of the problems with the site/brains, but I believe the people who were mostly upset by this were those with posts lost. People put everything they had into threads back then. They spent hours on research and theories, so when their work was lost it was devastating. We are lucky to have kept a few of these people... The strategy section took a huge blow with the Superhands upset and with Black ops 2 being rather easy so far, there is little need for a map based strategy. It is pretty much the same for every map with minor adjustments. The site started this mutation when great posters left and new members oblivious to how we run things here joined. There is nothing wrong with any of this, but that doesn't mean we can't fix it. Put effort forth. Do your research. Have pride in what you post. Think before you post. Is the forum shot? NO! Is it bad off at the moment? Maybe. Can it be fixed. YES!
  4. To me it sounds like the end of the first "SAW" movie. If you remember, the actor says "Game Over" at the end and slams the door. We already have GAMEOVER spread across the screen, so the actual quote is not necessary and there may be copyright laws to go along with it. Maybe not, but that is what comes to mind when I here this.
  5. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=29162 http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=28688
  6. I'm surprised that someone as high up on the chain as Telixion would claim this to be over reacting in not one, but two threads on the subject, and numerous reports from countless users. In the first thread it was taken lightly by me, as evidently some people haven't experienced it as much and associated it with fall damage. By now I would figure it would become apparent that with such an uproar on not only this forum but others as well, it wouldn't be a question of fall damage anymore. -that was my view on that note. As far as any help I can offer: The outside area of the map where many people (as well as myself) have GLITCHED out, and gone down losing perks, guns, and other items, is slanted from the zombie spawn to the AN-94. The high end of this ramp is near the zombie spawn, the low end is near AN-94 or "playable-area". When looking down at the initial "death-jump" the ramp I am speaking about is slanted from right to left. The right side is the zombie spawn, the left is the AN-94 or "playable-area". After looking at myself in theater while jumping toward the left, right, and middle, I can say that for the most part the right is the way to go. No matter which way you jump you are thrown into the same corner with a little piece of concrete that juts out and catches the character. Jumping right simply gives you a different angle at which you hit this small piece of concrete, and is not a perfect solution as others have reported deaths after this. This does cut down on it happening tremendously. The actual glitch occurs when a player gets caught by the piece of concrete I am talking about. It makes the game think you are trying to cheat by getting out of the map, so it kills you. It is understandable except for the fact that no one in their right minds would camp on that little ramp. I digress... Hope this helped and I wasn't bashing anyone, just shocked really.
  7. I'm not 100% on this, but I read that if you have insta-kill and don't kill the last zombie, he won't hit you. If this was purposely put into the game it is not a glitch. If it is a glitch, it is not welcome here.
  8. Forget what everyone says about Super', there should be a Superhands medal that looks like the "Fasthands" perk on Black Ops 2. This medal would show superiority among the solo artists.
  9. Yeah, I have experienced the second one quite a few times. It normally works out better if you build the Trample Steamer ASAP. Drop down and build that first, then move on and turn on power. If you turn on the power first, don't grab any parts.
  10. Ok I just want to clarify that it is called Agartha.
  11. Never saw that one, but the screen shake in the intro is INSANE! Perfect execution. @OP: The screen shake is a series of left and right turns that seem to confuse the zombies a little, as well as what was posted above me. The character seems to be somewhat 2D in the since that he/she is wider while looking at them head on and skinnier while looking from the side. To get good at this, i recommend starting with a quick left/right movement on single zombies. The better you get at realizing what holes you can and can't fit through while using this technique, the better you will become. Even I underestimated the gap in Chopper's intro (especially not to take one hit) so I will save the pro tips for him. What I have said is more of a starting point.
  12. I have personally revived someone who went down in Town, while I was on top of the Bus and starting to cross the bridge. As for Die Rise it is most definitely useful, but as far as long distance goes it is more of a "down multiple stories" type of long distance, rather than a "across the map" type. There have been multiple times I wished I had it on Die Rise when people go down across a gap that I can't get too quickly. I am forced to watch them bleed out and left feeling like crap because of it. Krauss Refribulator is a must for any map.
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