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  1. You are absolutelt right Delta, only good thoughts. Thanx to both you and WKZ for your birthday wishes.
  2. Yup.. today is my birthday. Thank you Lenne for noticing and best of wishes to you too. I will probably just hang around the house and enjoy the relaxation. Normally today would be a day of heavy drinking, but I think I will make a change in tradition. Also, Happy birthday to:Speedaydede (52), Kasynalus (51), Afprtmo (48), Ovaltyappeale (34), sharkisevil (31), jasinaklnlli (25), el_ervo (23), Magna (19), TampaBayfan (18), Rickety Cricket (18) Never knew I shared this day with so many CoDz members...Best of wishes. :D
  3. During my childhood there were many broken promises and lies. I mainly saw him on holidays and he pretty much never paid child support until he went to jail for it. I tried mending that when I moved out, and went to work on the road with him. Not only did we not mend anything, but he showed his true colors. Drunk on whiskey and throwing things. Screaming and throwing up everywhere. I started drinking to cope with it, and ended up speaking my mind about him. I think the road ruined any hope for us. We moved back to Florida where I spent the $2000 dollars I had saved on getting us a place to sta
  4. I am probably guilty of saying this everytime a new map comes out, but this is by far my favorite map to date. The erie feeling you get while playing brings me back to the WaW days and the tight areas offer a real since of urgency. The warden is a decent challenge and I have been wanting a juggernaut type zombie for quite a while. The afterlife feature not only brings new areas of the map around, but offers a last minute option if you are in danger of being cornered. (Simply work your way to an afterlife box and down yourself before you get downed by the zombies) The overall map layout leaves
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words and I only wish the best to all of you. This forum was my home for many years and I'm glad that even though I disappeared for a while, I was welcomed back with open arms. It wasn't exactly easy writing my story, so thank you for reading it. In the back of my mind I thought I would see nothing but "TL:DR". It means a lot to me that you guys took the time to read it. Thank you again, and remember, even if you don't have a higher power in your life, I will always be open to help anyone with any problems they may be having. I'm not one to force religion on anyone
  6. Hello CoDz, Those of you who know me, know that I have always cared about this site and the people within. I have had no problem being the bad guy if it meant there was something good that will come out of it. For those of you who do not know me, I am Tim and I go by 'death' on the forum. I pretty much disappeared for a while and I would like to offer an explanation for this, as well as offer a few words of advice.... Before I left, I had stirred up a bit of controversy regarding the state of the site and the administration. I am here to say that my departure had nothing to do with th
  7. My com*uter was dro**ed and now a few *eys wont wor*. I ho*e you were able to deci*her this and realize what my *roblem is. My bacs*ace button, delete, a*ostro*he, and underscore, do not function at all. This has also affected two other letters that I will now try to ex*lain. One of the letters have the EEEE sound toward the end of saying it, and is missing from this list. E,T,D,G,Z,C,B,V, The other letter ends in AAAA and is missing from this list. J,A I should be able to get either my com*uter fixed or a new one shortly. Sorry if it seemed li*e I just left. Oh, I f
  8. Let me start off by saying that I am sorry if my rants led to this. Though I mentioned StrWrsBob, I did not slander him or Lissa. I said that those were the two I know of. I knew of more before hand but I was honestly asking who the heck the admin was. Just to clarify. I started the petition thread last year, and I fully expected a thread like this. Not saying this is a worthless thread at all. Please don't misunderstand that. Those who feel otherwise about my thread now have a place to say that. I know I bring up "the good ol' days" quite a bit when I write, but I can't help it. You
  9. I am confused at the beginning of your post.. You are blaming the users?
  10. "Now this is Asylum worthy. Care to vote community? I vote Asylum. What's that? The admin. won't let us.... Why not? They don't listen, it's not that they won't let us? Man.... that is unfortunate." Seriously though, if anyone was looking for a criteria for Asylum threads, this is it. It doesn't have to be the answer to everything, it just has to be an answer. Be it a map name or something within the map. Just take pride in your work. Think of the reader. Thank you PINNAZ.
  11. +1 That is all we are asking for. As I have said in previous threads, my "beef" is not with modz at all. I know you guys do the best you can. You said yourself that the admin. make the final call. What happens if they don't make a call? Here in lies the problem.
  12. I'm glad to see previous dwellers and other major groups responding. I know more people care about this site than the people mentioned, but I will leave it to them to join the list. Honestly though, it is ridiculous that we even have to start a petition. It should have been a simple thought that was discussed amongst the community. It could have been a small spark that ignited the flow of the hidden potential in people. Instead it was ignored, it brings us to this.... :| On a different note, can we at least know who our active admin. is? I know of StrWrsBob and Lissa, but other than
  13. Whatever I want... I want this forum to be what it was. I feel like the only people who want this forum to rebuild are the people who can't do anything about it. If things don't get better, I AM OUT! You guys are great. The community is awesome. We are a very tolerant, unbiased, and for the most part respectful family. We honor the Code of Conduct. Despite the brains failing, we continue the memories by writing (+1). We honor Covyday and pray that he doesn't see us now. Remember when it wasn't ok to cuss even when in the rap battle thread. I of course joined in after it WAS ok, but t
  14. Done and done. Good to see that you are in fact in favor of this petition. I thought you were before, but I'm not the type to twist words into what I want them to be. I wanted to hear it from you.
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