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  1. I'm starting to get angry. I follow step by step from videos but, the game gives me no sign, sound or anything even if I stay several rounds. Nno shots fired either. I got an achievement for staying past rd 15. I'll only throw my weapon. I'll go a few rounds killing more then 30guys. The pit never accepts my weapon. I'm getting pissed. I end up at rd 29 before dying. Pissed to they don't give us flopper or put it in gay grief.
  2. Without a doubt, it is simply the best map yet for blackops 2 zombies. Thus far, blacops2 has been a great big disappointment out of ten. This is the best map so far since the others are shit with transit a exception. Treyarch pisses me off and if this shit continues, I won't be buying the next one. Treyarch piss me off by putting phd and mule kick in the game but out of access just to be a dick head. Then we get phd for grief, a waste of fucking time. I got numerous posts online about how excited I am for this game. It has been a let down lately.
  3. Count me in. I got it for ps3 and 360. I've been disappointed so far but here is to hoping the next map holds up.
  4. ya i agree with lunatic, with PHD on die rise you would have no fall damage so the only thing that would kill you would be the death barrier, i could care less about not taking explosive damage but no fall damage on die rise??!? cmon now....... Interesting point but, we got how many zombie maps and no phd? Even if it got introduced in MOTD but you only got it 1x I'd enjoy. I like how its a darker zombies and challenging. More shit in the way to get caught or stuck on but, its becoming too much like L4D2. All this try hard shit is ruining it to me but I hope it progresses.
  5. I hope this! Chaz & Ray in the next map looks promising but, I've been disappointed so far. Beyond Tranzit and Nuke town, I am unhappy so far. These maps are compared to Five, a map I played a few times. RD 26 4ppl no glitch. Still, I hate the map. Zombies was about survival. Lasting rds. Now there is all this gay shit to build, distractions from the actual point being survival. I really hope you are right. Nuke town was good but no phd blows. The maps so far suck. If it doesn't pickup, I'll be playing fifa & nhl13 or black ops1. You are right that the maps tend to improve though moon was shit and I still manage 30+ rds. A step back after ascensions and cal of the dead.
  6. Ray or Chaz. Good fellas and A Bronx tale sold me. I am really disappointed so far but I hope this one is great.
  7. So far, its been a huge let down. Its like l4d2 all over again. I hope the down fuck it up like previous maps. Call of the dead was great, ascensions too. Moon was stupid. Die rise is meh. Tranzit is cool but double swipes down you with jug? Wtf is this bullshit? No phd? Treyarch has dropped the ball. I hope they step it up and stop all this extra intricate shit. Tgey had a good product but slowly are fucking it up.
  8. Zombies was the reason I bought black ops one and two. I loved ascension and call of the dead. Shangri la was fun while moon was okay boarder line stupid. Black ops2 had so much hype and I bought into it but I am highly disappointed. You can get Jug and go down on double swipes. Wtf is the point then? No phd flopper making mustang & anything with explosive rds nulified. Maps are stupid challenging. Less open space and its almost like left4dead 2. With mob of the dead dlc in a week, I put aside fifa13 and nhl13 to give this a go again. All I ever played was blackops one zombies. I run 40+ rds no problem so I appreciate a new challenge but I found it sucks so far. I have high hopes for the new map but I doubt there is flopper and more stupid shit instead.
  9. My bro and I found that by jumping on the roof of the elevatr seems to move it quicker.
  10. I think Brad pitt would make a great dempsey. Kevin Nash would make a great George Romero.
  11. I found a zombie apocolypse video on youtube. Search for it. Not sure it is accurate but, it gives you a good idea.
  12. Just curious? I know its on Iphone but, I am curious if its on or can be played on Android.
  13. I agree. I mean, I am just throwing some ideas out there. I thought even Shangri-la was getting too carried away with zombies. Even making them look different is cool but, I do expect aliens this time or even alien zombies. Its already played the moon. Why not space zombies? I expect it and to be the first before infinity award to jump on this. If not pack a punch twice or plus, lets see maybe a new gizmo for weapons based upon reaching higher levels or keep it the same, and just bring back traps. Moon is fucking annoying since they all float, you do not hear them so, it adds to that creepy factor but, the lack of traps ruins it for me. The same with Call of the dead which is my favorite. I really like ascensions due to traps. Also, max ammo is guaranteed through monkeys who provide perks as well. PHD makes law or mustang worthy of purchasing as well.
  14. This. I'd rather zombies go back to the eery stuff they had going in the original maps. The last 3 were just kind of comical. Although Moon kind of had an eery environment with barely any sound so the zombies would sneak up on you. Saying stuff like add bosses and add melee weapons. There's a perfect game out there for you guys. It's called Left for Dead. I loved zombies when it was JUST zombies like in NDU and Verruckt. The added things take away from that. COD Zombies was built as a border defense game. Let's go back to that. But to the gun who said Mule Kick ruins the maps, yes and no. Ya it's stupid that they added but it doesn't ruin it for me since I don't buy it I do too but, what the fuck is the point og 200k with no fucking traps? The original maps even had traps. At 40s, you have no weapons that do anything. A ray gun is practically useless and rpk or hk21 is only relative to stack points IF there are traps making it worth while. I do want it to go back to the basics like WAW. The rage quiting should either be put to an end so, it migrates to a host. One kid got into the 30s in a 4 way game when call of the dead came out, he quit cause he was tired, and our game ended. It takes hours sometimes which is bullshit so, lets hope the fox this. Long story short, no matter what they do, fans will be mad, not everyone will be satisfied, and some will be. I will purchase it if Zombies are included. Survival is fun but, its just not the same. The creepy factor of playing zombies on 3d late at night in my room is fucking awesome and more so on the older maps. Boss weapons like a mustang and sally really isn't all that boss at 40. Fuck, you cannot kill crawlers with that or even a law or anarchy upgrade.
  15. Something with fate is cool. Moon is way too fuvking hard sometimes and even there I got high 20s. What is frustrating is that, I played multiplayer 1x and we just blew up for no reason? Not sure what the fuck happened. Difficult is fun. Fate involved would be cool too. Just not overly difficult to the point of frustration and disinterest. I would like them to get back to the original creepy errie zombies start like in WAW. My cousin introduced me to a cool idea, what if we could pay to close doors? This would be an amazing feature. Without PHD, maps like Kino are not as fun or five since, what the hell can you do with a law or mustang? You end up killing yourself easily but, I would not die if I could get phd on those maps. More info on your black box idea would be cool. I agree with you about points. My favorite map for layout and overall size is call of the dead. What I dislike is that, there are NO TRAPS? What the fuck good is 150k or 200k when you cannot use it all. You end up dying with all your pts? More traps, more diverse traps and escape hatches or routes would be cool. Closing doors like my cousin mentioned would be awesome, pack a punch 2x or more would be cool, and as is easter eggs.
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