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  1. The new camo that was voted on looks a lot like MoTD PaP weapons doesn't it? Never seen it in game but it looks awesome.
  2. @ Sluggo Shooter & perfectlemonade are two of the best writers & thread makers CoDz has ever had. Take their word, this is truly a masterpiece. Absolutely brilliant! I hope you hang around here & don't take such along break again. Props to you mate. You know your stuff!!! Thank you PINNAZ. Thank you to shooter and perfectlemonade as well. I believe they replied to one of my last threads also . Breaks are going to be inevitable for me. I work as a furniture mover and when I go out on a trip, I can be gone for multiple months at a time. Summer is the busiest time of the year. Hopefully I can release the next DLC solo strategy guide much faster.
  3. I haven't encountered any glitches in MoTD yet. I did recently get a Moon EE that pissed me off. I was going for the "Ground Control" achievement. I made it to round 10 or so, was having a really great game. Just got Jug,PHD,Speed Cola, and Mule Kick. As I ran out to the box, I needed the P.E.S. system active in order to breathe. I guess I switched weapons while putting the mask on, while also trying to hit the box. The box glitched out and I wasn't able to use it. I guess I coulda kept going but ah, I just left the game .
  4. I have a guide I wrote that has a safe starting strategy, the link is in my signature. Of course the best way is to get into the Showers on round 1, grab the double points, then murder all those zombies.
  5. I'm hoping that when they make the final zombies installment (I'm thinking there will only be 1 or 2 more COD games by treyarch, but that's just a guess.) that they will re-make all the maps and put them into the final game. Will for sure be next-gen. I would be very happy if they did this actually. Would have so many different maps to play and I'm sure by then (2-4 years) the nostalgia will be strong with the older maps, especially if my Xbox 360 is shelved.
  6. Tell me about it. I don't even want to complete them. I know I must because I want to get all the achievements from this game .
  7. I thought that Sledgehammer is now in rotation with the COD games? So it would be at least 2 more COD games before we see more zombies. That is unless, of course, sledgehammer is collaborating with IW like they did with MW3. I'm not sure, I don't think I'm buying a X1 or PS4. I have a feeling I will have to shell out 800+ dollars on a graphics card alone just to play next-gen games on a PC. May have to wait a little because I don't have that much money to toss around, especially when I recently bought a xbox 360. The GTX 780 looks really nice, its just damn expensive (says it can play next COD on high). Also, what I hope happens with the next Treyarch game (I'm assuming COD is nearing it's end.) is that they remake all of the zombie maps currently in rotation. Because if you look at BO1 zombies maps compared to BO2, there is a HUGE variety on BO1. Including classic zombies maps. I find myself playing BO1 way more than BO2 now a days. I'd love to see all the great maps with all their EE's and everything re-made for next gen.
  8. You can build the plane at a relatively low round. The earliest I do it is about round 8. Just be sure to get the Hell's Retriever first so then you can get the free blunder gat! Would also be best to build the Acid Gat Kit in order to get an Acid Gat, which then PaP's into the Vitriolic Withering. Thank you dude! I will add more strategies as I come up with them. Unless of course other people contribute to the high round section. I have a new way that I start the game now, may update this soon.
  9. Is this true? I got booted off this morning after the title update went live. Haven't played MoTD since. Surely Trey wouldn't make this big of a mistake. Thank you BSZombie for the thread! I was actually about to look for the patch notes.
  10. Good guide. There are a few formatting mistakes, but nothing major. The strategy section is a severely under-used aspect of this forum. By the way, I sent you a PM.
  11. I think its for sure on Earth. I mean, there is the Golden Gate bridge under construction.
  12. That font is extremely hard to read on my computer! I had to copy and paste the thread into a text editor in order to read it all. Anyways, good thread idea. I hope they can increase the number of zombies that can be spawned in at any given time. Maybe have the zombies AI improved dramatically. How awesome would it be if zombies could change their path based on your previous movements? Zombies would soon catch on to our train tactics, and make them useless. Pretty soon, everybody in COD public zombies games will be bitching "Everybody got their kinect on?" instead of "Everybody got mics?". I think that's an awesome idea, having xbox live video chat instead of just voice chat. That way when you have a group of friends, you can physically see each other while playing, while also hearing them. Note: I am more so speculating for the future. I don't think Xbox one or PS4 is going to be a game-changer.
  13. Do you know what they fixed? Haven't looked around for patch notes, suppose I should. I was in the middle of my highest 4 person game when the title update booted us off and didn't save the game .
  14. Thank you for the strategies. I have been thinking of a few myself. I will probably start with Survival Town, as it will be very quick to get the hang of everything there. We tried Die Rise and Tranzit but we couldn't even make it to being set up. I thought I had money in the bank but it was really drained. I will probably max out my bank before we play together next time. Do the galvaknuckles trick and gift him enough to get some good weapons. Maybe teach him how to train by running in between the upstairs bar, wait for zombies, run through bank waiting for zombies, repeat. The easiest way to teach how to train. Edit: It is my brother and he only has Die Rise. May purchase the season pass if he enjoys zombies as much as I do .
  15. What do you guys think the best newbie strategy would be? I am talking somebody who has never played any BOII zombies maps. Meaning a seasoned zombie player such as myself, can help a brand new player experience some content. Me and my friend were playing but I just couldn't get us to make it far.
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