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  1. Going to be inactive for the rest of the summer basically. Iron feel free to take this thread over. :)
  2. Im going out to dinner tonight, but when I get home I'll see what I can do and upload it!
  3. Thanks dude I really LOVE IT! You should give credits to xiRoNiCzZ as I had nothing to do with the making of your signature . And yeah Iron, you can help out, I don't mind one bit .
  4. What's wrong with the one I already made you?! Just kidding, here you go dude! Once again, anything you want changed/removed/added let me know! And also thanks iron for helping the thread out!
  5. Thank you! 8-) Always makes me happy when people like something I made. Also, I made a slight change, but this was only out of personal preference. I felt the red beam was a little overdone, so I changed it to a more orange tone. You can, of course use whichever one you prefer! Have a good day, sir.
  6. Was pretty tough to make. Once again if there is anything you want changed/removed/whatever just let me know! And about the links, it would look very funky to do that with this signature, alternatively, why not make some nice icons that will be centered below your signature?
  7. Let me know what you think. Also made an avatar for the hell of it!
  8. No problem dude, I enjoyed making it! And yeah I thought it looked a little plain without Jug in the background, plus its red 8-) . I tried a bunch of stuff with the name, like engraving it on the box, etc. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to look right. Glad you like it! .
  9. Thank you! Where do brains go? Or is it just something people say? :oops: And I will keep doing it as long as time permits . Have an idea for a sig yourself?
  10. I have the game paused at 61 right now. Taking a break then getting back at it! Edit: Got to 80, then paused. My xbox is set to automatically turn off. It shut off and it didn't count :cry: All that time wasted, and 20 is on my leaderboard. I wish it would log your round or something when you disconnect. Pretty stupid.
  11. If there's anything you want changed/added/removed let me know.
  12. Thank you! And to answer your question, no, I am not. I am a furniture mover . Just has been one of my hobbies for quite a few years. And no problem!
  13. This is what I came up with. If you want any changes/anything let me know!
  14. Sorry I haven't been to this thread in awhile. I will take in any new requests starting now.

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