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  1. i love it but you really need to memorize the map to be successful. This is the biggest zombies map ever so it takes longer to get used to. Amazing map.
  2. Tommy Vercetti is the funniest of the 4. "Fuck you and your fucking money!"
  3. This thread reminds me of one of those old game strategy guides they used to sell at gamestop. Also what's the lowest round you can build the plane oj? I've yet to do it but I want to get it done early for pap.
  4. Pap wunderwaffle ans ppsh-1. Tried to get this combo every time om WaW. Mg42, the m1 rifle with the grenade launcher attached to.it was awesome too since the grenades were actually detonating on impact.
  5. If Der reise isn't your favorite map you aren't a true zombies fan. This map had it all, they layout was just so flawless, and the best part was u actually had to try.
  6. I'm almost always host so say I go down and don't get picked up, ill end the game, but not right on the spot. I'll let the idiot who's still alive train for 10 minutes and then when he thinks he's a hero, guess what, "migrating hosts" I also love to steal kills then teabag the loser who's kills Ive swiped.
  7. Looking through this thread I have better stats than some, well, most of you. The thing is I don't play every day, more like every other day and 5 games on days I do play. What's the key to leveling up? Do you have to play x amount of games in a row? It sucks when I'm sitting in a lobby and people back out because I'm only a skull with 1 mark. The funny part is I always end up with the most kills, literally every time I play. I play nuketown almost exclusively if that matters.
  8. Seriously buddy? Someone threw one of those flashbang grenades. It renders the closest machine null and void.
  9. How long have you played without juggernogg? I was playing with 3 garbage randoms and they all went down on round 15. (No speed cola either) I usually just look for PaP unless the people I'm playing with are trash then ill grab jug.
  10. You guys really like the sensitivity that high? I keep it at 7 you're able to maneuver just as well. Anything over 10 and aiming is annoying.
  11. I'm sick of people thinking theyre good because they can run around in a circle for 10 mins and use any pap heavy machine gun and take out 500 zombies. Make them come at you from different angles, not in damn single file line. The zombies need.to be able to strategize atleast somewhat. Also drop tombstone, seriously, I just don't get the point of being rewarded with your shit back AFTER you die. This is supposed to be a survival game, not a slasher!
  12. This map makes it crucial you build up your points in the earlier rounds. Even if someone opens the door to the trench gun ill still open up the room to get the Thompson.
  13. Um didn't we know that from the start? The theme of the game is Germans in the form of Nazis.
  14. 200? 2000? Obviously the game doesn't end but when do they stop sending more?
  15. 200? 2000? Obviously the game doesn't end but when do they stop sending more?
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