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  1. This is definitely the best BO2 map to me. I really liked MoTD but the volt meters were really a downside for me. This map is really good though. I feel like it took all of the good elements from the other maps and put them together. After 20+ good runs on it, the haunted house stills creeps the f*** out of me. I don't know if I'll get get over that. It is nice and tight and really pushes your skills if you want to try and train on it. I like the chalk drawing ability and hope to see it back but am a bit put off by the inventory system in MoTD not coming back. Running all the parts from the general store to the saloon or the courthouse was a bit annoying. However, the map is much smaller it seems than the other maps from BO2, which I see as a plus. Being able to jump between the rooftops is really cool and can be really rewarding (such as turning on the power by round 1). The N4 have also grown on me a lot with this map, I feel like we're finally getting some story out of them and we're getting to know them a lot better. Buried has really renewed my interest and I'm looking forward to that DLC 4 map.
  2. Oh I just reread the steps on here and realised that I opened the giant first thing after I got the power on. Once he's open I just kept buying booze from the saloon until all the debris was clear. If you line him up right you can get about 1700 points on all the debris expect for the mansion and the church. Just take him into the alley with Juggernog and line him up with the gunsmith to open it. Then buy the booze again, take him into the gunsmith and line him up with Jug to open that for more points. You can also open up the debris next to the candy shop by lining him up on the porch around the saloon.
  3. I wish I saw this before I spent an hour working out how to do it earlier today. Nevermind that, I got it on my 4th try anyway. I did it in a much different way than this though. I didn't build anything and opened up the two couches by quick revive and just dropped down into the courthouse to get the chalk down. It honestly isn't that time consuming and can get done in 10-15 minutes. And if somebody tries it but misses the debris when giving the big dude the booze, don't freak out because I managed to miss twice when I did the achievement.
  4. I think it's the best BO2 song so far. I really enjoyed Where are we Going but it was just too short. This one is a lot longer and feels a little like the song from Shangri la. It's not something that pumps me to kill zombies but it's really good and reflects the mood of the map. I definitely caught a lot of references to the other songs, especially (almost) direct quote from Abracadavre "I want you to be gone, but I know you've just begun" Really feels like it adds to the story and I'm interested to see what comes of it when people break it down more.
  5. This map really brings back that disturbing Verruckt feel that was really missing from zombies.
  6. Rusty Cage could just be towards the mobster trying to escape. They were "wired awake" because you have to shock them, and electricity commonly goes through wires Getting hit with a hand of broken nails could just refer to a rude awakening, like finding out that there are zombies in the prison Getting your chain pulled and having boiling blood usually means you're angry, as I'm sure recently deceased mobsters that are trying to escape Evil Island might be Breaking the rusty cage is probably a reference to the prison and running is obviously meaning the attempt to escape by the prisoners. Just my very literal take on this.
  7. I thought it had to do with the cycle. It just seemed to be describing the map as I listened to it. I had it looping for some time today and if you go to around 1:00 you can hear what sounds like a plane flying, possibly another reference to the cycle and the plane in the map. The letters I assumed were DNA just from biology class. However, I thought the only way to interpret them is to have background knowledge of what each code of letters represents in context (like GAC possibly meaning red hair in one case and blue eyes in another case) Of course there is still the possibility that it has nothing to do with DNA at all and kevin is just messing with us (not for the first time)
  8. I had heard about the face and thought it was a rumour, went in at one in the morning to try it out and freaked out more than the first time I played Slender. I wonder if there is any more jumps hidden around the map or if this is the only one?
  9. Where are we going Singer is Malukah, check out some of her other songs... They're pretty awesome.
  10. I absolutely love it along with the rest of Malukah's work, but am a little disappointed at the length of the song. I don't think there is a whole lot to analyze for this one, it basically describes the map and zombies in general I suppose. Listening to it earlier today I heard what sounded like a plane at around 1:00, possibly the one we have to build to get to PaP. Not sure if it's important but it's there if anyone wants to see.
  11. I have to agree with Die Rise having not enough doors. This map actually feels quite challenging with a new need to save up and spend points on all the doors, unlocking things the boss has locked up, and buying ammo.
  12. Just had another go at this map... The amount of times Sal breaks the fourth wall is unbelievably funny. Example: (When getting double points) "Double points? This isn't a f***ing game!" I think the best way to describe this map would be as an "out of body experience"
  13. The singer is Malukah, look her up on YouTube. I was quite surprised when I activated the song the first time and heard her voice.
  14. From a couple times playing this map and doing everything possible to soak in the environment, I have to say the announcer is more than likely a demon or even satan, considering the skulls with the candles, the box looking like a coffin, and other stuff. Also, am I the only one thinking that maybe the box, the perks, and the boxes spawn points are coming from Hell? I mean, there is fire coming out from the bottoms of them, as if they were on a hole coming straight from Hell. Wouldn't it all fit with the "Alcatraz is Evil Island" thing?
  15. I haven't gotten the Blundergat myself yet, but I saw a video on the acid upgrades where it has 120+ rounds in it after acid upgrade. Like a said, I haven't gotten lucky enough with the box to get it yet but I would assume that it have 90+ rounds in it.
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