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  1. I'd be fine with having NO story if it mean't a better map. I think Der Riese had the prime level of story-line; VERY subtle; you had to look for individual clues and piece it together to figure out what happened.
  2. I'm hoping for more than one zombie map on release. Not like Tranzit + 3 copy/paste maps (those don't count as REAL maps imo). If we're waiting an extra year I'd expect AT LEAST 3 unique maps. I think they need to not work so hard on the story and focus on making the maps better. Story/easter-egg is great and all but does it really matter? I've said this a hundred times but.. stop making the maps "The biggest map yet!!". Quality small/medium unique map > Poorly made "Biggest map yet!!" that was designed around the easter-egg. On another note, grief mode was a great idea, but it needed A LOT of work. Hopefully they'll improve it.
  3. IMO zombies took a nose dive during BO2. I voted for "wary of the future" but also think it should go back to its core. They keep trying to make bigger and bigger maps and put in all these crazy "things" (can't think of a good word to use) that are cool for like 2 games then turn into an annoyance. I think the biggest a map should be is ascension sized. I feel like treyarch is scared that if the don't make the map "the biggest zombies map yet!!!" people wont like/buy it. I would way rather they make a REALLY REALLY good small map, somewhere between Nacht and Der Riese, than a huge "uncool" map ex Origins, Green Run, Die rise.
  4. Great trailer except for Samantha narrating. Am I the only one who thought her voice was extremely annoying? I mean, she sounds nothing like a girl and as someone already pointed out- lost her German accent.
  5. So with the second note, Takeo broke into Der Riese to steal the intel on the zombies and 115 for Japan but got captured and experimented on along with Dempsey and Nikolai by Richthofen. Just my take on it.
  6. Idk if this is true or not but a long long time ago someone told me that if you PaP the PPSh and have double tap it shoots so fast that not all of the bullets register.
  7. Any thoughts on when it might come out? (I realize there hasn't been any official word)
  8. I said 50+ but it really depends on the map. I mean, NDU is impossible for anyone but the best to get my version of a "high round". Here's how I see it: Map w/ Good Wonder Weapon + Traps = 100+ Map w/ Traps = 70+ Map w/ Good Wonder Weapon = 50+ Map w/ Neither = Idk, 40-50 I guess.
  9. 949

    Time Bomb tip

    When I was playing solo at the beginning of every round I would throw one and when I would go down and revive I would use the time bomb to get all my perks back. I noticed when I used it, it wouldn't send me back to the start of the round, but to the previous round with one zombie left. I guess it sends you back to slightly before you placed it.
  10. Samuel's Secret: I believe I remember a theory that Samuel was the zombie you turn back into a human in the CotD Easter Egg. That would explain why he can hear Richthofen. I'm not saying that this "Flesh Cult" thing I've only just now heard about isn't true but it explains why the other members of the "Flesh Cult" can't hear Richthofen. (No evidence that they can hear him, Correct?) Red Eyes Zombies: Well I'm not throwing the whole "devil controlling the zombies" idea out the window, but has anyone ever thought it might be the Warden? I mean, we keep hearing all about the warden but we never see him. OK correct me if I'm wrong but isn't all of this going on because Weasel's making it go on? It's like his "story" or something? (Yeah I did the EE but with a party full of loud friends) OK correct me if I'm wrong but would one assume that prisoners don't think too kindly of prison staff which includes the head of the prison, the WARDEN? Wouldn't it make sense for Weasel to make the main villain in his "Story" and head of the zombies the Warden? Also I've been playing my fair share of Cell Block Grief lately and right as you start the announcer says: "Riot in progress, this prison is in lock-down". Doesn't sound like something the ultimate evil would say but more like something perhaps a Warden would say. Well that's my Two cents, call it crap if you want.
  11. I don't think this is worth making a new topic but.. I'd like to see a "Hard Difficulty" in the next DLC. Custom games have Easy and Original. Two options? Come on Treyarch! Add sprinting zombies like WaW-Verruckt or CotD. Simple as that.
  12. Tranzit - Very Bad - main con: Fog Die Rise - Pretty Bad - main con: Only one long loop around the map MotD - Decent Buried - Pretty Good DLC4 - Hopefully Amazing ( Idk if I should get my hopes up or not) All Bo2 and WW maps are "Pretty Good" and up with the exception of Shangri-La, Verruckt, and Nacht which are all "Decent" A HUGE CON: custom/private games don't count on the leader boards. Wtf Treyarch. Me and my friends tried to get a 3 person game for almost 15 mins then gave up and started a custom game. The leader boards were a great addition to the game. You can see all your kills, downs etc. I just wish they had them for BO1 zombies. It'd be interesting to see if I had 1 million kills or not. But.. The leader boards could have been much better. People who play 1 game of zombies in their life get the top spot of the Deaths/Downs leader board. Grief is probably my favorite part of BO2 Zombies at the moment. I ONLY play with 3 or 4 friends though because I have a feeling I'd like it much less if I played with randoms. So there, a few pros and cons. Overall I'd give BO2 a 5.5, BO1 a 10, and WaW an 8.
  13. This may sound like a stupid question but.. Do you have to do the Easter Eggs for the previous maps to do the Easter Egg in Buried? Like: Maxis Tranzit -> Maxis Die Rise -> Maxis Buried OR Richthofen Tranzit -> Richthofen Die Rise -> Richthofen Buried Can it not be Richthofen Tranzit -> Maxis Die Rise -> Richthofen Buried I haven't seen any videos of the Easter Egg yet and I'd really like to know. Thanks
  14. Another nice thing to add would be all the jail cell key locations, spawn locations for booze, and spawn locations for candy. Just a thought.
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