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  1. Well maybe you're just too good for regular difficulty now lol. Also, I am finally starting to play again! Haven't played in a little over a month now so we'll see how it goes..
  2. Hmm, for me I went straight for Double Class and then everything else (CSA was the last thing I bought), but it might have been better to get all the other little stuff then go from there. If you do get all the little stuff, don't get Sniper or Stun Ammo until after CSA since it works better with it. What map do you play often?
  3. I think your list is quite accurate except that these two are definitely worth getting: I think Start with a Locker Key is really worth it if you add it with Keep Valid Attachments. It may be a random gun, but those attachments can be transfered if you don't like what you get to something you like. Toughness is really handy if you play Exodus/Mayday/Awakening. The Plants/Gargoyles make you flinch like crazy and I remember before this upgrade those plants/Gargoyles really used to piss me off and make my screen go crazy and this definitely make that much less annoying. - Also, Faster Revive doesn't work on solo. The deal with Master Scavenger is that most people don't always get Arks (and sometimes you get 6 arks in one game, it's too random and that's why most don't like it) which is the main reason people buy it for (it was my main reason at first), but the upgraded Flares and Hypno Knives are extremely useful, more so than most people think. At least in my opinion. Extended Mags is really great too, gotta love that extra ammo space. Arching Stun ammo isn't as bad as people think.At least not if you you add this ammo with Cryptid Slayer Ammo and then the arcs are actually useful. Moreso than I thought at least. I would say that Sniper Deadeye is something everyone should at least try, but like you said it just depends if they like snipers. This plus Slayer Ammo and the VKS makes this really overpowered. You don't even need to aim if you have CSA since the explosive ammo makes everything hit. Getting your money back is just icing on the cake.
  4. Which challenges are you having trouble with?
  5. Once you get that, you should get the Frequency Booster! Those two combined are amazing. Even if you don't need it, you can use it when ever and have it back within that same drill/hive. Have you given some thought to which classes you'd probably use most?
  6. Because the drill doesn't go to tunnel 6 >:[. It is quite frustrating. If I am correct, it's random right and will come whenever? Round 33 and no drill so we just ended it.
  7. yeah, tooth per relic Thanks for the confirmation. Now, how many relics can i still win with? Ha. Since you play solo a lot, the setup I put in your other thread is really good for 4-6 relics.
  8. Just go for Double Class. Makes it all more interesting with the different combinations you can use. The Slayer Ammo is good and all, but I'm really quite tired of it.
  9. Yeah, it is really worth it! EDIT: Double Exp/Teeth doesn't work on solo either.
  10. Odd. Not happening here as of 13:00 est 9.6.2014. Same 12 teeth no prestige/no pool tooth. I had 4 at the end of hive 14, awarded 8 after the game, just like usual if i get completionist. Also, i had a drill repair this time which didn't effect the teeth amount. I'm guessing it's 2 teeth for a platinum poc escape. Not sure if it works in custom games, it might have to be a public match. I just ran PoC and got like 13-15 teeth with no relics. Should work on solo.
  11. Double Exp for Extinction. I think it only doubles the teeth you get for escaping.
  12. Using what people describe here isn't matching the higher number of teeth that I'm getting. I keep failing completionist, but almost always get the 2-for-10. you get always get two teeth as long as you complete any 10 challenges, doesn't matter which 10 as long as it's 10. Completionisnt just adds to that. Another thing that might be easier for you to get teeth is Nightfall. In the final area with hives (the one with the traps on the catwalk thing) you get a whole bunch of kills there. A solo game can get you 800 - 900 kills giving you 3 more teeth on top of what you're already getting.
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