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How to make Turned better?


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TBH, the only thing they can do to make it better is trash the whole idea. I don't mean to be a hater for all you hardcore turned fans out there (if there are any :lol: ) but I really don't think this game mode was a good idea. Sure it adds innovation, but it lacks the zombies feel. Grief was fun, but that's as far as I will go from the original zombies. Turned just feels pointless and repetitive. Zombies started out as a game mode itself, we don't need more sub-game modes within it. That's just me..

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Turned isn't that bad. Come on now. The main reason people hate it is because they don't like downs they receive that tarnish their oh-so-precious stats.

What could make it better? Definitely add more maps. Diner is okay, but variety is the spice of life. Power Plant would have been a good map as well.

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There should be secret zombie paths, something like air vents or something that they can go into to flank the survivor!

Maybe even play as jumping jacks to suit those paths? That would definitely make it easier for the zombies is you disappeared for a few moments while you teleport/ phase.

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I understand both ends of the argument completely. I would just throw out there that (in my opinion) this map was geared towards a younger more inexperienced fanbase. Alot of zombies players asked for a mode where we can play zombies, and on BO2 DLC release trailer/doc they said they fleshed out ALOT of zombies ideas. I think that this mode serves a specific purpose if not multiple. It furhter tests the new multi engine, it give players a quick zombie-esque experience that no one has to over think or worry about, and it appeals to people who generally look to expand their gameplay horizons.

Keep in mind that although zombies has a specific fanbase, treyarch will always be looking to "expand their brand" and reach out to different markets.

We may see a zombies map that is geared towards sniping. Maybe not, but its another out reach they could make to appeal to multi players. Just throwin my 2 cents out there. I dont find the mode too fun, but also it is not unplayable.

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I know this is way too left for dead-ish...but i thought there should have been 4 humans, normal zombies, and 4 boss zombies that are controlled by players. with like killstreaks for the zombie players, like down 2 humans and you can call in a minion round sort of thing. down 4 and you get to activate a rampage mode, ect.

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As previously mentioned. This game mode was designed for the completely unskilled player. To make it better they would have to throw it all out and start over.

They need more maps. Zombies require more ability to maneuver around. Also, there should be more zombies. 7 vs 1 to make it somewhat interesting. If I had my way the people playing the zombie would actually control a group of zombies. So say you have 10 zombies on the map. The zombie player would be one of those zombies and when he is killed he would just morph into the next closest zombie. The entire pack would follow your lead and not get distracted by monkeys or attempts at running trains. Basically you would have intelligent zombies vs the bs AI versions we deal with now that are easy to trick. It would be like grief only instead of humans vs humans vs zombies you would have humans vs human controlled zombies. Only issue is that the zombies would eventually always win. I'm sure something could be done about that situation though.

Here's hoping Treyarch doesn't keep releasing shitty game modes that require zero skill.

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Turned is not the greatest mode, yeah, but it shows innovation and the power of what can be done with the multiplayer engine with zombies. The idea is good, but the delivery was not all there. I think the zombies shouldn't be as fast as they are until progressive rounds, speaking of which is another thing they can have instead of a set time. Make the game max at 10 rounds and who ever had the best score overall wins, simple as that. I also like the idea of 2 humans being able to fend off in team-work (or not ;)) and i do overall like the idea of player controlled zombies, but the way we play as the undead now is not what i had in mind.

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There should be secret zombie paths, something like air vents or something that they can go into to flank the survivor!

Maybe even play as jumping jacks to suit those paths? That would definitely make it easier for the zombies is you disappeared for a few moments while you teleport/ phase.

This would be great for Die Rise! There would be so many sections you could split into Turned maps. The PDW area, above it, and the Trample Steam area would be great. Jumping Jacks could travel the elevator shafts and such.

Like MMX said, 6 zombies, two humans, bigger variety of maps.

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After playing this for quite a bit, I can say I like the mode. However, it if FAR too simple. Here are my thoughts of how it could be better:

-No gun game

This really kills me. If 2 zombies come at one time, you're screwed. End of story. Considering you have to cock the next gun you get and you only get one kill with each gun, there is no killing time. The worst part is the M1911. You cannot get a kill with this without Insta-Kill.

-Better gun pickup

Allow us to pick up guns off the ground or as power ups. If not, let us instantly switch to another gun, the pickup time is too much.

-Max Ammo = Infinite Ammo

As of now, Max Ammo is absolutely useless. You can't even use your ammo, why do you need more? Max ammo should allow you to fire as many shots as you want without reloading for a period of time.

-More players

As said before, there should be 8 players. 2 humans, 6 zombies. Being the only target is not that fun. Make it like Grief! One CDC, One CIA. You could work together, or push the other into the hoard.

-Separate stat tracking

Some people don't play this just because of their stats going down. Put kills and downs in a different area.

-Speed or power. Pick one

Zombies are too fast and too powerful. Allow us to chose between 1 hit kills that make us move only at running speed, or 2 hit kills that allow us to sprint.

I say this because there is no movement in this game. Every player digs into a corner and holds out. Give us bonus points for reaching certain areas, make it a true war that has us pushing forward.

-Full communication

Allow players to talk to both sides. This is not a competitive game. Let me tell the zombies to come get me. Let me hear the guy freak out as I slap him in the face.

That's all of my thoughts on the mode. I think it's fun, but it has no lasting value.

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I don't really see many things wrong with Turned, the reason barely anybody plays it online is because it's better suited just as a fun game with a 3-4 man lobby. I've only ever played 2 Turned games online. Having 5-8 players on Turned would be hectic (which is a good thing) but it would require 2 human players in order to be balanced.

The gun pickup sounds like an interesting idea, but if you're playing in Diner, you will be dead before you even get to use the gun.

I was thinking maybe if you kill one of the Zombies, you get a perk drop which could be Speed Cola, Double Tap, who knows maybe a brand new perk exclusive for Turned...Just a suggestion. I sure as hell would love to have a perk that makes you switch weapons faster.

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