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  1. zombo187

    Richtofen between Origins and The Giant

    Look how Tac came in and shared real information (Thanks again Tac!) Look how your posts here consist of none in regard to what I said. Read again my man and SEE that I said this isn't a theory but just speculation.
  2. zombo187

    Richtofen between Origins and The Giant

    I am not being snarky. I would really like you to point to some kind of evidence to back up why you claim everyone says otherwise as I am not aware. I am not being argumentative.
  3. zombo187

    Richtofen between Origins and The Giant

    Just saying "I think we have established it is not them", is not evidence it is not. They actually do have similar traits if you think about it that is where my post came from. But as I said it is just something that occurs to me and not a working theory. If you would like to disprove my post, go ahead, until then you are just stating your opinion as fact. Alot of people agreed the Tranzit EE wasn't over when it was. Alot of ppl agreed the world was flat at one point. Where is the evidence? You wrote that as if you were about to say something factual but then didn't is why I bring it up. At least I admit my post was speculative, your response is JUST as much.
  4. zombo187

    Richtofen between Origins and The Giant

    I like to think that Vril-ya may yet be the witches or w/e from SoE. All we know of the Vril-ya and Vril Tech kinda syncs up with what the witches seem capable of. Some think that the tentacled monsters and shadow man are related to the witches (I don't know the real name for them, hopefully you can tell who I mean.) and are all the same "team" but I do not subscribe to that logic. It seems to me like the witch was going to offer you the artifact before richtofen stole it. Idk but I really can't wait to find out how the Vril-ya resurface if this isn't them. I mean even the "Agartha" we got in Origins wasn't really an "inner earth" so to speak we had to teleport there, could exist anywhere in time/space or even diff dimension. That could be a metaphoric "inner earth". Who knows. I just see some data syncing up in peripherals is all.
  5. zombo187

    Blueprint scraps pieced together

    He tried to. In his mind he was killing them. He didn't intend to send them anywhere. He was under orders from his secret organization. But yes he did sent them away, that was included in my post. Young Richtofen killed maxis before he could turn. Turning him into a drone.
  6. zombo187

    Blueprint scraps pieced together

    What the intro to The giant tells us is that old Richtofen has already killed Samantha and Maxis. Or tried to. So she could already be on her way to the MPD. The zombies are still coming, so not too much is altered. I think young Richtofen killed Maxis before he could become bitter, so he is not evil yet. But he is aware of things, so he may have already done some time traveling. I wouldn't be surprised if we start revisiting the moon or shangrila, Personally, I hope for Ascension 2.0. It seems that there are possibly 4 dimensions, 2 of them with universal incursions. That is what I generally read from the depictions of the solar systems int he blueprint. I do agree it is entirely possible that inside of that orb or sommuning key or w/e is the secret to dimensional travel. Why it depicts that certain gun though , I can't tell.
  7. zombo187

    Blueprint scraps pieced together

    This is very good stuff. I agree with the analysis generally. That is a tesseract for sure. Hypercubes represent dimensions within dimensions or hyper-dimensions. The blueprints (in my opinion) seem to be representative of "non-euclidean geometry". Here is a simplified video explination I just found on Youtube. They even state at the end of the video "A kind of geometry where breaking the rules is the basis." If a multiverse does exist, it could be considered "Non-Euclidean" and "Hyper-dimensional". This is just my initial thoughts though. (link if embed didnt work) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvs_gTrP3wg
  8. zombo187

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Ok...well as I said in the very beginning of my post. I have not played it. I was going off of comments I read in this forum, which is very long and I did not and couldnt read them all. That was just a shot in the dark. I was just tryin to help. "that old pirate tale" was the first google result that I clicked. But seriously, go to bed. Your post came off completely arrogant and unwelcoming. Just because you own the map and I don't, does not give you the authority to condescend to others. Funny Tac basically said the same thing as you, but wasn't so standoffish about it. I felt more like you were trying to ridicule me than anything. Not cool man. It's not hard and doesn't cost anything to be kind. Food for thought.
  9. zombo187

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I have not played yet, I can't wait to see all the goodies you guys are discussing here. I think the sign may say "respect warden"? And for Purgatory, NM, I found this: Purgatory Canyon El Rio de Las Animas Perdidas en Purgatoir (The River of Lost Souls in Purgatory) was first explored in the illegal Humana and Bonilla expedition of 1539. At that time, the band was led by a Portuguese don, seconded by a Spaniard. The group, including priests, soldiers and miners set forth on a quest that led them into Colorado. The Spaniard could not stand to have a Portuguese leading the party and after becoming increasingly jealous and angry he killed the Portuguese and took over the leadership. The priests refused to go further with the band being led by an "evil leader” and returned to Mexico. The rest of the group continued on to what is now Colorado but were attacked and killed by Apaches. More than a year later, Coronado would again explore the area in search of Gran Quivera, the seven cities of gold. However, his search would prove nothing more than a frustrating one when he returned empty handed. More than one hundred years later, in the 1700’s, the Spaniards were transporting twelve chests of Spanish gold coins from Santa Fe, New Mexico to St. Augustine, Florida. The money was to be utilized for payroll and garrison expenses. The regiment, led by a man by the name of Carrasco Rodriguez, for some reason, traveled through Colorado rather than taking a more direct southerly route. Somewhere around where Trinidad is today, the regiment was caught in the winter weather where they were forced to stay until the spring. When spring arrived, Rodriguez once again led his caravan in the wrong direction and nothing was heard of them again. Some say that the Spaniards buried the chests of gold somewhere along the banks of the Purgatory River. However, the more prevalent theory is that the Spaniards were attacked by Indians, who took their weapons, tools, clothing, and animals. Having no use for the gold, they probably threw it into a cave or a ravine. This theory is supported by a later finding of a suit of Spanish armor found along the banks of the Purgatory River, as well as a skeleton and ancient firearm found in a cave east of the Willow-Vogel Canyon junction in 1924. Further tales describe the recovery of a few gold ingots and Spanish gold coins found along trails through Purgatoire Canyon. Another story has been told of a small ironbound chest containing a few thick gold coins, which was found in a cave in Purgatory Canyon sometime around 1924. Also found at the site was an old piece of harness with well-carved, ornate silver trimmings. The man who was said to have found these things drove a knife into a tree outside the cave, confident that he was close to recovering the twelve chests of gold coins. However, while leaving the area of the cave, he fell and badly broke his leg, laying there for two days and nights. In his extremely weakened condition, a couple of people came upon him and he shared his tale with them. Unfortunately, the man succumbed to exposure. purgatoire is french for purgatory. That being said: The Purgatoire River drains an area of 3,447 square miles (8,930 km2). 96.4% of this area is in Colorado, the remaining 3.6% is in New Mexico.[4] The Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site is a large military base located along the western bank of the Purgatoire river. Plans by the U.S. Army to expand the base have been controversial. Citizens' groups have succeeded in stopping the planned expansion as of 2011. But as for dates not adding up and all that, I do consider that these people are already dead. But have "unfinished business" and are being withheld from whatever afterlife they succumb to. A demon is toying with them, I think, because the weasel knows something he shouldnt or something valuable to this demon. Hope that helps spark some investigations.
  10. zombo187

    Educated Guesswork

    hmm... there were alot of vorkuta connections that could be made. Very interesting.
  11. zombo187

    Educated Guesswork

    Why exactly have you been told not to talk about it? You should be able to talk about whatever you want to. I wondered the same thing. Everyone has their secrets I guess. ;}
  12. zombo187

    Educated Guesswork

    It's just that Paris is the site of the only known 935 base that hasn't been explored. Its not that I know of all the evidence that points to Paris I am just sick and tired of these random speculations and theories is all with no evidence. I mean like the guys who keep saying Atlantis, I talked to you once before regarding that and the constant youtube theories that state it and how I felt in regards to it. Paris yes I made theories regarding to it being a possibility but I just made them and that's that. Now you have younger people stating "oh hey we are going to be in the Eiffel Tower as that's the next Tower" and its just silly. They are thinking Eiffel Tower merely because it has the name Tower in it that's really the only thing they initially use as evidence. Most generally don't know about the pic regarding the Eiffel Tower or they don't know their was a 935 base there. They get that evidence later from us (if they ever do) and then plagiarize our theories and write them off as their own. This is true. Youtubers very rarely have information they didn't scalp from these forums. There is substantial amounts of clues pointing towards Paris. Der Reise for example had 3 signs on the floor that said Eng, Fra and Ger. Possibly alluding to other sites. But either way, everyone has opinions whether they have info backing it up or not. It will drop soon here, so it doesn't hurt to speculate.
  13. I posted this to gauge what the community thinks that the next map will or should be. Based off of what you know about zombies and not what you have learned, I am looking to explore this communities personal thoughts on the subject of the next map or even future maps. For example, we have been to Russia,s Space Program, The Pentagon, Shangri-La, Asylum and The Moon. We have seen multiple forms of "creatures" apart from zombies and we have seen multiple maps with forms of teleportation or transportation. If we dig through what we remember and assume that Treyarch won't send us somewhere we have been, or make us interact with things we have previously interacted with, we could make some educated guesses at what the next map would be. So I am really going to leave this to the commenters. I am not providing any information, I am just looking for peoples personal opinions. So If you feel like you have a good idea or may be on to something then feel free to enlighten us here along with any supporting information you may have or may feel is relevant or map data that is over due for explanation or exploration. Have at it!
  14. zombo187

    I've got my shotguns...

    im confused...what is meant by "losing your shotguns"? I can't tell if you just mean, die and lose the gun, or if you guys are talking about something else.
  15. zombo187

    Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    The scientific method required any tested theory to be duplicated by his/her peers to be confirmed.

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