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  1. I love the light bulbs idea although it might be a separate easter egg altogether. I thought of this before because their are the tasty cake billboards and the doughnut billboards but they also have another billboard for (going by memory) an electrical and light company. Also interesting is right below the sign going to footlight, to the left of the statue and looking up, there is a light with no light bulb in it but all the other lights in the area have bulbs. Also, their are a few strange lights on easy street. Some bulbs are traditional and others are strange looking with the coils being easily seen. Also, I had a theory with another couple of strange lights that looked like they had a Web type of design on the bottom of them, tried throwing widows wine nades at them, but got no result... (that I know of)
  2. The keepers also have their own language but it can't be seen clearly
  3. Just thought it should be noted, but it seems as if when you have the margwa mask, you can not interact with items. Example: the motd laundry note, free mega gobblegum, and even the parts for the burlesque easter egg song "cold hard cash" either this is a glitch that needs fixed or there is something we are to do with the margwa heads to be able to regain interactions with said objects. Figured I would give other players a heads up so they make sure they can get their margwa masks last so they don't interfere with other easter eggs.
  4. ^that room you are in is the black box that holds the teleporter fx it is also the room that houses your character during teleportation. This can easily be seen in theatre mode and going from first person to 3rd person to free roam while in the teleportation box.
  5. Anybody notice the teddy bears around the map? There are at least 3 or 4 that I have found. I've tried shooting ray gun and ww at it with no luck for anything special but with the reports stating this map has the most easter eggs to date, i am not ruling out their value at maybe another easter egg or maybe even synonymous with packing the ww...
  6. That is true, but that has been known about. Also, we have known about soe connecting with mob, but apart from the gatekeepers, we only assume it is connected to origins.. but now we see the origins map which is a direct connection!
  7. The donut trip mines are not purely cosmetic, they are stronger than regular trip mines
  8. This can be found in the rift room going from waterfront (gym) Any theroies?
  9. There is another piece of scrap paper at junction on a box to the left of canal entrance. There is also another in Burlesque on a table on the side of the room. Pretty easy to spot.
  10. Yep. You can still get them in purgatory but only due to a bug. When you start a round and your claymores replenush, they can replenish if you are in afterlife at start via the dpad. I think it bugs out too if you hit a max ammo in afterlife then you can pull them out via dpad also.
  11. Patched. Thanks Treyarch, you just ruined very important claymore strats.
  12. You dont grab any spork with the tommohawk. You grab a regular spoon that you can actually use as a melee weapon until you "put the spoon in the tub" And Brutus says something along the lines of "(gibberish). your number is almost up"
  13. I dont think thats what he is talking about. Thats the comic page piece. Hes talking about the long string of coding found on the back walls of certain cells.
  14. Great thread Grill! I still have a feeling there is more to be found...
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