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  1. Giving away the meat, as I refer to it, is a great grief tactic. Here's a breakdown of how I use it to beat the other players: - Step one obtain meat on a higher round (you want to make sure your opponents have majority of their perks and a good weapon or two) don't even bother on lower rounds cause once you do it they will expect it for the rest of the game so don't waste the surprise element. - Step two have a teammate run around with you on the map essentially shooting the random zombies that get in your way (you can't shoot while holding meat) - Step three while running around
  2. See and YOUR way of playing is why I won't waste my time on Cell Block Grief. I already made a nice rant in the other cell block thread about how this map forces campers and what you just described is exactly how everyone, I've seen that wins, plays the game. Step 1 - get points, weapons, PAP'd gun, perks (not necessary for perks) Step 2 - get 3/4 players up to the third floor rafters (camping) Step 3 - wait for the inevitable to happen and possibly have to send one of 3 players to revive your 1 solo player running around (dieing and attempting to grief) Step 4 - proceed to finish
  3. lol @ cocky know it all. It's called making an educated guess, you may remember the term from grade school science - a hypothesis. And so far, I was correct in my statements. This map is as useless as turned. Also, thanks for the FYI - I am and was well aware that Flopper is available as well as the other perks only contained on that map - they don't help make the map any fun. I've now played a handful of games on the PS3 and watched a handful of other games from players I respect as being quality griefers. This map forces the players to do something I despise in grief - CAMP! The o
  4. As previously mentioned. This game mode was designed for the completely unskilled player. To make it better they would have to throw it all out and start over. They need more maps. Zombies require more ability to maneuver around. Also, there should be more zombies. 7 vs 1 to make it somewhat interesting. If I had my way the people playing the zombie would actually control a group of zombies. So say you have 10 zombies on the map. The zombie player would be one of those zombies and when he is killed he would just morph into the next closest zombie. The entire pack would follow your lead a
  5. This must be for Xbox - I'm still waiting for a PS3 tourny. And I may just buy an Xbox so I can get in on all these tournies. I don't mind using a different controller to beat people lol
  6. This map is going to turn out like Turned (Diner) .. no one will play it. No one plays Nuketown for the same reason that this Grief map will fail. I prefer the jug so that the other team actually has a chance. It's no fun going into a game and knowing you are going to win. Also, the jug is a great tool to aid in griefing other players with trapping/blocking/knifing. Considering the width of the corridors on Cell Block people will be stuck without even attempting to block which takes away the sense of accomplishment you get from actually causing someone's down. I'm still waiting for
  7. No, you cannot be killed by simultaneous knifing. Just doesn't happen. Yes, dolphin diving is an aspect to the game and not a glitch. The entire purpose of this game play is to cause grief NOT survival. Suicides are an effective way of ending a team. What no one has mentioned is the ability to dolphin dive a player in the crouched position. I've only managed to do this to players near the front porch of the deck. Most good players are well aware of the prone suicide tactic so they will only revive a player in the crouched position. If the guy is close enough to the porch you can do
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