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  1. LOL, off topic really, but if you think about it... All the countries are kinda like kids in a neighborhood. The US is the loud kid that nobody loves or hates but everyone is always hanging out with. The UK is that cool older kid who doesn't really care that younger kids like to hang out around him. And then theres North Korea. He isn't allowed to play and is usually spying on us from his fence or blowing things up in his backyard. And then there's China. China has really strict parents who never let him stay late. He gets in trouble and dissapears for weeks at a time, and isnt allowed to play violent video games. Until now. After seeing how much we all love COD, his parents are finally letting him play it a little. Well there's my little metaphor. lolol
  2. My cousin actually called Treyarch today because he was so disappointed. He talked to a lady he said, who told him that they have had a lot of people call in today. On the more optimistic side, I'm hoping that we see some mini DLC maps. The release from Activision did say that they were doing this so that games could have longer DLC periods as well as micro DLC. Whether they meant for their future games or not though we just have to wait and see. Treyarch loves to please us though, I just hope they will.
  3. minator177


    For those (such as myself) who have not yet bothered to buy the game (Ghosts obviously), how would you rate it, out of ten. Just to put it into perspective, rate BO2 and MW3 as well. Just not sure if I really would enjoy it, but who knows. Extinction hasn't sparked any sort of excitement in me, even when I'm not comparing it to zombies. Squads looks pretty fun, and the multiplayer I wouldn't really care that much about anyway. So anyways. What do you think of ghosts?
  4. PAP the DSR a few times until you get iron sights. This gun is a lot of fun to use in higher rounds
  5. I think it WAS meant to be implemented and here's why: Think about it, there are 16 dig spots, 4 players, each player has 4 semtex every two rounds. That's 16 semtex total when everyone has max ammo. If each player throws a semtex at four potential dig spots, then the golden mound will be found. It just makes sense. If you get lucky with zombie bloods, then a player could be earning an extra perk slot every two rounds, after everyone has the golden shovel.
  6. Off topic, but what is the tittle of that song?
  7. I'm stuck at a solid maybe on this one. Multiplayer I don't care about at all, it's all zombies for me. Extinction has me WANTING to be excited, but I'm still being a little cautious. Infinity Ward hasn't ever wow-ed me before, so I'll wait until I see some gameplay. Extinction will either be a new, fun adventure, or a completely garbage attempt to win over some of Treyarch's zombies community. I'm just so unsure! I'm excited, both to see it fail, or to be surprised by it. I just cannot decide!
  8. I personally find Co-op harder, but I guess that varies from person to person. I'm very confident in my abilities, so I like being the only person I need to rely on. When there are more people playing, there's a higher chance that someone will make a mistake.
  9. I actually prefer how rare it is. It is a great gun! I want it to be special, I don't want to be pulling it from the box every single game like I did in Buried. If you get it every game, you become dependent on it, and then it becomes a crutch. And in zombies, you don't want ANYTHING to become a crutch. So just get good at playing without it, and then you can enjoy it more when you are playing WITH it.
  10. Well, since we are going to have a LONG time with nothing but pointless threads until "Black Ops 3" makes itself known, I decided to make a somewhat pointless thread myself. So, here we go. In the wonder weapon aspects of Origins, there is a very "elemental feel". What I mean by this is we have: fire, ice, wind, and lighting, which we see in many areas of the map (ie the snow, the fire, the lighting in the sky, ext ext). So I was thinking, if Treyarch decided to let players "choose the element" so to speak, It would have been cool if they had 4 pack-a-punch machines. Yes, you heard me right. 4 PAP machines! Why you ask? Well, lets say I decided to go with the Fire staff in the game I'm playing right now. I am now that master of fire right? Not quite. I was thinking how cool it would have been if I could go to the "fire" PAP machine, and then get bad A red camo on my gun. Also, as I kill the zombies, their bodies would burst into flames as the hit the ground, such as what the Hades gun does. It wouldn't actually add power different than the normal PAP, but it would make the animations more exciting. So what do you guys think? Cool? Not really?
  11. Isn't that just a normal lagout? Every time my connection drops all the zombies do that same thing, and then a few minutes later I get the error and get kicked from the game.
  12. I kinda agree with this. It started as a mysterious experiment, revolving greatly around Nazi/Hitler/World War type stuff. Now it just seems like and episode of doctor who.
  13. Just sneak up behind them when they are crafting the shield and snatch it before they can! :D
  14. Just as Infinity Ward =/= Treyarch. Even if they tried to make something similar, it just wouldn't even compare.
  15. I thought nothing at all was confirmed to far. The only thing we actually know is the word "extinction". Any other talk about aliens or dinosaurs is pure speculation.
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