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  1. minator177

    Golden Gate Bridge -No Mans Land

    Well the new one is the GG Bridge expect it comes last instead of first. I WAS referring to the GG bridge. I was saying they should make it selectable as its own map.
  2. minator177

    Golden Gate Bridge -No Mans Land

    Treayarch NEEDS to make this a NML for a DLC. You just spawn in on the bridge, earn your points, get you kills, and when you use the 'teleporter' it's game over. Hardcore fans would be all over this. We loved no man's land! We need a new one!
  3. minator177

    Are Traps Bad?

    A little off topic here, but is it possible to crawl under the acid trap? The actual green mist doesn't appear to ever get within 3-4 feet from the ground.
  4. minator177

    Just a little something...

    Something I just thought I should throw out there, not necessarily off-topic but I didn't see a point putting it in general zombies as it's just "a little something". When Sam was in control, the zombies eyes were yellow, yes? But the mystery box light was blue. When Richtofen is in control, the eyes are blue as well as the box light. Now, in MotD, we have a red light, red eyes. All I'm saying is that when Sam was in the spotlight, they should have made the box light yellow. It would make more sense, why else would the box light change to red when the eyes change to red. There you go, that is all lol
  5. minator177

    MOTD new starting weapon? DISCUSSION

    In the opening cinematic for Call of the Dead we saw: a machete, a pickaxe, sawed-off shotties (as said above), and freakin awesome karate skills. None of which we actually got.
  6. minator177

    Just a little something...

    That's interesting that they changed it then... Maybe Richtofen WAS somehow involved?
  7. minator177

    Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    But that doesn't quite work here, you can't have the same letter more than once in each row. In our sequence of letters there are multiple repeats in each row: W A R D E N G G F F F A F G G G D D F F F F X X G F F G D F G F F D G F F F F D G G A F A G F G X F D X F X F X G F X D F F F A G G A F
  8. minator177

    Which mobster do you want to be?

    Mafia II. Or was that Godfather? It's one of the two. He would be a really good character. Mafia 2. Greatest mob game ever
  9. minator177

    Which mobster do you want to be?

    I wish I could play as Vitto Scaletta. Anyone know what game he's from? ;)
  10. minator177

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    The courtyard would be awesome. Even more awesome if the courtyard was a sort of No Man;s Land area, just like Moon. That would be sick! Bring back No Mans Land!
  11. minator177

    Save or Revive?

    I haven't seen anyone bring this up yet. A few weeks ago our cryptic friend Jimmy tweeted this: This is pretty obvious what he is saying here; in the next map pack, and old perk (such as PHD flopper) will be replacing a perk that we have right now (such as mule kick). What perk would you want to revive, and what perk do you want to save? We obviously need the four base perks: Jug, Speed, Quick revive, and Double tap (which wasn't in Ascension). I think that mule kick will go, and we get deadshot or flopper back. What do you think? Alternate theory: this one is a little less obvious. We all know that the zombies team has been experimenting with down-based perks (who's who and tombstone) that allow you to save your purchased perks. They could possibly be trying to choose which one we want in the next map, that we need to either: SAVE who's who, or REVIVE tombstone. In this case, which would you choose?
  12. minator177

    Save or Revive?

    Thank you very much! That is great to hear, especially coming from you man!
  13. minator177

    Off-Storyline "Meanwhile" map

    Cool idea, except I only see one very small flaw.. Why are the going IN to the school, wouldn't it make more sense for them to be trying to escape? If they survived the bombs at school, and everyone around them turned to zombies, don't you think they would be starting inside the school and fighting their way out? I do love the school themed idea though, and playing as a child would definitely make the gameplay mechanics fresh and challenging.
  14. minator177

    Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Stratagies High Levels

    Even if you don't have the perma perk, YOU WILL. When I use the SVU to get headshots I see the green flash like 10+ times per game.
  15. minator177


    0.o that would be awesome
  16. minator177


    Aw man, I've been checking the future zombies section everyday for info about the next DLC. When I saw this thread, my jaw dropped, I pissed my pants, and I think I had a heart attack. Sadly, this wasn't DLC info. Oh well... The time will soon come. On topic though, good thread. That would make a cool map, however I don't think 3arc will make anything like it in a very long time; too close to moon. But it would definitely make a good map for later on. Sorta like a moon revival map, with a huge twist. Sorta like how they brought back the WAW maps, this would just be a little bit more innovative.
  17. minator177

    The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    This seriously sounds like the most fun challenge of any challenge ever! Great job!
  18. minator177

    The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    For allowed weapons, what about the skullcrusher. Using strictly the under-mounted launcher?
  19. In Die Rise, if a zombie jumps into a moving elevator, after you get off if will either be stuck in the elevator, or it will climb out and start swinging at the air like it does when your on the elevator
  20. minator177

    Solo: Banking Points Strategy

    Those shields are so useful! most people have no idea. It just stays on your back as a constant protection from zombies hitting you from behind.
  21. minator177

    Die rise Game over

    This is VERY interesting!
  22. minator177

    From CharlieIntel, We might get some footage before release

    It didn't say "...The peacekeeper in the new maps as well as the new zombies map Die Rise." It said "...the peacekeeper in the new maps AS WELL AS some footage of the new zombies map Die Rise."
  23. minator177

    Welp there goes my excitement....

    I think that the trailer will be released tomorrow (Monday) at 10 AM. Thats just my prediction though (more of a hope than a prediction)
  24. minator177

    Zombies DLC

    I think.. of coarse it will be a tranzit map. The original, small survival map standing alone like we saw in previous games is obsolete, with the exception of nuketown zombies. Now, tranzit is the new main gameplay mode, relating to the story, and survival and grief are just bonus, non-related modes off to the side. Also, this may seem slightly irrelevant but just came to mind... green run is basically the kino der toten map - related to the story but boring to play after a while, and simple to get us used to the new adjustments to the game. nuketown is basically the five map - sort of just a bonus, still relates to the story but mostly just as a novelty idea. However, the more i play nuketown, the more suspicious i become of a huge easter egg hidden somewhere in it... Anyways, back to the first topic- all new maps released will most likely be tranzit style, with some new mode of tranZportation, and then small areas throughout where survival and grief are played.
  25. minator177

    Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    37 Solo... got bored and jumped into the little pool of death by the lighthouse :lol:

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