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  1. RIP that part of the theory... lool it's so blurry i can't really tell what the heck it is
  2. Can you message the guy on recent players? I played for half an hour but no dice as of yet. There are so many little things that could be part of something bigger, but like everyone's saying it's realllyy unlikely that that we've all missed this for so long lol
  3. Haha fair enough. I'll bear that in mind when trying stuff out later, thanks. I'm optimistic, but its been so long I can't believe that any sort of EE hasn't already been found. It's funny to think, it might be that someone from Treyarch played some pubs to show a handful of people how to start it off lol.
  4. No worries man, just I've seen in the past people come to make trolly posts 'omg ascension step 8 found' lol. I've always believed there was something more to Kino, I'll play later to see what I can find. Was there anything else you can remember being different/ did the other player do anything else? Like what did he shoot with the thundergun & what did they 'hit'?
  5. SDFGBHNJMKL;'# what! Can you do it again? Having only one post on your account makes me sceptical, no offense If this is legit then I am excited as monkeys
  6. Could be a possibility that he knows what happens in the future if he can't stop it, so he has nightmares about it. Playing some Origins, I'm thinking this makes more and more sense: (btw note the cutscene in game is sightly different to the one Treyarch uploaded as a trailer) "It began long ago, on the battlefield of the great war" - Looking back it feels like Samantha is dramatising a story from decades ago, like we would with any war story. Supports my idea of Eddy growing up to become a time traveller. "As an ancient evil ravaged the front lines, the hopes of the allies rested on the shoulders of three soldiers sent to stop it." - Naturally we'd assume they were sent from the present time, but what if they were sent from the future? Though this is kind of conflicting, because the three are Tak, Tank and Nikolai so if Richtofen was a time travelling agent too, why would he be separate and why would he be cutting Maxis' forehead off lol... hm.
  7. Anyone else get the feeling that the young crew are really experienced time travelers in The Giant trailer? Like pretty much everything they say points to them already knowing the events of the future, even though supposedly they're from WWI. "Do you know who I am?" "Yeah, we know." "A great evil approaches. There is a chain of events that must be set in motion." "The future hangs by a thread. We must awaken the test subjects." "Goddamit Richtofen I thought we were done with this!" " "Only a fool would dare to change history." "I am no fool. What I do, I do only to secure a better tomorrow." My guess is that they're like a cleanup squad, chasing one step behind the Vril-Ya/ Illuminati/ whoever's causing all the chaos. Back in origins there was that drawing showing them as knights, but still the same age, with all those people looking up to them as heroes/ maybe even worshiping them. Then there's Dempsey's weird wrist gadget, I don't know if anyone ever found out what it was, but I can't recognise it as any real object so my guess is it's a way of determining what year they're in. Or maybe it's something to isolate a moment in time, which would explain the stopped clock. Just spitballing now really haha... It leads me to think that there are two sets of the crew for some reason, this young crew who go round travelling in time fixing stuff, and the original, older crew who are partly at fault for all this mess. It may even be that the boy Eddy in the Origins cutscene grows up to become young crew Richtofen. It feels like they are living in a world where zombie attacks are normal, hence all the toys and the bunker being a normality. Maxis' "idea" could be a time travel device to go back and fix all this shiz!
  8. This is exactly what I'm hoping it is - get the gimmicky 'celebs' map out the way early! bring the real stuff in the DLC maps.Though I fear that won't be that case... I hope it's good because to me there's just something not quite right about it :/
  9. What about the tranzit EE tower? I get what you mean and i feel like it should be related to the towers in all the maps, but we power them up anyway so i dont get what jimmy's trying to tell us :s
  10. The only thing I can think of really is bus route B, but that's certainly just a troll. I guess by don't go hunting he means it will be obvious when we see 'it' whatever it might be. What other things weren't active before that could be now ahhh hmmm....
  11. jimmy's tweeted more mysterious/ trolly things again :s "If you go there now something will be up and running...But stay to the path. Don't go hunting."
  12. Ah, that would help if you could see it lol. Its a tweet from Jimmy Z: jacob gledhilll @ZielinskiJimmy can u give me a hint about the second bus route on black ops 2 tranzit jimmy zielinski @jakebond2000 a train car is a train car... Unless derailed, that is...Then it's junk... Right?
  13. He'd better just be trolling :S It's kinda weird that he says something about it now, after so long.
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