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  1. Look how Tac came in and shared real information (Thanks again Tac!) Look how your posts here consist of none in regard to what I said. Read again my man and SEE that I said this isn't a theory but just speculation.
  2. I am not being snarky. I would really like you to point to some kind of evidence to back up why you claim everyone says otherwise as I am not aware. I am not being argumentative.
  3. Just saying "I think we have established it is not them", is not evidence it is not. They actually do have similar traits if you think about it that is where my post came from. But as I said it is just something that occurs to me and not a working theory. If you would like to disprove my post, go ahead, until then you are just stating your opinion as fact. Alot of people agreed the Tranzit EE wasn't over when it was. Alot of ppl agreed the world was flat at one point. Where is the evidence? You wrote that as if you were about to say something factual but then didn't is why I bring it up. At least I admit my post was speculative, your response is JUST as much.
  4. I like to think that Vril-ya may yet be the witches or w/e from SoE. All we know of the Vril-ya and Vril Tech kinda syncs up with what the witches seem capable of. Some think that the tentacled monsters and shadow man are related to the witches (I don't know the real name for them, hopefully you can tell who I mean.) and are all the same "team" but I do not subscribe to that logic. It seems to me like the witch was going to offer you the artifact before richtofen stole it. Idk but I really can't wait to find out how the Vril-ya resurface if this isn't them. I mean even the "Agartha" we got in Origins wasn't really an "inner earth" so to speak we had to teleport there, could exist anywhere in time/space or even diff dimension. That could be a metaphoric "inner earth". Who knows. I just see some data syncing up in peripherals is all.
  5. I agree with you totally. I believe we have been to at least 3 universes. The thing that kicks me is, the time travel aspect. When young Richtofen stepped out of that teleporter and shot himself, I instantly thought of the movie Looper. Not that there are similarities just that time travel aspect. It is very probable that we have been to less universes and more alternate timelines too. That is a factor to me after seeing that. The Origins universe could be melding with the original universe now. The o4 were all experimented on with 115 so they could be sentitive like Stuhlinger was and on top of that be enhanced by the 115 to be able to recieve memories from a destroyed timeline. Crazy? hell yes. still possible. Conjecture at this point. It seems the goal is the same as always though. Try and save samantha. I may be way off base, feel free to poke as many holes in my theories as possible. Just keeping an open mind.
  6. Thanks. As far as Morg City goes, it is just up in the air. Until more information comes fourth all we can do is speculate on how the Cthulu lore actually ties into the zombies lore if at all. It could just be an aesthetic choice for all we know yet. If I were to guess though, I wouldn't say that this city IS R'lyeh. The actual city itself is said to be sunken beneath the sea long before we started counting time. But they could twist it in any manner the way they did the Vril society. The crazy part of this so far is that the theory I was working with from BOII isn't much changed yet.
  7. As a lover of H.P. Lovecraft, I immediately noticed the connection. It is clear to me that this map (at least) is based on the Cult of Cthulu lore. Lovecraft's work is so fascinating and terrifying because he is all about the unknown, dark forces, grotesque creatures and the insignificance of man's role in the universe. In this map they hit all the Lovecraftian tropes right on the head. The city itself seems to be connected to something dark similar to the town of Arhkam in his works where children were ritualistically sacrificed. Lovecraft's Mythos lends itslelf nicely to the themes of zombies and where the storyline is as we know it. We left Black Ops 2 with inter-dimensional travel and god-like power. The theme of humans meddling with forces they can't possibly understand or conceive. The lost city of R'lyeh from The Call of Cthulu is a damned city with trapped ancient ones. This exerpt from one of his short stories even strikes a chord with me just in the over tones. The map itself has this feeling of being in a damned nightmare city. "a coast-line of mingled mud, ooze, and weedy Cyclopean masonry which can be nothing less than the tangible substance of earth's supreme terror—the nightmare corpse-city of R'lyeh...loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours" And yes Lovecraft is famous for his nightmarish tentacled creatures escaping from the space between dimensions. Any film or representation of a tentacled monster probably stems from his work. There really is no arguing the connection. I don't really intend to explore the connections any further but for my interpretation I believe we are dealing with an Ancient One who has been awakened by meteorite from his eternal dreaming and thanks a perfect storm of wickedness, 115 and ritualistic worship, the dark man or w/e is destroying or feeding on this reality. This is just a basic framework theory I never put into actual sentances until right now but I believe it is definitely something along those lines. I can't wait to actually find out what the deal is though, the zombies storyline has always been awesome. If life were more like the movies I would definitely have one of those giant "crazy boards" that everyone has with photos and notes all connected by red string with post its tacked on. This is a refreshing yet enigmatic twist on the zombies lore, I just hope don't get stail with it kinda like extinction mode did. (IMO) Ludwig Maxis is definitely still in play.
  8. Good call. No one wants to be the tattle tale but unfortunately you guys are out of hand here... this is a site that is very prestigious in zombie lore, and it gets that way by people collaborating and not attacking each other. I have been in similar arguments, but at some point we decided that it was juvenile and pointless. You can use your words to explain and conversate, using the same energy it takes to spew hate. Just sayin. Let's be friends Not everyone will see eye to eye, and thats ok. Just agree to disagree.
  9. zombo187


    damn, you could at least post some relevant information then share the link. Otherwise trying or not, thats what your doing. Not trying to be "that guy" but thats how it comes off. Lets collaborate instead of "your here, i'm there, see me when your done here."
  10. Great minds think alike. I posted a thread theorizing the same thing. It is pretty obvious at this point. What other demon can control zombies besides Mictlantecuhtli, the ONLY demon/deity that has been referrenced AND is LORD OF THE DEAD. Elementary my dear, Watson.
  11. IDK about illuminati, it looks similar to the all seeing eye but seems to be more of just a demonic rune, as if the PaP works differently here. Instead of science, its just demonic magic. Thats just my best guess.
  12. Although the new MoTD map seems to borrow from various gangster and prison movies such as shawshank redemption, The blue crystal skulls that are featured were also a part of the audience raping indiana jones movie. Just throwin that out there. The theory seems pretty valid. Good work PINNAZ you always amaze me.
  13. I'm not saying it's fake, but PTG have been known to fake stuff. They're very good in editing, so it's entirely possible they added the Kill symbol above Weasel and moved it. Than added the white screen with the message at the end. Again, I'm not saying it's fake, but due to their reputation, I can't easily believe it until others have completed it. I'm gonna have to side with Rissole on this one. Youtuber's aren't trustworthy. I would wait until a step by step is fully released before I buy into what they say. Why upload a vid of you completing the EE before you make a step by step? It just doesn't seem legit, especialy when ratings are important on youtube and a step by step would gain them much more viewers than just showing us the ending. Just be patient, it will all be revealed in time.
  14. zombo187


    I think you are mistaken. Sam had Orange eyes. Very distinct and different from what we see here. Also the mystery box is different and the spire of light is red. On top of that the voice we hear is demonic in nature. Sam and Richtofen botth had normal voices, but when angered gained a raspy demonic growl. Here we only have a raspy demonic growl. In a thread I posted recently I suggested that there is a master of the dead that is ultimately in control regardless of who is in the NPD and if un controlled otherwise, the zombies fall under this devil's dominion. A "Rift" is clearly present here though. We see the jail transform instantly. With the addition of "purgatory" mode we see ghost forms reviving themselves. Perhaps these gangsters were already in some form of purgatory and were being punished. Then the weasel kills the guard and somehow ejects them from their false reality into the real world which is destroyed and decayed. Think about it. Why can they become ghosts so many times and still come bacdk to life? Unless.... they are already dead or in some suspended dimension. Also regarding the hell hounds and hells retriever. These are not sam's dog fluffy we were familiar with as hell hounds. These seem to be some form of Cerberus. If you play the level you will realize that there are only 3 heads that can become available. Wikipedia says "Cerberus (pron.: /ˈsɜrbərəs/),[1] or Kerberos, (Greek form: Κέρβερος, [ˈkerberos])[2] in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed (usually three-headed) dog, or "hellhound" which guards the gates of the Underworld, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping. "And the 12th labor of Heracles involved defeating a cerberus. Also from same wikipedia page"Capturing Cerberus, without using weapons, was the final labour assigned to Heracles (Hercules) by King Eurystheus, in recompense for the killing of his own children by Megara after he was driven insane by Hera, and therefore was the most dangerous and difficult. After having been given the task, Heracles went to Eleusis to be initiated in the Eleusinian Mysteries so he could learn how to enter and exit the underworld alive" Just food for thought. Red eyes and Yellow eyes are two completely new beings to be discerned. Can't be Maxis because he is never in a position of power to manipulate Vril, Aether or the NPD. What DOES pique my interest though, is that we see in purgatory mode, we are spirits that have no physical form but have the ability to shoot electricity from our non existant hands. It seems some dark magic or complex science is at play. What does this remind you of? The Electric zombie, him or Avodrago. Which ever you prefer, there is a definable resemblance. verrrry Interesting.
  15. Ive always theorized that the Mach Nacht we see in Green Run is not the original as it looks different and is slightly different, but a recreation made to train GIs in zombie warfare as someone who survived that map previously had.
  16. This timeline is inaccurate. The first inconsistency I noticed was CoTD. It is placed early on, but in reality it currently exists in an alternate timeline. Similar to Back To The Future, there is now (as of Moon) a fracture in the timeline. In the timeline where we have Tranzit and Die Rise, CoTD never happened. As it stands though, if you are referring to the date when WE visit, in CoTD we are playing as Sarah Michelle Geller and Danny Trejo in modern times shooting a movie.
  17. I think Flammen is on to something. I know its blasphemous to even THINK that QR may go bye bye, but think about it for a second. This is a map where we kill ourselves to enter purgatory mode. How would QR be effective when we need to be in purgatory? The chair would kill us and remove the perk anyway, right? I totally can see them removing QR.
  18. I would say that MoTD and CoTD have a few things in common. But I would be far from saying they look or feel similar. I'd say it has similarities to Five as well. But similarities aside, I wouldn't be quick to compare them. But I do believe that this game (not a map or a game mode respectively) will further our story, even if it is fringe details such as explaining other elements to the entire lore. For example the red eyes, purgatory, hell hounds and such. Every map has its information to be found. CoTD was seemingly a gimmick as well, but look how that turned out. People are still arguing and debating the significance of the V-R11 weapon. We will find out shortly. I am very curious. I also have seen the image of YELLOW EYES? The plot thickens....
  19. ? I dont mean to be rude, but you are entirely incorrect. I have no idea what you are referring to with the leaked info, but I saw an official trailer as mentioned by someone else that confirmed that the campaign team designed this map. Do some youtube research you will not have trouble finding the video I saw.
  20. If you feel that this is similar to a post you made, by all means post the link here. There is enough room in town for the both of us.
  21. zombo187

    new ideas

    Well by all means keep looking. It makes no difference to any of us how much time others put into their games. There are many glory seekers still searching, and this thread is aimed at them. IF it continues I believe it may be round specific and point specific. JZs quote: "It may be points, or whatever you call them. Wait appropriate amount of time then continue." (roughly quoted) That speaks to me that in game we need to count our points and wait for something. Everyone assumed that he meant Microsoft points, But clearly this game is multi platform, so how (in that context) does that quote help zombie players? It just doesnt add up. The gamer that asked, never said "hey how do we continue on xbox?" he simply asked about the game itself. So keep looking if you still believe and my comments cant and wont change your opinion. I love zombies too and we all unanimously feel short changed. No one here is thinking like a 12 year old and we are all aware that adults made the game. We also are well aware of the lore involved. Still none of this has ANYTHING to do with how to continue the EE Quest. Your comment seems a bit on edge, and its unnecessary. No one else in here is being passive aggressive besides the comment you left.
  22. In regards to evidence of different devs making this map I can only direct you to youtube. I simply watched a trailer for the new map that showed and told us that the team that designed the campaign for black ops 2 made this map. I am sure in doing a quick search you will not have trouble finding the trailer/preview I watched, or at least someone else "breaking down" the footage in their own video. Many tubers do this and have already done this. I do believe LiamFTWinter has one. I may be incorrect though.
  23. The title is in reference to the Sam quote when Richtofen first takes control of the zombies. Sam says "There's things far worse than you in there!" Obviously the new map is not in line with the other maps and seems to have its own set of rules entirely. We don't even feel like we are seeing the same game any more. I cannot comment on what or why this is, but This moon quote comes to mind when I see those hell hounds heads coming out of portals and the new red eyes. I myself have been theorizing for a long time that "fluffy" is not the hell hounds we always see. Perhaps initially fluffy was turned, but I believe that these are denizens of another realm that serve another master. Think of it like this: If a CEO decrees pay cuts across the board, through trickle down effect, the employees loose benefits and pay. They will attribute this to their management. Now the management may have made the call on what to cut from who, but the decision was made already by the CEO to do so. If you follow my logic, Richtofen has a "master" that he is serving willingly or otherwise. I believe this to be Michanthulu (I probably butchered that) I think Richtofen has been toying with the power he has, meanwhile a darker more sinister force is behind the scenes wreaking havok. I will not take liberties and try to assume to know the motives, but I believe (As I stated when I joined this site.) that we are in store for much more supernatural mayhem and monsters. So far I am right about that. I think this map may not be as story specific because it isnt made by the zombies team but was green lit by them. Meaning they approve before it is released. *Update* - MoTD features new power up voices that aren't Richtofen, but DO seem familiar... Whenever Sam, or Richtofen get angry in the Aether they have this raspy demon growl to their voice. This is the ONLY voice we hear on MoTD. Is this evidence to prove the theory? Seems like it to me, but the jury is still out. This thread is mainly to express and discuss my beliefs that M (Ill call him) is and has always been the true ruler of zombies. Perhaps Sam and Richtofen are really just being projected into these zombies but if otherwise not controlled the zombies will fall under M's dominion as he is the ruler of the dead.
  24. zombo187

    new ideas

    Zelinsky said already he is "damned if he does, and damned if he don't" regarding sharing zombies secrets. (Or the lack there of) If Tranzit has any more secrets someone would have discovered it. You think its likely that millions of players couldn't figure out the "secret"? I find that to be unbelievable. I think it is more likely that the game was near it's deadline and wasn't polished yet. They have stated that TranZit was not ment to be the first map. It has become known that TranZit WASNT sopposed to feature fog, but the processor couldnt accurately render distant objects and it looked crappy so they added the fog. The EE feels unfinished....because it is. It isnt a complete easter egg. I hope you find what you are looking for tho. Don't let my comments slow you down. I also am dissappointed with the EE on tranzit. It's like a cliff hanger at the end of a good movie.
  25. zombo187


    I too have seen this. Texture glitches. Hopefully your system ain't dyin.
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