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3rd Nuketown Zombies song.

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Well Done! That's why your a Legend of CoDz Telixion!

A weird 8-bit sounding 'Game Over' song with phaser effect over it? A tribute to Activision's 30 years?

Hopefully there's more than just a song?

Congrats again.

Edit - Trevbo was so close

We tried cycling the Power Drop to the Nuke exactly when the Population Counter was at 00 and the hand on the Nuke Clock was ALSO at 0, to no joy. BUT, that was at round 30, or 31.
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However I can't help but feel a bit ripped off that the third secret song is also another song taken from the Moon map. Three songs on Nuketown, and none of them are original. Way to step up your game, Treyarch.

- Mix

Either that or they are really trying to hint something from Moon. Especially with all the Richtofen's quotes.

Great find Telixion. Just curious how you figured this out, Did you have to look into the code?

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This question is off topic but just curious. What round does the beeping horn usually happen at? I have it happen at the start of round 6 when playing on my own. With four players it actually beeped last night at the start of like round 8 or 9? Anyway's is it possible to play all three songs before the horn to the bus beeps?

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Have you tried hitting the nuke with...

9 on the clock, 35 on the counter


6 on the clock, 01 on the counter


- Mix

I thought that as well, but the clock only has 3, 2, 1 and 0.

Very nice find Telixion. I'm glad the clock and counter have some use. But I feel like there is more to the clock and counter than a simple easter egg song.

A bit disappointed it's another Moon song. I suppose they REALLY want to establish that the two are connected. But they so easily could've had an EE song. Carry On would've been nice, or even and duet with Clark and Elena to show the change between Samanatha and Edward.

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My theory is you have to complete something when the song is still playing.

You know how there's symbols on the counter board? With the bicycle and other clues, Well I think they are parts that you need to get to the bunker.

If Marlton is in the bunker then getting those parts to the bunker would allow him to construct a weapon.

When you knife the door he says quotes referring to creating something. I have a feeling that when the door opens there will be a weapon available inside the bunker maybe for a limited amount of time.

I've heard people claim you can slide the bike underneath the bunker.

Good find with the song man

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