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  1. I think it's one of the CDC guys but it's Samuel's voice. Think they were just trying to make the video more interesting but it can be clearly heard.
  2. Good theory. Yeah, if I was watching the right part it did appear the character was in the one backyard with the power drop door which would make the mushroom cloud too far away...
  3. :D Perhaps this could trigger something b/c in a single player game if you initiate one song you cannot play the other. I have tried to play the teddy bear song whilst the dummy head song was playing & the teddies won't even make that strange trigger sound effect. Could this be part of a clue as to playing all three songs in a 3-4 player game in a synchronized fashion? Also maybe we need too do this before the horn beep sound...?
  4. I think you are talking about the part where the character screams "Why won't you die?" It does look like the action is taking place in one of the backyards & the sky appears too be pitch dark. It could be from the black smoke from the mushroom cloud? It's hard to say, good find though. :D
  5. Is it possible in a four player game to play all 3 songs at once? I know in solo it is impossible but imagine one player who makes sure that all the test dummy heads are removed except one ( save the one behind the bunk bed ) while the 2nd player waits near the bunk bed to trigger off the teddy bear song ( After that player initiates the other two teddy bears. ) . While players 3 & 4 wait for the sync with the population sign & the power drop ( 115 ). If all 3 or 4 players did this at once could this trigger something else off? Let me know if someone has tried this?
  6. Look to the right of Earth in the Black ops 2 zombies menu screen. Follow the beam of light which runs horizontally & you will see it. Clearly 911 is there & it has a faint orange color. Just thought I'd mention it...
  7. It's true, you can't play all three songs at the same time. I did however play all three songs back-to-back. I played the 115 ( Dead Ops arcade )song first, followed by the retro Shangri-La song & the Moon loading screen theme. This was done before the horn sound at round 9 & nothing happened. Has anyone tried waiting until round 25 to play the Moon theme? I dunno, there is so many possible things to this map that hint to something secret...
  8. This question is off topic but just curious. What round does the beeping horn usually happen at? I have it happen at the start of round 6 when playing on my own. With four players it actually beeped last night at the start of like round 8 or 9? Anyway's is it possible to play all three songs before the horn to the bus beeps?
  9. It is kind of shady the fact that it is happening on the release of Nuketown zombies. Kind of reminds when us Ps3 people had to wait with Ascension for Black ops 1 b/c the PSN was hacked. Wait, I can't remember if that further delayed it but I do remember some immature 360 gamers rubbing it in our faces. Anyways, I'm glad they are doing it now instead of this weekend...
  10. Is it possible for a player to get three nuke drops in one round? Personally I have gotten two nuke power drops within a few seconds. Maybe if another player waits by the $3,000 door for the free power up three nukes could be done? Trinity, from what I have come to understand was the code name for the first detonation of a nuclear device / bomb. Interestingly enough, could the street signs in Nuketown pose as multiple meanings? Let's discuss the title Latchkey Ave. which was a series of operations with 38 nuclear bomb tests. Also the meaning for "Latchkey kid" was used for school aged children who were left at home unsupervised while the parents or legal guardians worked. Is it possible that the term "Latchkey kid" is subliminally being used to describe Marlton down in the fall out shelter? Inspite of the fact he is no school aged kid could this be somekind of hidden message to descibe Marlton as a "unsupervised ( from the Government / science community ) kid-like scientist..." Marlton, the latchkey? I might be reaching a bit here but until we at least try somethings out, who knows? Sherlock Holmes once said something great about ruling out the possiblities of certain things & what remains must be true. If only Treyarch would just say NO, there is no secret easter egg...
  11. Remember how Treyarch always puts a theme song for the next map when the game is over ( Except for Moon & Nuke town zombies.)? Well, at least for me the song which plays when the player(s) die & the game is over on Tranzit sounds kind of like it could come from a Asian action film. Something with a modern beat & a Kung Fu vibe... Could this theory confirm Die Rise taking place in China? I could be wrong but thought it would be interesting to note...
  12. A few things about this map riddle me but I'll discuss a few important ones. One, when the player selects Nuketown & when it describes details about mass energy & how the past & the future come together, well the birds eye image shows the map entirely ( Besides the desert / crater part ). The weird part is it doesn't show too much of the back yards but seems to show the barricaded area where the player cannot go? Is this somekind of way to make the player feel the map is bigger? I doubt it. Even though theater mode disables the player from crossing the barricade threshold, I believe there is way to open the map up more. The second part to this & I'm not sure if it has been discussed but in the loading screen image, the one with the floating UFO weapon. Like I said not sure if anyone has noticed it but it appears this thing has two power lines attached too it. Perhaps a part of the riddle involves power or electrical lines?
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